Going into August and anticipation

  • July is pretty quiet month for me. I managed to finish all of my exams (for now anyway) and I will go on vacation for two weeks later. There isn't a game that would really pique my interest, but that's not entirely bad. I was able to go back to some game that I love and to play some games I missed from the previous year. All this will end, however, in August.
    (Also I am aware that there are many more things coming out in August, but these are the things I've been hyped about for quite some time)

    1: No man's Sky release (finally)
    After many years the game is finally coming out in August. And while, I've only knew about this game for a year, so the wait was technically not so long, I'm still anticipating it with extreme hype. Just the idea to explore (almost) limitless universe is so appealing to. I'm a sucker for three things when it comes to games: Story, open world and building. Now, there is no story in No man's sky, but there is lore. There is a background to many things happening in that universe, context for Kyle. And what they did with an open world term, completely outweighs the lack of story. This game is open universe. I can see this game having an enormous lifespan, not only because the fact alone, that there are so many things to discover, but when most of them do eventually get uncovered, there will be an extreme drive to find out the last remaining planets and mysteries they hold. No man's sky therefore, has a guaranteed end-game, so to speak, which is really impressive to me. I see this immense space and beautiful environments in which I will lose myself for a huge amount of time.
    Also, the new trailer came out recently, to which, I admit, I almost shed a tear (Damn, this game looks gorgeous!).
    Youtube Video

    What this trailer does, and it does it great, are two things: First, it's re-hyping the game. I don't know when was the peak of hype for this game, but at certain point, the game got a LOT of coverage. Since then, probably a little after E3 2015, that hype began do decline rapidly. It was showed enough, people just wanted, and still want, to play it. And so, with less than a month until an actual release (It's coming guys!!!) this trailer is one attempt to recapture at least a portion of that hype. And I think it's working, I mean, it definitely had an effect on me.
    Second, it's meant to the people who ask "What do you do in this game?" (I'm looking at you Jones from 2015). It appears that this is the first out of four trailers titled respectively: Explore, fight, trade, survive. There you have it. If this doesn't convince you, than I guess this game isn't for you. Which is fine, everyone has their own preferences, but I pity you so much. So if you happen to be, or stumble upon this kind of person: there it is. Go watch the trailer, it's great. Wait for the other three. This is your final chance to get on the hype train before the release. And in my opinion, the game deserves it.

    2: Star wars: The old republic - Knights of the fallen empire, final chapter.
    Most people probably don't care about this game and its expansion, so feel free to scroll down.
    I love this game. And I mention it a lot in these forum, so I'm guessing people might be getting sick of it. But I genuinely love this game. Beside the new story, the expansion brought in a patch that made the core game less grindy and easier to play through. The story is presented well, through full voice-acting. Story, characters and dialogue are perfect. It fits, it works and you actually care. And the core game is FREE! You get 8 stories, some better than other, and I'm telling you that the KOTFE expansion surpasses that. And while subscribers get some nice benefits, I personally consider this game one time purchase. If you are subscribed after the time when the final chapter of the first season of the expansion comes out, you get 3 great story expansions of old republic. And in my opinion, the core Imperial agent storyline alone, is worth the 15$, with which you get so much more.
    The point is, the final chapter of the first season of the expansion gets released sometime in July. Probably when I'm away, so I'm gonna play it in August. So pumped up! With an absence of a good single-player Star wars game, this is more than decent fill until then. If you have Star wars itch that needs to be scratched, I reccomend it.
    alt text

    3: Olympics Rio 2016
    Olympics are always a highlight of the year for me. Usually you get one match or competition, where you get excited for the team or athlete that you cheer on. Olympics is that, but for 14 days, constantly. There is no other event where so many countries get together to participate and support athletes in so many disciplines. And you can learn so much about other sports that you didn't even know that existed. This is the one opportunity for an athlete in four years to achieve the greatest honor it can.
    From the moment that the Olympic flame burns, you are prepared to celebrate athlete's victories and be sad at their defeats along side them. Despite all, the games begin and the fights blaze up. Even when you give it all, someone can be even better. The competition only starts to enthral on the day one. It is merely a warm-up to the spectacle that follows. The stage is prepared and set for the best of the best. The starting shot or a whistle announces the start of the fight for one of the three medals. And then? Then the wait is finally over. On a beautiful, perfect summer day, even if the weather is bad, everyone watching jumps up almost simultaneously. And everything is worth it. And as if the other athletes could feel and feed of the energy of one success, others step it up too. Olympics are stage of celebration, and also of drama, disappointment and of pain. Too big wishes can put you into a deep, unforgiving defeat. But the games will always go on, in no lesser shine. Every consecutive games write new stories. Both happy and sad. And many will remain hidden to us, only observing from the side.
    Still, there are many bad things surrounding the event, like construction and social problems in area and the doping from the athletes themselves, and while these problems are worth addressing, the event also shows the potential of humanity. While there are bad things happening in the world, when you see an athlete, who sacrificed everything to be there, crossing the finish line or achieving the desired distance, I can't help myself but to think "Look at that. We are actually capable of doing great things". We are inspired by the athletes, and while most of us probably won't achieve accomplishment on such scale, we can strive to do better.
    Good thing that they only last for two weeks, so I can soon return to my miserable existence of impotence and loneliness. But at least I have video games :P
    Jokes aside though, every year, Olympic games are worth getting excited about.
    alt text
    What these three things have in common (Beside me not leaving the house in August because of them) is that the anticipation either can or has already killed them.

    Even though No man's sky has 19 quintillion planets, it would appear that the expectations for that game are bigger than its universe. Even though that people were already told what to expect (Explore, fight, trade, survive) and will be thrown into an universe of unimaginable wonders and shapes, people still somehow expect something more from it. At this point I don't even know what anymore. The only way this game disappoints me, is that I somehow get bored of it before I get to another solar system, by either not seeing any other creature or seeing any planet that would somehow impress me. I mean, there is so much stuff to discover, that there must be something that I'll like. No man's sky is my anticipated GOTY and I genuinely doubt that any other game can surpass it. Even with that statement, which shows that I have high anticipation it, the game would have to be really bad to let me down. Even if it would only be average and only feature what was shown, I will still love this game. It's just such a shame that the game will be badly judged , because people made it bigger than it may actually be.

    Swtor has many problems. And even though many of them have been fixed, there is still one big reason why more people don't play it. You know which? "It's not a KOTOR 3!"
    Really? Really? No shit Sherlock! Kotor 3 was in development and was cancelled. This was developed after. It's not supposed to be KOTOR 3, yet people somehow expected it to be! There is no KOTOR 3! And yet, somehow always when SWTOR gets mentioned on stream or wherever, there is always this one person, that says something like "I just wish they would make KOTOR 3." or "It's not KOTOR 3". The only two reasons you would say that is either (or both) because you are a little whiny bitch, or you didn't check it up for a long time, because let me tell you, it has changed a lot. And with a new Star Wars game coming out each year for at least three years, you probably won't see KOTOR 3 anytime soon. The only way that a new KOTOR is somehow made (which it probably won't) is probably a reboot of sorts. SWTOR is a good game and not playing any game because it was not something you expected it to be is dumb!
    (Sorry, i get personal when it comes to this)

    People can get really personal when it comes to sports. This is regularly seen between the cheer groups between two rival teams. I'm personally really surprised when it doesn't come to a physical injury when the two groups stumble upon before or after a match. While it usually doesn't come to this between Olympics, due to the Olympic spirit and the fact that there are no real rivals, but more like every athlete for itself, the stakes are no lower. The pressure that the public puts on an athlete is immense and he or she must extremely strong to overcome this. When it comes to Olympics, where there are so many athletes on such high level, the competition is usually decided in the head. It takes extreme mental strength to achieve desired result and even bigger to face yourself in case of defeat and your team. But the hardest thing is to face the public and the fans that expected so much from you. Not all, but still A LOT of them will be really mad at you. A lot of the precious time that an athlete needs to prepare itself, he/she has to spend on dealing with the media. The media are never happy. And neither is an athlete. An athlete always strives to be the best (queue the Pokemon theme), and that's why we admire them so much and we get sad when he/she fails and we celebrate when he/she succeeds. Anticipation is the thing that makes or breaks an athlete. Both from himself and from those around it.

    Love and respect

  • @Nillend Really love this thread. I work closely with the Olympics for IT-related reasons, so it's interesting seeing everything ramp up. Drama aside.

    I haven't paid attention to SWTOR, and multiple times I've tried to get back into it, but it never seems to stick. It's probably because I try to play solo and end up being bored. If I tried to find a good guild and hopped on voice chat, I'd have a good time. Something to think about....

    No Man Sky's is definitely going to dominate all discussion this month. I personally have zero interest in the game, as I don't believe there will be enough gameplay to keep me hooked.

    Legion & Deus Ex are my main two, but I'm reluctant to get into Legion. Probably for the same reason I'm not into SWTOR. They're such a time commitment, and there's so many games.

  • @Stormcrownn You work with the Olympics?! I envy you. Do you work with certain team/country or organisers etc.?
    Yeah, SWTOR is really long and stretched, which might get problematic if, you're solo (pun not intended). You really must wish to see the end to get across entire game. If you want a partner to try it out, I can join you. But you're right, there are so many games to play, so I won't blame you.
    Deus Ex is a franchise that went under my radar until now, so I don't have any expectations from it. I'm guessing that if I'll get enough of No man's sky by then, I will try it out.
    I was wondering "what games do you like then?", but then I saw you signature and everything became clear. :D

    Thx for positive reply.

  • @Nillend IT Related stuff, Logistics. ^_^ NDA's stop me from saying anything more.

    I might make myself a schedule, like, play at least 2 hours of SWTOR this week, or something to that effect. I have this whole weekend with nothing to do....

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution was best at the infiltration missions. Choosing how to tackle the objective, killing people guns blazing or doing it without a single guard being alerted. I'm super excited about this one, hopefully it lives up the hype that Huber and the other Allies are holding it to.

    I've never really played multiplayer shooters, and Overwatch is the first one that's really grabbed my attention. I only have about 45 hours in the game since launch. Compared to most people I play with, who are level 100-300 and have hundreds of hours in the game, I feel like a casual.

    I'm playing through the Witcher 3 with Rocket League/Overwatch breaks, and my big list is to get more Hearts of Iron IV games in, along with Total War: Warhammer, and a few other Paradox/strategy titles. I'm also about 70% through Mafia 2 for the first time. There's like 30 more games that I want to play through. I should make my own blog post!

  • @Stormcrownn You have a long list there. Good luck mate :thumbsup: