2018 FIFA World Cup

  • I'm super hyped for the World Cup this two weeks can't go by fast enough, really sucks that the first match is probably the least interesting match of all the tournament, but still super hyped.

    I don't have a lot of confidence in our team repeating the great performance we had in 2014 (Costa Rica) but I'm at least hoping we will see some decent games from our guys, and aside from that I have a good number of dark horses that I think can have some pretty decent tournaments (come on Iran!!!)

    I'll join into the bracket, though I feel I'll end up having a bit too much confidence in a few too many upsets.

  • Cool, didn't know we had Costa Rica in here. You guys surprised me - and the whole world, pretty much - so big time four years ago, that was amazing to witness. Hopefully we'll see great surprises and underdog stories this time as well. It'd be really cool if one of the African countries had their stars aligned, for instance.

    Otherwise, I'm rooting for Germany. Been their fan ten years or so. And sure, there's love for our three Nordic neighbours as well who made it to the tournament. And actually just pretty much for any team at this point, I'm open to see whichever way it all goes. There's excitement all around!

  • I hope that Russian's team will be eliminated as soon as possible. I have nothing personal against national team, it's only because of attitude of TV broadcasters and football fans: each time our team plays, they express so much hate toward opponents and judges, that it's practically unwatchable.

  • @bard91 said in 2018 FIFA World Cup:

    (come on Iran!!!)


    Underdogs are what make the World Cup interesting for me. Iran, Iceland, Costa Rica, Serbia, Japan...let's go!!!!!

  • I'll be supporting Iceland this time... FOR HUBER!

  • @ffff0 intereating to hear that, even though their group is super easy I do expect that Uruguay and Egypt will go through since it seems the Russian team is pretty bad atm, that said I wouldnt be surprised by some referee decisions helping out the host

    @Sentinel-Beach I have faith in pretty much all of the african teams, I think any of them have at chance at the second round, sadly the apparent best team from Africa(Morocco) is in the toughest group, and same goes for Asian teams since it seems like only Iran is in good form

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    Knowing myself, Im gonna end up watching some of the group play, get grumpy over that Sweden doesnt make it further, come back and watch anything from around the semi final and stay up way too late on the finals night!

  • @lotias I think Sweden has a good chance of gettong throguh the first round, S Korea is an absolute mess, Germany is ironclad, and Mexico is always a good sport but I don't see them doing well with this manager.

    What's woukd be though for Sweden is they would likely go against Brazil in the second round

  • i played with my heart

  • Nice, seven members already.

  • Germany, 2006. This is the song and video that encapsulates football perfectly for me. I was 18 at the time and that was truly the first World Cup that I was heavily invested in. I love everything about this, all the feelings and the pure celebration. <3

    Youtube Video

  • This is going to be fun, made sure to have some hottakes :) (dont talk to me about group f, its sad enough just thinking about it)

  • Absolutely can't wait for it to begin. On paper, it's extremely difficult not seeing the semi finals being France, Brazil, Spain, Germany but I'm sure it'll throw up some suprises.

    Group D looks like anything could happen in it. That's probably the one I'm most looking forward to.

  • I joined too.

    I think France will win but my wish is for England to reach the finals.

  • I really like how Group H turned out to be, geographically speaking. We have countries from four different continents there: Colombia, Japan, Poland and Senegal.

  • @sentinel-beach Yeah that one is super open, the matches are going to be very exciting.

  • Also very happy that Peru's best player, Guerrero, is allowed to play. The drug case against him was absolutely insane.

  • @tokeeffe9 yeah I've checked out a lot of comments from Peru and other people in some latam pages and everybody is ecstatic about Paolo being able to play, which it is nice as it is rare that everyone is so encouraging to one of the other teams from the continent, I wasn't aware of the controversy but it really was nonsense when I looked into it, and with him I think Peru has a great shot at being a dark horse, and I wouldn't be too surprised if the manage to even upset France.

    And yes group H is very interesting, sadly I think Japan is at a bad moment and they won't make it through, Colombia has a very promising squad that continues to dissapoint, the Poles seem to think they are not as good as they look (and they look very good imo) and I've heard very good comments about Senegal.

    We have our last home match before the WC today against Northern Ireland, I think it is a good test thinking ahead of two of our group games, and I hope we see the good side of our team.

  • I'm definitely in on following the tournament with you all. I don't really have much in the way of predictions, I tend to just watch it out of love for the game. So I was hoping to just join the league and follow it without creating my own, but it looks like that's not possible. Maybe I'll try and throw a nice ignorant bracket together later today... :)

  • @bard91 Ya it's very cool and personally I'm backing Peru to at least make that group interesting. Some of this please