2018 FIFA World Cup

  • @sentinel-beach Always knew Clay Davis was too slimy to be anything but an England supporter :D

  • I have not enjoyed this match at all bar the shot that led to the corner for the Colombia goal.

    I just want penalties now

  • Wow. I had no idea before the tournament that I'd be so invested in England at some point. What an ending to this heated match.

    Next, I hope they'll beat Sweden, and that Croatia would win against Russia. If so, in CRO-ENG situation, may the better team win then.

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    England so deserved to win that! I am so hyped about saturday now! Swe - Eng will be a great game and I will watch it with a whole bunch of people in a pub.. in London :D

  • @lotias Depends on the metrics. Columbia were being very unsportsmanlike. The scuffing up of the penalty spot I thought was specifically underhanded. We deserved the win based on that.

    But in terms of gameplay, I don't think England had a single shot on target?

  • The real reason Japan lost can be found here.

  • @hazz3r first of all, it's Colombia

    second, I don't think Colombia had any shots either until the very end either, I couldn't see all of the match but it was a really bad game overall.

    Anyhow now I'm rooting harder than ever for a France-England final, that would be lovely.

  • Really happy for Sweden! I will definitely cheer for them against England, they have a shot even though England will be favorites.

    I was very disappointed by Colombia, they showed nothing except bad sportsmanship throughout, I expected more from them. England definitely deserved to go through.

    All the quarterfinal match-ups are so interesting! Some teams we never expected to see, some favorites who will finally clash. I can't wait for this weekend!

    And if the final ends up being France-England... man that's gonna be epic!

  • England fought well but i think Dale Alli and Raheem Sterling are not playing well, the England couch needs to sub in Vardy and Rashford early even if he's winning.

  • @hazz3r said in 2018 FIFA World Cup:

    @lotias Depends on the metrics. Columbia were being very unsportsmanlike. The scuffing up of the penalty spot I thought was specifically underhanded. We deserved the win based on that.

    But in terms of gameplay, I don't think England had a single shot on target?

    According to FIFA England somehow managed 2 shots on target. I only remember the Kane penalty. Lacking any creative play upfront.

    Eric Dier had a free header at the end which he should have at least hit the target with, fitting he scored the winning penalty.

    Saw glimpses of Colombia's performance against Poland late in the 2nd half and 1st half of extra time, where they pressed the ball better and had more energy about their play. England looked on the ropes at that stage.

    In the second half of the draw we have three teams who, since 1990, have all reached the semi finals. England in 1990, Sweden in 1994 and Croatia in 1998. So Sweden to knock out England and Croatia to best Sweden in the semi then?

  • @sabotagethetruth typical lol

  • On the official FIFA website, you can find very thorough, advanced stats for every match, with things like passing distribution, actual formation, players heat maps and stats, etc.

    Here's France - Argentina as an example: https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/match/300331537/#match-info

    It's very deep and informative, like Football Manager on hardcore mode!

  • A really shame about that Muslera's unfortunate moment. France's 2-0 lead really killed the game entirely. Understandable, but boring.

    I was rooting for Uruguay on this side of the chart, but now I'll jump on Belgium's ride. But if it's France - Brazil in the semifinal, then I'll cheer for Les Bleus.

  • Boring game tonight.

    It's all on tomorrow; I think Sweden need to prepare for the loss now as it'll only hurt more at the end.

  • @neocweeny said in 2018 FIFA World Cup:

    We (Belgium) fucked ourselves by winning against England. The difference in quality between the two brackets is huge.


  • I keep hearing from my colleagues I'm a bad latinamerican but whatever, bye bye Brazil very glad to see you won't be lifting the cup.

  • England is on a roll, job well done. Two thumbs up for Sweden as well: they beat both the Netherlands and Italy even before the tournament, practically beat Germany in their group, and eliminated Switzerland, too.

    France, Belgium, England. Please, let it be Croatia who's the fourth!

  • Belgium v Brazil last night another great match. Some brilliant individual performances from both teams. Wonder why Douglas Costa didn't start.
    Coutinho two fantastic chances to level the game and some great saves from Courtois. Wish the match went on. How good was Hazard, pure class. Do wonder how it would have gone if not for the own goal.

    Great credit to Belgium, winning all their matches and scoring great goals. France have got a match on their hands.

    Croatia have a great opportunity here, manageable route to the final with some great players they have.

    I think Swdden played better against Germany and Mexico than they did today, they probably went into their shell too much in the first half.

  • I think at this point Belgium can be considered favorites, they have so much skill all over the pitch and their attacking play is impressive. This is gonna be the biggest test for France, feels like whoever wins this will probably win the tournament (but obviously it's never that simple).

  • Yeah thus far it seems like France would be the only team that would be up to par with Belgium so it does look like a final in advance with their match.