E3 Show the Love for PC Gaming Show.

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    I know that that the PC gaming show doesn't get all the coverage like the others do. However I do think that they have been getting better and better. Last year they showed some good stuff. I Have a feeling that CD Project Red might show Cyber Punk there. CD is a major Dev and distributor for PC games. Any others excited for E3 PC gaming show and E3 or I'm I the only one ?

  • Have they teased anything about what may come this time?

    As far as I can remember the only thing they've announced was AoE4 in that show for which I was excited for about 5 seconds after remembering it would be a whole different team and I likely won't play any of it, so based on what has come before I don't see much reason to be excited for it, but hey if they get any other cool announcements then sure.

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  • "I know that that the PC gaming show doesn't get all the coverage like the others do"
    They watch a 2 hour boring conference, what more did you want

  • I'm not excited for the PC gaming show because it is not exciting. The PC gaming show feels more like the 2017 PSX presentation than an E3 press conference. If it had the production values or format of the other press conferences I would be excited for it but I can't really imagine it doing more than refining what it has done in the past years.

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    @brandon_reister well the shows are by companies with millions of $ of funding and or by the company that makes the console. PC is a open platform with less of a major corporate funding it. I say they do and are getting better and more a free feeling.

  • @acidtrip-69 the pc gaming show is the most corporate. It's AMD selling products