Unfinished games thread

  • I've abandoned two games this year, one I think is fantastic and the other one I think is terrible.

    Witcher 3 is absolutely amazing and it does make me wonder how the hell they managed to put so much quality into everything in that game, I want to put more time into it but it is just kinda in a lower priority and the fact that I'm playing it on PC, which is not my ideal case doesn't help.

    The other is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I think the game is terrible in most aspects and I was only really playing it because of a bet I made with a friend (which I clearly lost), I never had much fun with it and after a point I just had enough of it.

  • @futurecorpse i have a long run of tales games just being meh to me with Berseria and Xillia being my 2 favorites of the franchise

  • For me it's Majora's Mask on 3DS.

    First time playing it, I was looking forward to it due to all the praise it always gets. But I never really got into it, the world is very unappealing to me, I don't like all the ugly transformations, the whole time mechanic just stresses me, I can't enjoy myself knowing I'm always on the clock, and whenever I get stuck in a dungeon I start panicking because I'm afraid I'll have to start it all over again.

    Despite all this I made it to the last dungeon (Stone Temple, I think?), but I dropped it a year ago and every time I think about picking it back up, just knowing I'll struggle to get my bearings again and probably mess up my first attempt at the dungeon is enough to discourage me.

  • This is one of my biggest problems. I play some games for a few hours, then leave them untouched for several hours. It's not because I didn't like them, more because I got tempted to play something else.

    A few examples from recent memory

    • Dragon's Dogma - Bought it at Black Friday last year, played it for a while and Monster Hunter: World came out, just horrible timing.
    • Metro Redux - I've read the books and I love the universe, I played 2033 for a few hours, but I choosed to play different titles that got released during my playthrough.
    • The Last Guardian - Mixed bag, I enjoyed the story, but I got frustrated with the AI and the gameplay mechanics.

  • At the moment I've got:

    Dragon Quest Heroes - It's enjoyable in short bursts but playing for extended periods would probably kill me. So I've been dipping in and out.
    FF XII ZA - I think I'm in the final dungeon but that game is an investment so I've been putting it off like a coward.

  • Relate to this so much!

    Recent examples of my unfinished business:

    • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - first 10 or so hours were awesome (my first experience of Deus Ex) but was really not up for the story and bailed once I bought a Switch and BotW [will not return to, but want to try the original 'Deus Ex']
    • Crash Bandicoot: N' Sane Trilogy - honestly, I'm just not good enough at the game to finish the harder levels, and would rather put the time to get good at it into something else [will continue to chip away at over time, maybe I'll get lucky!]
    • Final Fantasy VII - in a weird spot because I've never played it before, but also kinda want the remake to be my first proper full experience of it. Gotten out of Midgar but that's it [will return to and finish before I play remake - too good and significant to leave on the shelf!]

  • There’s a lot....

    My favorite unfinished games are:

    -Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
    -Ni No Kuni 2
    -Super Mario Galaxy (1 and 2)

    I’m sure there’s a million others. I’m really bad about completing games. I’d say that more that half of my all time favorite games I’ve left unfinished. Sometimes purposely and sometimes not. I feel sad when I complete a game because there’s nothing left to see and I like being able to save the final level of a game for a rainy day. I also just generally dislike game endings, plot wise so I see no point in playing through them.

  • Deus EX: Mankind Divided
    Metal Gear Solid V
    Mad Max

    All 4 were recent PS+ games that I had been interested in but not sure of. All 4 were fun for a little while but I didn't enjoy them enough to stick with them for one reason or another. I can't remember where I got on Deus Ex. MGS I got as far as not being in Pakistan anymore, but in a jungle. Bloodborne I got to the second boss. Mad Max I met someone called Pink Eye.

    I think the fact that I put £0 down on these games makes it easier to leave them unfinished.

  • Devil Survivor Overclocked - this was fairly recent. I got to the second-last day (I think) and just have had no drive to go back.

    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment - I played this immediately after Innocent Sin and just got burned out about 3/4 through. Plus I wasn't able to transfer my save so the characters were not my versions of those characters. Still a super cool game.

    Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (3DS) - I have started this game like 3 times and never finished. It is a bit of a grind at times so I think I just get disheartened by sluggish progress. Too bad, it's an incredibly cool game.

    Suikoden 2 - Like above, I played this immediately after Suikoden 1 and just got burned out. It was cool but I have to say I don't remember too much so I'm not upset about it.

    Bloodborne - I think the last boss I beat was Rom. I got to the king on the roof of the castle and just got sick of having to trial and error every boss fight. Super cool game but not being able to pause or even blink makes it a huge drain - despite it being insanely fun. It's a great game but I feel like I got everything I could from it.

    Chrono Cross - Too many characters and I cannot play a game and not get everything. Something had to give.

    Grandia - I have no idea why I stopped playing this game. It was awesome.

  • I dont finish 90% of the games i play. Ive had to start admitting to myself that i need to abandon certain games. I think im just older and have less time but still buy every game that comes out. The fact that games are obssesses with taking as much of your time as possible

  • Banned

    @e_zed_eh_intern You probably stopped playing Grandia because you thought you were close to beating it but then realized you were only 1\3rd through the game.

  • Yakuza 0
    Gravity Rush 2

  • Last of Us - Ummm... this one is awkward. Maybe something I want to send in to L&R later. Let me know if I should. Anyways, I got up to a point maybe a quarter of the way through. Something came up. I got sidetracked. Put the game down.

    After a while, people would tell me how good the game is. Just extraordinary. And me, in disbelief and dismissal, would try to think back on the parts I remember. And the parts that I remember tasted so sour. Honestly the most generic zombie-like activities, such as: getting bitten and not telling anyone, and fixing up a car that will only take us 5 miles out before something goes wrong, etc.

    BUT THEN! I saw the trailer for Last of Us Part 2 at Paris Games Week 2017. No infected. No stereotypes. This was the best trailer for Last of Us 1 ever. How come nobody told me this game wasn't actually about the infected, but about the people?

    So, sold on playing LoU 1 for the people and not for the zombies, I've started again and caught up to where I left off. I can tell you, the "zombie-ness" still feels bland, but it is really just a setting. Same way the apparent blandness of the wild west might turn people off of Red Dead. But its just about the characters baby.

    Anyways, will probably finish the game and submit to L&R soon. Maybe ask the allies, or even you guys here if you've had the "set the game down because it became uninteresting", only realize you actually enjoy it more than you thought when you later pick it up.

  • I'm adding another one - The Surge. I was interested in the game primarily because the Sci-Fi setting, and for the most part i'm quite impressed by it. It's more challenging and engaging than any other Souls game for me, and the limb cutting mechanic is a great addition to the formula. I also love how visceral the kills in this game feels. Unfortunately i'm still feeling a bit sick of Souls games, so i think i'm cutting this on short for now.

  • I've got so many that I don't really know where to start. 99% of mine though falls into the "not in the mood" camp. I'll flick through a number of new games before I find one that just clicks with me at that point in time. It usually takes an hour for me to conclude that I'm just not feeling like this genre/game at the moment, but I rarely know for sure before giving something a go. Revisiting older games is a lot easier as I know exactly what I'm getting into and, possibly more importantly, how long it'll likely take me to finish it; that actually helps lot. There are very few games I can see here in my collection that I have no desire to go back to.

  • Okami - Just runs too long and starts to get reptitive and then got to some hard tiem trial things, with spikes and such, I hate time trials and oculdn't beat it

  • Watching Huber's secret Arkham stream reminded me that i haven't finished Arkham Asylum yet. I reached Killer Croc's lair, then a blackout happened and my save data is corrupted. :(

  • I'm like 2 or 3 hours into Nier:Automata. Didn't grab me right away. Will get back to it eventually.

    Kinda stalled on MH. Haven't gotten thru Rotten Veil.

    Got past blood starved beast in Bloodborne. That's the furthest I've ever gotten in any souls- like game. Just not my thing!

  • @bam541 Were you playing the Steam/PC version? Those versions are known for doing that sometimes

  • @cocage i played it on the PS3