2018 FIFA World Cup

  • @robert7lee we were pretty bad yesterday (Costa Rica), particularly in the first half, though I also have to say England looked better than expected imo.

    On regards to the CONCACAF qualifiers I watched all of our matches and paid attention to the rest, Mexico was the only solid team, we had some pretty good games (we were brilliant away in the US) and some horrible games (Honduras at home), Panama and Honduras were both bath tbh, neither of them play good football usually and they are both far from their prime, both were much better 4 years ago, the US was easily the worst US team I've ever seen and played with no heart, and I heard that was particularly true for the last game in Trinidad.

    On regards to my first memory of World Cups it was on France 98, but it was us failing to qualify from the tournament itself, what I remember best was Croatia humiliating Germany (I was 6 so don't remember super well most of the tournament).

    Also I'm not saying our guys threw the last game to Panama to have them qualify and knock out the US, but I can assure you no one here was sad about that, we have no lost love for the US when it comes to football, and we get along pretty well with our neighbors to the south.

  • @bard91 Had no idea there was bad blood between USA and Costa Rica. Nice to see other countries qualify, Mexico are always part of it though, I wonder if they'll finally break their curse and get to the quarters.

    I got into the beautiful game late on so France '98 was also my first Workd Cup and I can still remember most if not all the scores. I remember Nigeria getting a shock 3-2 win against Spain.

    Paraguay goal keeper (name I can't spell) hit bar from a free kick against Bulgaria.

    Blanco for Mexico holding the ball between his feet and jumping to avoid a couple of challenges against South Korea.

    Austria being the most boring team at the tournament, scored 3 in 3 games all coming in 90th minute or beyond.

    France beating Paraguay 1-0 in extra time with the golden goal rule.

    Of course Michael Owen's epic goal (from an England point of view) against Argentina. That match was a roller coaster of emotions for the nation.

    Yes also remember Croatia destroying Germany, great upset, also took the lead against France in the semi-final.

    And France completely obliterating Brazil in the final 3-0. The big story before the match was about if Ronaldo would start. One minute he was, next we heard he wasn't. He started but did very little. I remember Zidane stealing the show that night.

    They say you never forget your first.

  • I don't think people actually realise how insane it is that the US didn't make this tournament. The group qualifying is so setup for them that it really is just absolutely crazy that they didn't manage to qualify.

  • @robert7lee I mean all of the bad blood is on our side I think but we definitively make a big deal of games against the US, they knocked us out in the last game in the 2010 qualifiers, and they made us play in 3 inches of snow in Denver in the 2014 qualifiers so that's always a talking point on our side.

    And really it is pretty much everyone that has unilateral bad blood with the US in the area, or at least central america and Mexico. Mexico is always competing with them for supremacy and they are generally best than the other teams but they are not able to play well in the away games since the crowds are too much for them. Specifically with Panama in 2014 they knocked them out in the last minutes as well, so that is a factor for Panama as well, and tbh it made us angry as well because at the same time we were beating Mexico at home and had Panama not lost we would have knoced out Mexico out for the first time in who knows how long, which would have been just incredible.

    In general given the structure of our qualifiers and the fact that the last round is usually the same teams there's a lot of history there and rivalries that keep on going.

  • @bard91

    @tokeeffe9 said in 2018 FIFA World Cup:

    I don't think people actually realise how insane it is that the US didn't make this tournament. The group qualifying is so setup for them that it really is just absolutely crazy that they didn't manage to qualify.

    My ignorance living in England is Mexico and USA will always qualify along with Brazil and and Argentina in South America. I don't remember US not qualifying making major news here. I was shocked and couldn't figure who could have qualified instead.

    Italy and Netherlands missing out made shock waves. I mean 4 times winners Italy last failed to qualify in 1958! But there is more competition expected in Europe I guess. Mexico missing a World Cup would be unthinkable, them almost going out makes me think teams in that region are getting stronger.

    What was more shocking, for me at least, was Costa Rica beating both Uruguay and Italy at the last World Cup and deserved to win them too. I doubt anyone would underestimate them this year.

  • @robert7lee I mean it was shock for us as well when we won against Uruguay and Italy, we were hoping to have ok games and possibly get a couple of points in the group but nobody here thought we really had much of a shot of making it through that group let alone come out first.

    And if anything people will be overestimating us this time, we haven't good looked recently and we haven't been anywhere near as solid as we were in 2014. That said the group doesn't look impossible but we are not holding our breath for a showing as good as last's WC.

  • Saw Costa Rica suffered another defeat. How good were Belgium or bad were Costa Rica? Tried to watch it but couldn't find a stream. I'm even more nervous for the Begium game. Hope Costa Rica can recover, not long to go now!

  • @robert7lee Belgium was really good, but we were abysmal haven't seen us play this badly in a while, Switzerland and Serbia would have to be a disaster for us to go over them.

  • @bard91 Friendlies are a different breed though. Once in the World Cup I've seen teams in form blunder. You just have to hope these matches doesn't affect the players confidence.

    Belgium are tipped by many to get far again and have some amazing talent, not sure if England playing them last is a blessing or curse.

  • Let's go Colombia (But actually rooting for Germany)

  • North America will host the 2026 World Cup, as a joint US-Canada-Mexico bid won the vote. For the first time ever three countries will host the games.

    In other news, Spain just lost their head coach Lopetegui as he was fired this close to the tournament.

  • That's just crazy, has this ever happened so close to the start of the competition? They've already named Hierro as his replacement apparently. Curious to see what effect this will have on the team. Wouldn't mind having one less big team to worry about!

  • @robert7lee @tokeeffe9 I know you guys are talking about the teams themselves, but as the resident American I have noticed that overall interest in the US team has dropped, and interest in Major League Soccer has skyrocketed, and I'm not sure which has caused what. It could just be like that because we didn't qualify, but it seemed like it was waning before that (not qualifying didn't make big news here either). My city also has a relatively new MLS team so that's probably contributing, but it's just interesting to me that the national level seems to be overpassing the international team. I'm going to my first MLS game in a few weeks though, so I'm pretty pumped for that! It's fun to have professional soccer (cough cough I mean football) here in person.

  • It's about to begin! The opening match is on in an hour, and there's some opening ceremony before that. #footballsummer

  • Okay, so that went to those kind of numbers. 5-0, not an everyday score. Saudi Arabia had good first ten minutes, but then it started to become more and more clear that their skill level just wasn't sadly enough. Some pretty goals there on the Russian side, 4-0 for example.

  • man I hope Uruguay is merciful because if Russia can do that to the Saudis ... hooooo boy

  • Yaa... I did not realise how poor Saudi Arabia are. I was fearing for Panama but maybe I should be more worried for them.

  • @tokeeffe9 I think the concern for Panama is justified as well, but yeah seems like a race to the bottom for them and probably Korea, I'm really hoping not us as well, but the way we've been playing.

  • I would've loved to see Solomon Islands qualify. They have the coolest "stadium". :-)

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    On Monday its gonna be absolutely livid where I live, Sweden, Belgium and England play. We all have people representing in the house, we have loaded up with stuff to nibble on and will watch the games together. World cup <3