2018 FIFA World Cup

  • dammit Germany now the Mexicans are never going to shut the hell up

    and we showed that our team is completely innofensive, if they couldn't do anything against Serbia we are done for, a tie against the Swiss would be our best outcome I think

  • Germany, wtf? This feels wrong. Granted, Mexico was very good on the first half, very active, and Germany's defence was full of holes, but still. The second half looked much better, but nope, the final touches were missing. Now the Germans need to demolish Sweden and South Korea.

  • Switzerland managed to make things interesting in that group with that tie of Brazil. Really pretty goals from both teams. Effective.

  • Yay for Mexico, what a perfomance. Ochoa was a wall! And Lozano, this is your time to shine! He was my hero in my FIFA 17 career mode, glad to see real life has caught up.

    In light of Argentina's, Germany's and Brazil's results, France's scrappy win doesn't feel so bad anymore! There's always some magic in the first matches, as the smaller teams go all out and big teams aren't perfectly calibrated yet. I would expect more "normal" results in the second and third matches, but who knows.

  • lol

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    Now I dont think Sweden will make it out of the group play, instead Im thinking it will be Germany and Mexico making it out. So now Im hoping for Iceland to make it further in the tournament! <3

  • @lotias You were too quick to judge, but I get that mentality. :) You guys won! Granqvist's penalty kick did the trick. This was essentially a must win for Sweden, as the Germany and Mexico games will be tougher. Interesting to see how everything will go.

  • That Germany Sweden match on Saturday is an interesting one, Germany can't lose and even a draw might not be enough.

    Belgium looked good 2nd half, that De Bruyne cross for their 2nd goal, great technique, after Russia they've been the most convincing team so far.

    As England do, they just got away with it and the nation goes wild. Poor 2nd half, Tunisia kept giving the ball away too easily, apart from the penalty couldn't trouble Pickford. Think Belgium will have a field day against them.

  • A kind of a surprise from Japan, cool! And what a start for the game, the first red card of the tournament and an immediate goal. Now Group H will be really interesting after this result.

  • Group H was already a super interesting group so that result really adds to it. Really looking forward to Poland Senegal later now

  • Glorious Nippon coming out of nowhere with the win as well as Senegal make things very interesting indeed, dissapointed of seeing Egypt's result I was really hoping we would get to see more from them.

  • Wow, I think a lot of the international media must be pretty surprised with Russia. I doubt anyone was expecting them to get two wins in this tournament.

  • Some awesome results from Group H, Colombia Poland is already going to be a do or die match!

    I expected Russia to go through, but not that convincingly, that's awesome!

  • Spain are showing there weaknesses to early, i don't see them making it past the first knockout stage.

  • Great game from Croatia, they move forward now with these two wins. Argentina, on the other hand, is in big trouble. They're not out yet, no, but their fate isn't in their own hands anymore in the final round. Messi was (kept) completely in the dark, and the others had no answers for Croatia's style either.

  • Argentina unsurprisingly continue to be a complete mess. They actually need such a huge change in terms of structure and mentality. It's actually crazy how bad they are for how many good players they have.

  • @a7x458 Spain would be going against Russia or an underperforming Uruguay, and they aren't looking bad, I think they would still be big favorites in either of those match ups.

    I always root against Argentina, but I'm truly hurt for Messi, the best in the world deserves better than this.

  • Argentina's defense was an absolute shambles. Instead of tightening up after that mistake they fell further apart. That 3rd goal especially should never have happened.

    Given how aggressive Croatia were throughout the entire match, I'm not at all surprised at the outcome. I'm just glad I have them in the sweepstakes at work! :P

  • Ugh, these games are pretty awful for me to try and catch in my timezone, turns out. I did watch Argentina-Croatia though finally, boy that seemed pretty brutal. Never too excited when things get ugly.

  • Peru deserved better, I feel like in any other group they would have qualified. Very happy with the result obviously, France was much more in control than against Australia, they're clearly gearing up, our defence is extremely solid, Pogba and Kante are very effective, I'm just waiting for Griezmann to become a bit more deadly.

    Croatia is pretty scary so I sure hope we won't face them in the round of 16, go Iceland!