Settle it: Donkey Kong 64

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    sup boys

    latest episode of the pod: hubes mentions having fond memories of dk64 and wonders if the game holds up today. none of the other allies on the panel have played it but ky says that if you liked the game as a kid you'd probably still like it today

    what's the verdict, allies? this was my fav game as a kid. i played it a few years ago. made it to like 100 golden bananas, crystal caves, but then i got bored and stopped. i can't play this game anymore as i have drained it of all its dopamine

    10/10 experience as a kid, 8/10 today if you've never played it (i'd guess)

    p.s. multiplayer with 3 or 4 friends was indeed a lot of fun. with just one other friend 1v1 it's dull

  • It's a fantastic game, but always suffered from being a tad bloated and by its decision to have separate coloured bananas. It's an 8/10 game imo, then and now. Time is irrelevant.

  • The game felt awful to me when I was a kid, so I imagine I'd still really dislike it now. DK Rap is GOAT though.

  • I remember really enjoying it when I was younger, but I never did play things like Banjo-Kazooie, so maybe I didn't have a great frame of reference. I think about revisiting it every now and then when I see that glorious yellow cart in my collection, but... there's just not enough time right now.

  • @mbun said in Settle it: Donkey Kong 64:

    The game felt awful to me when I was a kid, so I imagine I'd still really dislike it now. DK Rap is GOAT though.

    Yeah these are my sentiments as well. I remember the platforming feeling weird, and for whatever reason, I didn't enjoy collecting or achieving anything in DK64.

    Also, there were so many other platforming games around.

  • To this day I consider this one of my favorite platformers since I remember having such a great time with it when I was kid. That said I haven't played it in over ten years so with all that talk recently it has made me question the quality of it and whether it is just nostalgia and not really knowing as a kid, and it makes me want to go back to it to see what I think of it now.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have an N64 with an expansion pack and I found out this game happens to emulate very poorly when I tried doing so a couple of years ago.

  • I've always found DK 64 to be a very bad game. At a time in the world where so many quality platformers released, this game wasn't anything special. I found walking around the hub world to be annoying. Generally an ugly aesthetic too. Some character designs were cute though.

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    @dipset woah! i always thought DK64 to be the premier 3d platformer of its generation. in mario 64 you could basically just run and jump. dk64 had 5 different playable characters with unique moves, guns, and abilities. there were grenades, car races, mini-games, instruments, animal transformations, multiplayer modes etc

    and the art direction was perhaps my favorite part

  • @david-berishaj

    To be fair, I think Mario 64 is pretty ugly and generally overrated as well. I can't put a finger on DK64 because it was so long ago but I remembered it just annoying me. I went back and played for like 15 minutes maybe 5 years ago because I thought I lost the game but found it somewhere. It didn't make me want to finish it. I think I was too harsh in saying very bad. It isn't bad necessarily, just annoying to me. I did not like the hub island at alllllll.

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    @dipset loved the hub island

  • Well, I am willing to settle it. If I recall, the purpose of Settle It was to try to compromise?? I plan on moving this summer but once I get settled into my new place, I'll hook up the N64 and play it again and see how I feel in 2018.

  • @dipset I'm actually surprised so many people here have such fond memories of DK64. Strikes me as one of those obviously bad games. It's exactly what everyone's mind goes to when they think of the infamous term "collectathon". I think there's tons of well reasoned videos explaining why the game isn't regarded highly out there too, but it isn't like I hate the game personally or anything. If people liked it and still like it, that's cool. Personally don't have any beef to settle with it.


  • First time I've seen collectathon to be considered infamous. It's an adopted term, but one that was always used positively in its reviews and any others that fell into the genre. Both DK and Banjo Tooie have criticism in their reviews for being a tad "too much" in the collecting department, but nothing there even remotely hints at it being a bad game. It was always highly regarded by both critics and users.

  • I looooved DK64 when it came out and I revisited it a year or two ago and I still really like it. Definitely some parts that are frustrating/haven't aged well (the beetle race), but I still really enjoyed it. I remember that jack-in-a-box boss terrifying me as a kid and the multiplayer was really fun, although I didn't touch that in my recent playthrough, so I don't know how that holds up comparatively.

    I'm really hoping we get another 3D Donkey Kong at some point, cause I feel like there's more to be done with the series in that regard.

  • @sheria

    I was too young when these games came out to have either recalled or even cared about how people responded to them critically. I probably didn't start analyzing games critically until maybe 2004 or 2005.

    All I know is that I liked Banjo Tooie and felt like just being in that world was a joy, despite collecting so much stuff, whereas DK64 kinda annoyed me at all times. I think maybe it's just the interior levels that look like factories, lots of dark corridors, then also just this island that seems like it's in the middle of nowhere. Idk, I can't put a finger on it.

    @Mbun - I'll report my findings back to you. Maybe it isn't all that bad.

  • @mbun If you want to turn this into a Diddy Kong Racing hate thread, just know that you have my full support. I remember popping it into my N64 a few years back with some friends and we were startled with how little fun we were having. Luckily, Mario Kart 64 saved the day.

  • @sabotagethetruth seconded

    I also had a blast with it when young, and man it was not a good time when I tried it again a few years back, same as with Goldeneye.

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    @sabotagethetruth said in Settle it: Donkey Kong 64:

    @mbun If you want to turn this into a Diddy Kong Racing hate thread, just know that you have my full support.


  • Whoa whoa whoa, Diddy Kong Racing hate? I mean, yeah, the races are trash and the boss fights are incredibly annoying, so, yeah I guess I can get on that train. The two things I would say to defend it though: 1) Exploring the adventure mode and finding balloons hidden in secret nooks was fun to me, and 2) That one battle level where you have to hatch eggs and steal other players' was pretty dang fun as well, and much more original than Mario Kart 64 battle levels.

  • Maybe 10 years ago (grandpa story incoming), a friend and I got really into Super Mario 64 while pre-drinking. It became the pre-bar ritual until we go all 120 stars. Fiending for a new fix, she comes over with DK64 one day. We got maybe 1/3 of the way in and just got sick of all the collecting. I can't remember much but I just felt like I was doing the same things but with different characters several times on each level. Maybe if I had played it when it came out, my opinion would be different but, as it stands, I'm not a fan.