2018 FIFA World Cup

  • @bard91 Friendlies are a different breed though. Once in the World Cup I've seen teams in form blunder. You just have to hope these matches doesn't affect the players confidence.

    Belgium are tipped by many to get far again and have some amazing talent, not sure if England playing them last is a blessing or curse.

  • Let's go Colombia (But actually rooting for Germany)

  • North America will host the 2026 World Cup, as a joint US-Canada-Mexico bid won the vote. For the first time ever three countries will host the games.

    In other news, Spain just lost their head coach Lopetegui as he was fired this close to the tournament.

  • That's just crazy, has this ever happened so close to the start of the competition? They've already named Hierro as his replacement apparently. Curious to see what effect this will have on the team. Wouldn't mind having one less big team to worry about!

  • @robert7lee @tokeeffe9 I know you guys are talking about the teams themselves, but as the resident American I have noticed that overall interest in the US team has dropped, and interest in Major League Soccer has skyrocketed, and I'm not sure which has caused what. It could just be like that because we didn't qualify, but it seemed like it was waning before that (not qualifying didn't make big news here either). My city also has a relatively new MLS team so that's probably contributing, but it's just interesting to me that the national level seems to be overpassing the international team. I'm going to my first MLS game in a few weeks though, so I'm pretty pumped for that! It's fun to have professional soccer (cough cough I mean football) here in person.

  • It's about to begin! The opening match is on in an hour, and there's some opening ceremony before that. #footballsummer

  • Okay, so that went to those kind of numbers. 5-0, not an everyday score. Saudi Arabia had good first ten minutes, but then it started to become more and more clear that their skill level just wasn't sadly enough. Some pretty goals there on the Russian side, 4-0 for example.

  • man I hope Uruguay is merciful because if Russia can do that to the Saudis ... hooooo boy

  • Yaa... I did not realise how poor Saudi Arabia are. I was fearing for Panama but maybe I should be more worried for them.

  • @tokeeffe9 I think the concern for Panama is justified as well, but yeah seems like a race to the bottom for them and probably Korea, I'm really hoping not us as well, but the way we've been playing.

  • I would've loved to see Solomon Islands qualify. They have the coolest "stadium". :-)

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    On Monday its gonna be absolutely livid where I live, Sweden, Belgium and England play. We all have people representing in the house, we have loaded up with stuff to nibble on and will watch the games together. World cup <3

  • Portugal - Spain, HOLY SHIT! Did you guys watch that? What an amazing end to this evening. Incredible goals. Costa's first one was just phenomenal, what a solo act. He WANTED that goal. And Nacho's cannonball! Man, I couldn't stop smiling seeing that.

    But of course CR7 was the man of the match. Hat trick, and all three goals were from completely different situations. That last one was just perfect, no question.

    What a game. A future classic, I would think. I had no favourite between these two, so I'm happy with the result. Just a super entertaining game to watch.

  • GOATnaldo

  • god I hate Ronaldo, also De Gea now I hate you as well

    Glad that Iran won, even if it was an unfortunate end for Morocco

  • Iceland got a point from the Argentina game, not too shabby.

  • Yeah that Spain-Portugal match was definitely a classic, Ronaldo was so focused and determined, love him or hate him, can't deny he's one of the all-time greatest. And very entertaining for a neutral indeed.

    France struggled against Australia but got the 3 points in the end so that's what counts. The coach actually aligned the exact starting 11 I had been calling for so I can't complain, hopefully they'll improve match after match because that wasn't a world champion performance.

  • @sentinel-beach Argentina was pretty shabby though, they are but a shadow of their former glory, but yeah Iceland showed they are no joke.

    France was very boring and they are gonna have to step it up if they don't want to waste this incredible generation of players.

    I expected Denmark to be good but I was impressed by them despite that, really good showing.

    Oh and Kasper Schmeicel is a goal keeping god

  • Haha, well only really just woke up so I missed a lot of the match but Peru did not deserve that loss. They were so good.

  • dammit Germany now the Mexicans are never going to shut the hell up

    and we showed that our team is completely innofensive, if they couldn't do anything against Serbia we are done for, a tie against the Swiss would be our best outcome I think