Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee! (Switch)

  • @darkenraul1 said:

    there's no way it can be that short while you use it in Poke-walker mode

    I imagine it is this short when you're playing the game at home, because of how often you'll be using the controls and how often the ball will light up and make sounds during catch attempts and successes.

    Like, it's got to be in a power saver state or something if it's really only counting your steps and shouting "Pikachu" when you shake it.

    I don't know how you do it, but the site mentions you can disable the sound effects it makes if you don't want to make a scene in public, so maybe that could extend the battery life somewhat. If all it is doing is dangling from your belt and counting steps, then I'm sure the battery life will go beyond 3 hours.

    Also, I really hope this isn't the only title that utilizes this device.

    Site also mentions it isn't compatible with any other Switch games, even ones that use single Joycon, so the dream of a Pokeball Plus run of Dark Souls is dead.

    Like I seriously hope its compatible with future Pokemon games

    I could see this happening though.

    That said, I seriously wish this was a legit joycon that had all the buttons on it spread around it (and not just the one on top) but then again i have no idea if that would be super uncomfortable to use or not.

    Powerglove says that's probably a bad idea. I love that it's just one button personally.

  • I for one, am still excited for this. I've never played a Pokemon game despite owning a Gameboy back in the day and having ample opportunity to pick it up. But "Brandon Plays Pokemon" changed my opinion, and made me want to at least start getting into it. While I'm disappointed its not a full RPG, I think it might be a good stepping stone to get into the other full game later next year.

  • It comes down to content and price. If this is just Pokemon GO! but with the Red/Blue map to walk around, it's hard to justify spending more than $20-30. There isn't much information about how the game really 'progresses' as an "action RPG", so people should reserve their judgement. Though with the way this is being advertised, it really does seem like an extension of the mobile game, which I think hurts it as a supposedly full fledged entity. Gamefreak really shouldn't have leaned into GO! if they wanted to sell this as it's own thing with its own identity.

  • @namzor Just want to point out that this game is a full RPG based on Pokemon Yellow. I'm even willing to bet they expanded the story moments against Team Rocket and such to make it a little different from previous experiences, but if you've never played a Pokemon game before, I'm betting this will be a great place to start.

    @world_rejector I'd argue that the trailer did a great job of selling this as its own full game with some Pokemon Go mechanics (and inter-connectivity thrown in) than just a Pokemon Go expansion. Also, to be fair, this was just the initial announcement. I bet we'll see more of this at E3 which should a LOT of remaining questions we all have at the moment.

  • Serebii said:

    There has been confusion going around regarding Pokémon Let's Go PIkachu & Let's Go Eevee's online features. Famitsu has obtained some clarification regarding it stating that it will have online battles and trades, will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and lacks features such as GTS, Battle Spot and Wonder Trade. The Pokémon Company states that the online is to be simplified

  • @mbun Hey it's better than nothing. Glad we cleared that up, because there really was a lot of conflicting info (some sources said no online period, while another source said there was and to disregard the first statement as a mistranslation lol)

  • So GameXplain came out with an analysis video of the trailer yesterday that answers some questions.

    Here are some of the biggest things from the video (for me at least):

    • The layout of the overworld is almost identical to Red/Blue/Yellow, but stylistically, is much more akin to Fire Red/Leaf Green in most places (additionally, some places have been completely over-hauled like Cycling Road)
    • Gyms will be returning (some were worried this would be gone, but it looks as though all 8 gyms from the original game will be present).
    • Not only will all ~151 Pokemon be able to follow you around, but when bigger Pokemon are in your first slot, you can ride them, and it doesn't seem to be in select locations ala X & Y either, but any route where you'd have been able to ride your bike.
    • Speaking of bikes, it doesn't look like the bike makes a reappearance in this game (at least you don't need it for bike road in this version) but this isn't 100% confirmed.
    • Alolan forms of the 151 Pokemon will be making a return (although it remains to be seen if we'll see a return of Mega Evolutions).
    • HM moves will not be returning for this game (although I presume the moves will still be present converted into TMs). However, there are still obstacles like trees you can cut suggesting there will be something else you'd use to get past them (like key items or something)
    • Because @Mbun brought it up before, it seems all but confirmed there won't be unlimited Pokeballs as indicated by the counter at the bottom of the catch screen.
    • The method of co-op featured so far is tied to player 1's Pokemon and items only, and there is nothing so far to suggest that player 2 can import/export their own save data (including Pokemon and items)

    There a few other neat little things they go over, but these were the big things imo.

    There are still several questions I have that are still unanswered, most of which that were also raised by GameXplain as well:

    1. How do we level up our Pokemon? It doesn't appear as though you get any experience from battles as there doesn't seem to be any EXP bar? Will we level up similarly to Pokemon Go via candies and stardust? Or will it be something entirely different (such as Super Training in X and Y for example)? While grinding via wild battles is gone, it seems as though there is a way to raise your Pokemon's level at your own pace as evidenced by the level 18 Pikachu and level 18 Bulbasaur.
    2. Also, as GameXplain points out, Pokemon seem to have a CP ala Pokemon Go while you are attempting to capture it. But when you battle trainers, it goes by levels and stats and not CP, so how does CP translate into normal Pokemon stats?
    3. I think its been announced that you only import Pokemon into Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee from Pokemon Go and that you cannot export them back? But do you actually send the Pokemon over, or does it just send a copy to your Switch? Additionally, Pokemon transferred only appear in the Go Park, but are they stuck there or can you take them with you? I heard a rumor from bloodworth in the reaction stream that you'd have to capture it again after a certain point (like maybe you need a certain number of badges for certain pokemon or something) so that way you won't just dominate with OP Pokemon from the beginning, but idk if that's true or or not. Honestly, I hope the game just sends over a copy instead of your actual Pokemon from Go so that way you don't forever lose them in Go.
    4. Finally, I know that online features are to be simplified, but will we still be able to connect to prior games to transfer Gen 1 Pokemon, connect to the Pokemon Bank at all, or connect with the game coming out in 2019?

  • @darkenraul1 said:

    I think its been announced that you only import Pokemon into Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee from Pokemon Go and that you cannot export them back?

    It would upset GO's balance if you could train Pokemon in Let's GO and then toss them to GO.

    But do you actually send the Pokemon over, or does it just send a copy to your Switch? Additionally, Pokemon transferred only appear in the Go Park, but are they stuck there or can you take them with you?

    I'm expecting it to work similar to the Pal Park from Gen 4 Sinnoh, where you just import them to this Park where you can go catch them in your game. I'm curious where they'll locate the park, whether it'll overwrite Safari Zone area, which would be a real oddity in this new system, or be added elsewhere.

  • Guys! What if the new Pokemon in Let's GO Pikachu & Eevee is...


  • @darkenraul1 Interesting video! Honestly I'm quite tempted by the game now, it seems to be a fully-featured remake apart from the wild battles which I personally won't miss. And it does look gorgeous, if a little too clean but Pokémon always will be.

    It also makes me very enthusiastic about the 2019 game in terms of production values, it should be grand!

  • @darkenraul1 said:

    Yup, site says "Now you can use your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con to toss a Poké Ball at your target with one hand, either by pressing a button or flicking your wrist." (wanted to double check to make sure I was correct)

    Strangely, it seems you do indeed have to use motion controls to toss a Pokéball. Weird that the site stated otherwise.

    Youtube Video

  • @mbun Huh, that is weird. It's also unfortunate. Although I'm down with the new catching system, even I'll find doing a throwing motion every time tiresome after a while. Then again, we don't know yet, but assuming leveling up is not based on catching Pokemon like Pokemon Go and instead some other method (so you don't have to catch every single Pokemon you come across), it might not be that big of a deal.

  • Speaking of new information, this video compiled a list of infro from several internet sources: Eurogamer Source, IGN Source, A slightly less credible news source

    Here's a rundown of all the new info:

    • It's confirmed there will be wild Pikachu and Eevee that will be able to be evolved.
    • The PC you can store Pokemon in is now mobile and part of your inventory, meaning you can now switch Pokemon on the go!
    • Characters from the anime (i.e. Jessie and James) will be appearing. This makes sense considering this is based on Yellow.
    • Turns out, EXP is earned by catching Pokemon and Trainer battles. Assuming you get the EXP share at the very start, then the catching EXP makes sense as it'll go to your whole party (and explains why those 2 Pokemon in the trailer, Pikachu and Bulbasaur, were both Lv. 18).
    • Breeding will not be available in these games.
    • It seems they are revamping stats in this game (i.e. IVs and EVs) to make them simpler.
    • It is confirmed that when you send Pokemon to the Go Park, you have to capture it again in order to have it join your party, and the Go Park will be unlocked about half-way in the game. (also seems like Mbun is right in that it actually sends the Pokemon over and not just a copy)
    • The 2019 game has been in development as long as the Let's Go games, and both were being developed simultaneously.
    • According to Masuda, if these games sell well enough, it's possible the "core games" will have 2 series of games from now on (i.e. the Let's Go remakes and the more traditional new rpgs).
    • The story and game of Let's Go will not really be all that different from Yellow.
    • It doesn't sound like the 2019 game will be the "breath of the wild" reinvention of the series people are hoping for as Masuda expressed some serious concerns with open world gameplay (specifically that too much direction down that path will no longer make Pokemon so readily accessible to brand new players); but he wasn't 100% against the idea either.
    • According to IGN: "When in handheld mode, you must use motion controls to aim the Poke Ball, but press a button to throw." (This kinda goes against the info that you have to do a throwing motion to catch Pokemon, but would be nice if true).
    • While you can't send Pokemon to your Pokemon Go account, you can send gifts (such as that never before seen Pokemon in the trailer being that one exception). There are also other ways to connect between Let's Go and Go that haven't been revealed yet.

    Edit: Might as well add things that Pokemon tells us to "wait for more information" on. This include 1) connectivity with the Pokemon Bank and the upcoming 2019 game; 2) Mega Evolutions and Z moves; 3) exactly how stats (including the simplified IVs and EVs, the connection with CP, and the transferring of Pokemon from Go to Let's Go) work; 4) other methods of connection between Go and Let's Go.

  • @darkenraul1 said:

    According to IGN: "When in handheld mode, you must use motion controls to aim the Poke Ball, but press a button to throw." (This kinda goes against the info that you have to do a throwing motion to catch Pokemon, but would be nice if true).

    Technically that would still be using motion controls, just along with a button press. Maybe the confusion is because in Handheld Mode it is a combination of the two?

  • I'm so down for the Pokeball Plus.
    Preorders for have gone up on Amazon Europe. Get in while you can.

  • The Treehouse demo showed the game in action:

    Youtube Video

    I have to say it looks gorgeous! And it seems like a full-fledged remake, the only major difference being how you capture Pokemon as we discussed before. But the rest is all there, leveling up, choosing moves, trainer battles, towns, NPCs, etc.

    Also features details from the press release:

    Candy Jar—Players can use a variety of Candies to strengthen their Pokémon in a training system introduced in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Later in the game, players will be able to send their Pokémon to Professor Oak to receive these Candies.

    Link Trading and Battles—Players will be able to trade and engage in Single and Double Battles with other players online and via local wireless communication. Trading and battling online will require an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, a paid service launching this September.

    I think I'm in!

  • Thoughts and things I noticed watching the Treehouse presentation for this:

    • The way Pokemon appear in the environment is actually not too shabby. Flying Pokemon will even fly away.
    • In towns, there seem to even be cute NPC events involving their Pokemon.
    • But just during the Viridian Forest section, they had trouble dodging Pokemon, so Mt. Moon could be just as bad with Zubat swarms.
    • Also, a nitpick, it kinda feels like it defeats the point of tall grass when the Pokemon venture out of it frequently.
    • Pokemon that follow you or you ride disappear jarringly when events happen such as a trainer walking up to you or changing screens.
    • Pokemon that follow you can be talked to for tidbits that directly resemble what was in Heart Gold / Soul Silver.
    • Partner Pokemon wag their tails when items are nearby.
    • Might've just been for demo, but you might get the Exp All (Share) super early in this game, like first or second town.
    • Amounts of experience are highly dependent on different bonuses for how well you catch wild Pokemon including first try.
    • Trainers in addition to money reward Pokeballs when beaten.
    • Pokemon sometimes reward berries when caught that make others easier to catch. Think Safari Zone bait.
    • Pokeball Plus has stronger HD Rumble than a normal Joycon, which is probably another reason for the short battery life.
    • Seems you can initiate the online features from anywhere like in XY with the PSS system, although more simplistic.
    • GO Park does indeed replace the Safari Zone like I predicted.
    • CP level of Pokemon transferred from GO determines their level in Let's GO.
    • Sending caught Pokemon you don't want to Oak gets you candy that acts like and probably replaces items like Protein for EV training.

  • It's also confirmed that these main characters are not the characters from original games/the anime as evidenced by the "rival" character. Sad you don't have dick-head Blue/Gary in this one, but I guess it's to be expected.

    Also, although it's been pointed out elsewhere on the interwebs, I love how they kept the original dumb dialogue from the NPC trainers. "Oops! Light-years isn't time... It measures distance!"

    But man, this game is so slick. I seriously can't wait until it comes out!

  • @darkenraul1 said:

    It's also confirmed that these main characters are not the characters from original games/the anime as evidenced by the "rival" character. Sad you don't have dick-head Blue/Gary in this one, but I guess it's to be expected.

    I thought they confirmed that before and hinted that the old characters would be encountered at points in this game. I do like how the new trainers are still young, possibly even 11 like the original Gen 1 protags, versus the aged up more recent protagonists. Makes sense to use younger playable characters in your series aimed at younger kids and keep the older characters for the more traditional entries aimed at an older playerbase. Likewise I hope this game having nice rivals to not hurt children's feelings means the main series gets to go back to jerk rivals.

  • Just preordered the Eevee/Pokeball Plus bundle on Amazon! So stoked to actually play this bad boy.