Easy Allies E3 press conferences Forums betting thread!!

  • CLOSED! That's it, betting OVER.
    Everyone, have a great weekend filled with E3 magic and I'll get back next week with the results. This IS a one man show so please be patient with me.
    Happy E3 and here's hoping we get a new Armored Core!

  • Closed just in the nick of time. Leaks may be happening!


  • EZA will be live on Twitch at 8 am PST (40 minutes from now). Damiani will be playing awesome music (like he does before group streams)! E3 is here, babey!

  • Okay everyone, Most of the bets have been fulfilled, I'm sorry this took a while. Next year i may just do bets pertaining for DURING the actual conferences because the pre and post shows are a doozy. But anyway:
    1.) During the Sony Press conference, what color will Ian's nails be? If you bet we won't see hands throughout the video bet "schrodinger's cat"
    It looks to me like he is wearing a clear coat over his nails, if someone can get Ian to dispute this call I will change the answer!
    2.) How many minutes and seconds will Don be seated at main table over all press conferences (except pc gaming show)
    A lot of people think the absence of Splinter Cell or Metroid 4 were the biggest disappointments of E3 2018, but they are wrong. The biggest let down is the lack of Don at the main table. Oh well there is always E3 2019
    3.) How many obviously different ties will Kyle wear? (includes pc gaming show)
    Kyle wore two ties, A blue with white stripes and a metallic grey with a classy tie pin. Shades of Final Bosman.
    4.) How many times will Ben do "a voice"?
    Ben was restraining himself pretty well until he decided to channel J. Jonah Jameson and he ended up doing a voice eight times throughout the shows.
    5.) Will Bloodworth raise his arms over his head in excitement?
    Of course he didn't, they didn't show an F-Zero game.
    6.) Will Chim reveal itself?
    at 49 minutes during the Bethesda press conference, our Lord revealed itself
    7.) How many times will Huber say "Let's go!"
    Man, Huber was amped during the first couple conferences but calmed down later, he said Let's Go 6 times to my count. (I think ben said 'let's go' 5 times during nintendo) This was the toughest bet to keep track of.
    8.) What Color will Brads shirt be during the Square Enix conference (if you expect him to not be present say "schrodinger's cat" )
    Looking debonair in black.
    9.) What will be Jones's Favorite trailer, This one will have to be determined after the show during a post show show or some other show like that. He may not even show his favorite trailer from the show, it just goes to show that Jone's Best in show may be a no-show. For sho.
    To be determined but I think he's going to go with Resident Evil, we will see in the upcoming days though.
    10.) I am going to add up all the time that "The Stream will begin shortly" title card is used for all (pc show included) press conferences on youtube. how long will that be?
    holy crap, the guys were on their cutting GAME this year, a total of 15 seconds of The stream will begin shortly.
    11.) Who will be the first person on stage during the EA press conference?
    EA made a good choice with Andrea Rene
    12.) Pick three allies. For each of those three allies who is at the main table at the END of the Nintendo Press conference you will get a point.
    Ben, Bloodworth, Damiani (of course), Brad and Jones sat through the short Direct.
    13.) Pick three allies. For each of those three allies who is NOT at the main table at the beginning of the Ubisoft press conference you will be awarded a point.
    Neither Don nor Kyle nor Damiani nor Brad were sitting at the main table during the Ubisoft press conference.
    14.) This one is worth 3 points, take a wild guess on any guest stars during the press conferences, they must sit at the main table to count.
    nah none, no points awarded.
    15.) Who will win Ian's best carpet award?
    We shall see

    Alright a couple of these have yet to be decided but i'll tally the contenders in a little bit

  • I think Jones said at one point that he liked the Cyberpunk's trailer the most. That it'd be for sure in the upcoming Trailer Jones episode etc. You (we) could always tweet him, or maybe wait for the Tuesday's group stream with all the E3 awards they'll hand out. It'll surely be revealed there.

  • We have some DRAMA HERE!!!!!
    In the current lead we have @Capnbobamous with 11 points, if Ian does not award a best carpet or Jones (for some reason) picks Fallout 76 as his favorite trailer, then @Capnbobamous wins and gets to pick @Inustar profile pic for the rest of the summer
    HOWEVER both @TokyoSlim and @iboshow are two points behind @Capnbobamous with 9 points. SO if Lego is picked as Ians best carpet and Cyberpunk is jones's explicit favorite trailer then @TokyoSlim will tie. If Warner Brothers wins best carpet and Last of Us is Jones's favorite trailer then @iboshow will tie with @Capnbobamous

    In my opinion, however, Last of us didn't have a trailer, but it's not my opinion that matters in that bet.
    I'm not ready to declare the winner yet so stay tuned and if I did my math wrong by all means submit your case.

  • Jones said cyberpunk is in the running for his favorite trailer of e3, so I'm somewhat confident about that. If best carpet isn't answered during this weekend's EzUp I'll ask Ian.

  • Oh, i was going off the cuff there, I am waiting for Trailer Jones to come out or I"ll try to reach out to him on Twitter if it's not made clear by Ians bet.

  • Just confirmed with Jones on Twitter that cyberpunk is jones’s Favorite trailer, so LEGO needs to win Ian’s Best carpet award and @TokyoSlim will tie with @Capnbobamous

  • For the record, I'm ok with second place. Second place is a set of steak knives!


  • @bostonsean Did I get 3 points for guessing no guests because you wrote no points awarded.

  • Well I accept last place.
    It's sort of like winning...

    I'll miss my femShep.

  • @iboshow no, after your bet I told you to bet on someone, the bet was like a final bet

  • Wow I was not expecting this! I thought I did really bad!

  • Also, for clarification, when I said Jones' favorite trailer was gonna be Todd Howard's new game, I was referring to Starfield. I posted that before Fallout 76 was announced. Not that any of this matters of course.

  • The secret to your win was nailing the Ben and Huber bets, therefor locking everyone else out of two points

  • @bostonsean You never told me anything

  • @iboshow

    @BostonSean is mixing you up with the below reply. It happened before you posted bets tho.

    @bostonsean said in Easy Allies E3 press conferences Forums betting thread!!:

    @Inustar no bonus points will be awarded for question 14 if you guess “none” think of it like Final Bets

  • I picked the LEGO booth as an underdog, and it looks like they let me down. Lego Suicide Squad appeared to have hard wood flooring? COME ON!!

    A dark horse appeared out of nowhere this year and came out with the victory. Congrats to G-Nation, this year's EZA Best Carpet of E3 winner.

  • @Capnbobamous congrads on winning the 2018 easy allies ea conference betting special!
    Thank you everyone for placing your bets I had fun doing this and I will see you all again next June!
    @Inustar prepare for avatar replacement