New Video Thread: Latest Game Trailers

  • Is there any reason why a video section called: Newest Game Trailers can't be added?

    This was the number one reason why I would visit the old Game Trailers site.
    Right now I have no idea where on the internet I can go to see an up-to-date list of the latest game trailers from around the world.
    I would have thought that including a video section dedicated to this would be on the Easy Allies site.
    Please look into making this a thing, and if not, then please explain why this isn't possible.

    If it really isn't possible then, to the other readers, is there anywhere on the internet I can go to find just game trailers organised from newest to oldest?


    Long time fan.

  • is the place to go for the latest trailers. Some GT couldn't do is being done by IGN

  • admin

    If you weren't aware, IGN is now updating the gametrailers youtube channel with just that. New trailers for games on a daily basis.

    As for doing that again at Easy Allies, it is a full time job and not one that currently planning to take up. If someone wants to make a thread here in the forums that anyone can add to, feel free.

    EDIT - weird that it tries to auto embed when using a YouTube url. I'll look into that.

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    Youtube Video

  • wow, my work place laptop can actually see the youtube video embeded picture