2018 FIFA World Cup

  • Good match so far. Croatia's aggressive play is fun to watch, many potential chances were created.

  • @sentinel-beach yeah very unfortunate, didn't seem like an intentional hand in any way but it clearly got in the way of the ball so hardly any debate about it.

  • and France has shown they are very deserving World Champs, feels bad for Croatia to have the game end up like this for them in a matter of minutes they played an incredible first half


    And Mandzukic scores as I finish writing this, maybe I shouldn't call it just yet

  • Lloris... -_-

  • An insane match.

  • What a match! I wouldn't have thought that France would win by a sizeable lead, considering Croatia's great first half performance, but i guess that drained their energy, as France's control got tighter and they couldn't keep up with it. Lloris's fatal mistake didn't turn out to be just that either.

    Good job France, as i expected! A deserved win. I bet somebody's having fun now @Axel

  • Well. It didn't go as I would've liked, but good job France, congratulations. Very efficient team. And it was great to watch Croatia's playstyle, very entertaining and aggressive. I love watching these images now, all those emotions, on both teams faces. Croatia's circle a moment ago felt very emotional, Dalic's speech.

  • Yeah seeing a team huddled like that and the fans reaction is really commendable for the Croats, after losing the final of WC it has to take a lot from them, but they've got a lot to be proud of and it's good to see them with their heads held high.

  • The rain added a nice element to all this. :) I don't know, I like it somehow. It makes everyone more equal out there, presidents and all.

    It was great seeing both Macron and Grabar-Kitarovic out there, congratulating the players. Especially Macron seemed like a sports guy, nice to see him having something tangible and important to say to everyone.

  • The Bracket Challenge results are now final as well, I just remembered. Our top three:

    1. @iboshow 176
    2. @tokeeffe9 172
    3. @bam541 168

    Congratulations you three! Well predicted! The rest of us enjoyed the surprises. ;)

    @A7X458 also had 168 points, but they're listed as 4th. I'm guessing there's some tiebreaker logic behind that. Good job as well, anyway!
    I was 11th out of 21, so right there in the middle. I'll take it.

  • Glad to know that my efforts to be logical payed off with this. :)

  • I'm still emotional, I'm so so happy right now, this team was amazing to follow! A bunch of buddies always having fun together off the pitch that turns into a well-oiled killing machine on the pitch. They were not always the most flamboyant but they were by far the most solid, adaptive and lethal, with the extra touch of luck that champions always seem to have.

    Croatia was very impressive last night and bullied our midfield so efficiently that Kanté had to be taken off, for the first time in the competition he just couldn't handle these guys. Nzonzi's height helped a lot and I honestly think this is where the match turned. For me Perisic was easily the most dangerous player in their team, that guy was everywhere. But all their efforts came at a cost and they had a lot less juice in the tank in the second half.

    Which is something I also admire about this French team but many people criticize: they know how to pace themselves, let their opponents get tired and only accelerate in small bursts, when necessary. No team can be on top for 90 minutes, so they handle the pressure and choose their moments. It's a very transparent tactic and they might have to change their game at the Euro in 2 years, but it worked perfectly this time, against these opponents who never found the answer.

    I'm glad we scored those two pretty goals in the second half so there wouldn't be too much controversy, gotta admit the first half left a bad taste in my mouth, it felt a bit illogical to be ahead at that point. These guys have finally erased the painful, painful memories of 2006 - 2010 and I'm just super happy to have a French team to be proud of again!

  • A deserved win for France, i really enjoyed this World Cup alot.

    What missed up predictions was Germany, i had them at the final with france, but they got knocked out at the group stage.

  • Wow, I got most of my points in the group stages

  • Oh come on, really. It's a great strike but I just don't see how this comes anywhere near close to something like Messi's goal.

  • @tokeeffe9 Not sure if you're trying to troll fanboys but for me, Pavard's goal wasn't even the best volley from that corner of the box. I felt like Nacho got more power and curl on his. Plus post-and-in always just looks better.

    Also, not saying Messi's goal wasn't slick, just saying some may vehemently disagree.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm absolutely not trolling. The pass and skill involved in that goal was outstanding. Honestly worth rewatching just to see that second touch that just takes it beyond the defender being able to get back. It's insane ability.

    Maybe I'm just a big old hipster though, I remember the last World Cup, I think that Van Persie header against Spain won which was a good goal, pretty unique but again for me, nothing on Tim Cahill's volley against the Netherlands.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah, like I said, Messi's goal was a beauty. 2 touches on an over-the-shoulder pass before it hits the ground to get that step while moving full speed was insane.

    Tim Cahill's volley is one of the best goals I've ever seen. Give me that ball 100 times over and I don't know if I could even side foot it on goal but this guy goes weak foot hammer bar-down. Great ball over, insane ability to catch that pass first time and equally insane ability to hit it that well.

  • Wow, I had every intention of following the tournament and then work decided to take a dump on me about a week into the group stage. I still have a depressing number of unwatched games on my DVR...

    But more importantly, who do I need to send my address to in order to get my ceremonial dunce cap for getting dead last? ;)