Interview with Kevin Mulhall! Producer on Spider-Man PS1 and Tony Hawk American Wasteland!

  • I'm so pumped to share with everyone Boss Rush's May Interview with Kevin Mulhall, Producer of Spider-Man PS1, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, and Wu-Tang Shaolin Style! Kyler did this one, so I'm happy to be spreading the love around to other members of the Boss Rush family!

    Youtube Video

  • Nice one. Neversoft's Spider-Man for PS1 remains as one of my all-time favourite games. I played it dozens and dozens of times when I was like 12 or 13. Really, really good. And I remember experimenting and just playing around with the enemy AI in the bank heist level in the beginning so many times, it was fun as hell. :)

  • OOF. I screwed up, and it didn't fully render! The full interview is now live!