Call of Duty Black Ops IIII (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • I honestly haven't liked (or truly sunk my teeth into) a COD game since Black Ops II which I didn't like thaaaat much. I'm sort of craving multiplayer again. I miss my days on SOCOM II, Warhawk, MGS4 Online, recently (3 years ago) The Last of Us. I don't like Fortnight or PUBG and ya know what... I may get Call of Duty this year. I think the multiplayer trailer looked beautiful. COD may never evolve very far year to year but that graphical capability while running like butter is something wonderful.

  • I think the Zombies looks interesting with multiple different time periods. That Gladiator one looks fun with just melee.
    The Battle Royale could be interesting with land/sea/air vehicles.
    Not huge into CoD, so not as hard on them as others perhaps, but this could all work out for them. Can't wait to see more of how everything works and plays.

  • Maybe I misread the trailer, but it sounds like the BR mode will be one giant map with all the other BLOP maps in it.
    Land in Nuketown, run to that one Yacht map, end it in someplace else.

  • This game should be free to play. a game with no SP.

  • @black-cell What a silly argument this is. I'm disappointed that the there's no campaign too but it's being replaced by another mode. Even if it wasn't, saying the game isn't worth $60 is silly. You haven't played it yet.

  • @hazz3r said in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII:

    @black-cell What a silly argument this is. I'm disappointed that the there's no campaign too but it's being replaced by another mode. Even if it wasn't, saying the game isn't worth $60 is silly. You haven't played it yet.

    how can it worth 60 bucks? not like COD has good campaign but when game has no campaign it should not be on full price.

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    I will miss the campaign and might not pick it up because of it. That said though, the main reason I've played the other Blops games has been for the Zombie mode, so we will have to see, might even be lucky as with infinite war that I get it for free.

  • @black-cell Correction: It isn't worth 60$ to you.

    Gotta see more to know if its worth 60$ to me.

    @DMCMaster From what I could tell, it's one big map that uses parts of their older maps, so likely small sections of classic maps stitched together.

    @Lotias the zombie mode seems to have 3 connected campaigns, likely smaller than the older ones? I'm curious to get more info on that, only saw 2 of them with the Titanic and Gladiator ones, so I want to know how long and involved those are.

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    @inustar Don't try to argue with bcell, we've had many discussions about this topic but he's like a broken record. He hates multiplayer so therefore all multiplayer-only games should be free, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks or wants.

    @DMCMaster Not sure how that would work since it will apparently have vehicles like cars and boats IIRC.

  • @mcgeezaks Yeah, good point 😈

  • @inustar

    Pretty sure all three are going to be fully fledged maps.

    IX looks like its going to be a melee-only small side mode but it's not. It's a full map with guns, Treyarch just don't want to reveal how or why yet.

    I'm so excited for Zombies this year. I'm expecting big things.

  • I hate to agree B-Cell, but fuck Activision. I had no interest in the COD franchise since MW2. The campaigns may have been lacking, but there's no excuse for getting rid of the dingle player entirely. If this works, a horrible trend will follow in the industry. They're not doing anything new, and following another trend, people already have. Another trend that will grow tiresome, when every Tom, Dick, and Harry was trying to be like COD and most failed. The industry never learns it's lesson 95% of the time; especially when it comes to Western publishers. If someone wants to play Fortnite or PUBG, they'll play Fortnite or PUBG. Not COD. If they do attract some of those people, they will drop it within a couple of months and go back to what they were playing before.

    If there is ever market crash on these type of publishers, they'll have no one to blame, but themselves. Me, I'm glad I don't have to play games like these, but it's sad to see the industry stoop so low every single year. It's why I am sticking with most Japanese games. Only some Western ones I bother with now. Once again, fuck Activision, and another reason why you should never buy anything from the unholy trinity.

  • And one more thing people might want to look at.

    Youtube Video

  • I have to say that was a pretty awesome trailer for what it is, but I cannot stand zombies mode. I'm sure its improved since Black Ops when I last played it, but I definitely wasn't a fan.

  • Zombies has been the best thing about Call of Duty since Black Ops 3.

    I'd strongly recommend giving it a look see in 4. They're meant to be trying to open it up for as many people as possible with this one.

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    Ben Hanson: Are you guys really launching in October just to get ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2? Is that a consideration?
    David Vonderhaar: *chuckles* Is that a thing people say?
    David Vonderhaar: Oh. I don't know, I just make the shoes.

    Ben Hanson, gesturing with his right hand lowering onto his left hand:

    Alright, if this is the ground, and this is the boot, you tell me when to stop.

  • @chocobop Even if I'm not into the games, I always enjoy these rapid fire question videos they do.