E3 travelers tips

  • Hello allies!
    My fiance and I are going to e3 for our first time so I was hoping to get some tips from any e3 veterans. In my mind i am assuming this would be like a larger comic con so any knowledge you can share is appreciated.


  • Congrats, I haven't been to E3 but all I know is be prepared to wait in lines for everything.

  • That’s rad! I went for the first time last year, so I don’t think I should be considered a veteran, but here’s some stuff I learned.

    -Wear Comfortable Shoes: I cannot stress this enough. If you stay for most of the showfloor hours, your feet will be killing you by the end of the day. There are almost no places to sit, so treasure the rare bench or empty chair you come across.

    -Eat Beforehand: There are lots of food trucks, but the lines for food are almost as long as the lines for games.

    -Get There Early: If you can, arrive at the convention center a few hours before the show starts. The line forms really early, and it can take a while to get inside of you’re at the back of the line. Plus, it’s a good way to start conversations and meet new people.

    -Bring A Backpack: There is lots of free stuff, and it is very hard to carry it all. Toting around a poster for hours is a nightmare.

    -Your Best Shot at Playing Your Favorite Games is Day 2: I don’t know why this is, but I think it’s probably because everyone is super excited to play the super hyped up games Day 1, and everyone is desperate to play the games they missed on the last day.

    -Don’t Be Afraid To Talk to People: Industry people might seem intimidating, but everyone I met last year was super nice.

    -Don’t be afraid to leave Early: If there’s only 3 hours left and the lines for all your favorite games are full. It’s ok to bail early.

    -Pick the Less Popular Control Option: If a game you want to play has more than one way to play, pick the less popular one. Last year the lines to play Mario Odyssey on a monitor were like 7 hours long, but I was able to play on the handheld version with only a 30 minute wait.

    -Play Indies: The lines are short and the devs are cool.

    -Bring a Portable USB Charger: Trust me, you’re going to need it.

    -Bring a Handheld Console: No matter how much you optimize your time, you will still spend a lot of time in line. Having a vita, DS, or Switch helps to pass the time and can make for some fun conversation or line co-op.

    -It’s OK to Wander: If you’re not sure what to play or the games you do want to play have closed lines, wander around a bit. Admire the booth set ups, listen to some live music. The atmosphere is a lot of what makes E3 great, plus you could find a great game you hadn’t heard of.

    -Play the Unpopular Games: I know we all want to try out the new exciting releases, but there are lots of unpopular games that are a ton of fun. I got to play the Pokken Tournament DX demo like 5 times in a row because there was no line, and got some really cool pins as a result.

    -Check the Lobby: It might be tempting to spend all day on the showfloor, but lots of games have kiosks in the lobby where you can get cool stuff if you played the demo. I got a cool E3 exclusive Steelbook Case for Ni No Kuni 2 last year from their kiosk in the lobby. Lots of great stuff.

    And this is less about E3 and more about LA. You’ll be tired after the show each day, but explore some if you can. LA is a really cool place. I especially enjoyed Little Tokyo. True to Ben’s recommendation, Anime Jungle is legit. And Daikokuya has amazing ramen. I’m super excited to be going back this year!

  • @michemagius Wow you went above and beyond. Thank you for all the great advice so far. My two biggest concerns are getting things and bringing things. I just reviewed the prohibited items list and it is a very severe. I was going to bring a portable camping chair so that my fiance can sit while we were in lines because she has a bad back and knees but that's out of the question and because of that same reason I wanted to bring some instant cold packs Icy Hot ibuprofen. You know a few medkits but they have size restrictions of 12 x 15 x 6 bags and recommend just bringing clear bags so I sent an email asking if any bag fitting those Dimensions okay. I might invest in a small messenger bag just for the trip to carry the essentials. I am a sucker for physical things and do dads so could you tell me just briefly how merchandise works?

    Are there any actual shops? I know it's not like, con level shopping but it's safe to assume that a lot of booths will have things to give away to promote their stuff.

  • @morgoth_136 Last year I only saw like one shop. It mainly sold shirts and hats, etc. Most of what you’ll get are pins and shirts. Steel cases and posters are pretty common too. Generally you’ll get the free stuff once you complete a demo, but some will just be handed out to the crowd. I remember seeing a few raffles as well. Most of the free stuff is easy to keep in your bag, it’s mainly stuff like hats and posters that are hard to transport. If your fiancée needs to sit down there’s a med center that rents out portable chairs and wheel chairs, but I think those go fast so you might want to call ahead to reserve one.

  • @michemagius man that all sounds magical. I've been getting more pens that I like lately and I'm such a sucker for steelbook cases . Alright that'll make things easier not having many actual shops.

    Her condition isn't that bad I just try to baby her a bit. I 1000% guarantee she would be too stubborn for that anyways. What was your favorite thing that you saw last year? Not necessarily a demo you played just something in a moment that wowed you.

  • @morgoth_136 The Ni No Kuni booth was amazing! It was decorated to look like the Ding Dong Dell throne room. After the demo was over you were supposed to get to take a photo on a replica of the in game throne. Unfortunately for me, right when I finished the demo a celebrity rolled up to take a million photos and I missed me chance, haha. The Nintendo booth was rad too. All their employees were dressed up like New Donk City residents.

  • I don't think the actual Allies check the forums much if at all, but I'm like 90% sure last year on either the EZA Podcast or maybe Cup of Jones they give out E3 tips. I just don't know how to approach searching for it.

  • @michemagius I hope you get some e3 redemption

  • @morgoth_136 I will most definitely redeem myself and take a million dumb photos. Also, on the subjects of back packs being banned, I would reccomend looking a stadium approved bags. I just bought one that’s 12x12x6 and it’s more than enough to carry all my essentials. And crossbody bags are better than shoulder bags in terms of comfort, at least for me.