2018 FIFA World Cup

  • Damn it, this is getting too difficult to watch. Croatia, please. Just do it. And what happened to Subasic? Terrible, if he's out.

  • Holy shit, what a game! I'm sweating like a pig here, trying to catch my breath. Russia did not give up, they surprised pretty much everyone in this tournament. But boy, am I glad for Croatia! It's been a long time, now they're in the semifinals.

  • Let's go England, one win away from the final.

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    It felt like Sweden played really terribly yesterday and they didnt deserve to go further like that. Now I just gotta survive the colleagues and their "Its coming home" chanting.

    I dont remember the entire penalty shootout in the Croatia game, but I am happy that they managed to progress. Kinda hoping for a Belgium vs Croatia final now.

  • Well damn it. I really wanted to see Belgium's guys in the final. France looks like they'll win the final, no matter if it's Croatia or England they'll face.

  • yep hard to see either of those teams over France in the final, that said it would make for an incredible 'It came home' story.

  • France was so impressive last night, they controlled the match perfectly, never panicked, they were technically on point (so many successful dribbles, one-touch passes, backheels, one-twos, etc.) and fought like lions from beginning to end. I've rarely seen them like that and I love it.

    Every time they accelerated they created danger, but they also knew how to pace themselves and let Belgium come at them. If only Giroud was a better finisher!

    It was seriously a tactical masterclass from Deschamps.

    If we lose in the final after all this I'm going to be devastated, that would be two finals in a row.

  • France were great, some great play from young Mbappe on a grand scale. His pace is frightening, bit more composure near the end of the game and they could have had a second.

    I also believe France will win it now though It wouldn't surprise me if Croatia were to win it either, they have some really impressive players.

    If your superstitious you can draw some comparisons to the 1998 World Cup.

    France and Denmark both qualified from Group C
    Argentine and Croatia in the same group
    England and Tunisia in the same Group
    Last time Croatia reached the semi-finals

    You can also say last time we had a all European semi-final Was in 2006....

  • Croatia, hot damn! This was a surprise in my book, but a pleasent one at that. After Germany and Uruguay they were my third favourites in the tournament. Really cool to see them reach their best achievement in a World Cup like this!

    ...though I feel a bit sad for England, this really felt like their turn now. They played really well through the whole tournament.

  • Man, it was the outcome I expected but it still hurts. The pride in the national team has been reignited like a wildfire. So the nice thing is that it hurts in a good way, feeling emotional about your national team is a great feeling :)

  • bittersweet with it not coming home

    I was for sure rooting for a France-England final, but I can't be mad with Croatia they've done well and it is good to see a new face in the finals, I'll still be rooting for France but it would be nice to add a new champ to the list.

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    With that early goal I was pretty sure that England would hold it to the end, I think they relaxed a little bit too much. Hoping now that France - Croatia will be a good final

  • I'm still sad that England didn't make it to the finals.

  • After a month of football, this is IT! France - Croatia, let's go!

  • Yup. I'd love to see Croatia win but I think the quality and legs will eventually count for France.

  • man, not even half-time and already one hell of a game, technically rooting for France, but I'll be happy to see either of these two as the champs.

  • That penalty was really unfortunate, it didn't seem that intentional from Perisic, but yeah, I get it.

  • Good match so far. Croatia's aggressive play is fun to watch, many potential chances were created.

  • @sentinel-beach yeah very unfortunate, didn't seem like an intentional hand in any way but it clearly got in the way of the ball so hardly any debate about it.

  • and France has shown they are very deserving World Champs, feels bad for Croatia to have the game end up like this for them in a matter of minutes they played an incredible first half


    And Mandzukic scores as I finish writing this, maybe I shouldn't call it just yet