Peaceful, chill-out, sunny day video games!

  • It's been two glorious weeks of sunshine where I live in Scotland, a country where it rains pretty much all the time! As such, I've really been in the mood for those sunny day chill-out games: where there's no real pressure or stakes, and you can just enjoy your time in a game casually and at your own pace. Know in the past Huber's talked about these sort of games as Sunday afternoon, windows-open kinda games!

    The game of the moment for me is Stardew Valley, and I am loving it! Such a relaxed vibe as you work away on your farm and get to know your fellow townsfolk. Typically, when I'm in this mood I love kicking back with any Pokémon game or journeying across a big open world, like the jolly road trip vibes of Final Fantasy XV and the open air of BotW.

    I was just wondering if anyone else gets in a specific mood for these sorts of peaceful, chill-out games, and what games specifically allow you to ride those good vibes?

    Thanks everyone, L&R and may your days be sunny!

  • Living in the tropics I kinda think it is the opposite, where chilling out as you are saying would mostly take place when we are not suffocating in the heat and hiding from a merciless Sun.

    That said for me those are good times to jump back to Civ or one of Paradox's strategy games, or the old reliable FIFA

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  • SimCity on the SNES immediately comes to mind, with the money cheat.

    I will admit though that my "sunny day chill-out games" though aren't always the same category as "no real pressure or stakes". It's usually the category of "I've played this so many times, it's going to be a smooth romp, provide a relaxing mood and not take too long". For me, that's most often Soul Blazer and Actraiser. Final Fantasy Adventure and Mirror's Edge are also some of my common go-tos.

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    I love just popping on some Gravity Rush 2 and falling around the beautiful floating cities.

  • Any Mario game without motion controls - particularly Super Mario World or Mario 64. I know them all well enough that I can be half on and still get through and enjoy it.

    The most recent GTA. Ignore missions and just run around and do whatever comes to mind in the massive open world. This has been a staple of my cool down gaming since GTA went 3D.

    Almost any Super Nintendo game. That system's sound takes me to a happy place.

    And, the game I'm assuming nobody has mentioned yet because it is the obvious number 1 across the human population, Peggle

  • @rarmstar said:

    where there's no real pressure or stakes

    Last time I opened my door to let the breeze in during the day and enjoyed turning a game up loud was Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, but that's not exactly no pressure, although you get so many lives you shouldn't get stressed out by "stakes" as you can just keep trying until you beat something.

    That aside, Slime Rancher keeps getting new updates. and that's a great game to just chill out with, turn your brain off, and ranch some adorable slimes or explore. Maybe Grow Home or Grow Up could be fun too. Even something like A Hat in Time would probably be pretty relaxed as long as you're not someone who really struggles with platformers.

  • Tearaway Unfolded is a pretty jolly game.

  • In before the normal crew that mentions it... but the Katamari series is pretty perfect in this situation.

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    @bam541 I really need to beat that. Loved it on Vita but haven't finished the remaster. I hope the ending is just as trippy as the Vita version.