2018 FIFA World Cup

  • Group H

    Colombia 6
    Japan 4
    Senegal 4
    Poland 3

    As already said, that couldn't have gone much more tighter. Advancing via fairplay points, wow. Shame about Senegal (and Africa), but that was super close.

  • I mean what's the alternative to the fairplay criteria, by the time it comes into play points, goals difference, goal total, and direct result have been considered, I don't see what other fair option that would be measurable could be used. Ranking? that would be super unfair.

    I remember it once happened in a Gold cup with three teams tied in all aspects and it came down to a coin toss which would be an even worse way of leaving the competition.

  • @bard91 I remember that! It was Canada who was the ultimate beneficiary of that coin toss and they went on to somehow beat Colombia in the finals.

    You're right though, tie-breakers in general are never 100% supported by all and they have to resolve it somehow. I was just more disappointed with Japan being ok depending on Colombia to hold Senegal rather than pressing and trying to take control of their own tournament fate.

  • @bard91 Shots on Target and Qualifier Goal Difference I've seen suggested.

  • @hazz3r Qualifier Goal difference seems horrible to me, how would that compare for a SA team that have a lot of though matches in the qualifiers in comparisson to an European that can have teams like San Marino, anything from outside the tournament itself would be really unfair to me.

    Shots on target is a decent option I think, but I would prefer fairplay to it as I think it would favor the playstyle of some teams more than others.

  • Finally, Group G is also finished.

    Belgium 9
    England 6
    Tunisia 3
    Panama 0

    Means the final pairs for the round of 16 will be Belgium - Japan and Colombia - England.

    No games on Friday, but come Saturday, France and Argentina will start the next phase.

  • In our Bracket Challenge league we have 21 members, and after the group stage the top three is:

    • A7X458 with 143 points
    • iboshow with 125 points
    • Froggtie with 122 points

  • @sentinel-beach Speaking of which, now that the knockout phase has been determined, we all have a second chance to predict how it will go: https://bracketchallenge.fifa.com/bracket/kophase

    Not sure if the points scored from that one will add up to the rest or if it's a separate ranking though.

  • I believe in France, for some reason. Looking at the bracket, it seems they are going to have a lot of tough matches if they get all the way through the end, which will be fun to watch.

  • France finally shows up and this does look like a potential champ

  • Agreed, France looked really strong. There's skill, power and commitment in every position, basically.

  • My heart!!! That was a rollercoaster! Those two teams were blamed for being boring up until now, I think they made up for it!

    We conceded an unlucky second goal, but it really does feel like as soon as we put the foot on the gas we can score, we just never do it any more than necessary, which may bite us in the ass at some point. Mbappé was incredible tonight, Kanté too as usual, and Pavard and Hernandez sealed their spots in the starting line-up for good this time. I still feel like Griezmann isn't doing as much as he could and Giroud is too clumsy for this level but hey, as long as at least one of the three shines like tonight, I'll take it!

  • Ya, that was an excellent match and this Uruguay Portugal match has started off really well.

    I think that was the first time I've actually seen France gel a bit. I don't know if that was down to how open Argentina are at the back but it was good to see. They have a seriously talented squad so lets see how far they can go.

  • Yes! Uruguay! I'm actually hoping that they'd make it all the way to the final. This was a good game, both teams played pretty football. Cavani was unstoppable, and especially that first goal showed that Cavani-Suarez partnership is magic. Hopefully Cavani didn't get too badly injured, though.

  • @axel totally, I think the main problem of this France is that they have been too complacent, if they had been more aggresive today through the whole match I don't think Argentina would have had a chance

  • I don't understand how Deschamps is still France manager, his team can score 4 goals in every game but every time they score first he switches to defensive tactics!!

  • Soooo... it's been a World Cup :D

    This tournament is honestly wide open guys.

  • Yeeep. Now I'm starting to wonder how far Russia can go. They're in the top 8 suddenly. It'll be Croatia or Denmark who they'll face next, and those two seem to be currently pretty even-headed. I'm cheering for Croatia.

  • Whoah. That game went all the way. A really equal game between the two teams. Those penalty shoot-outs were awesome, especially as both goalkeepers managed to stop the ball so many times. Croatia didn't look as strong as in the group stage, but I do hope that they get that groove back next against Russia.

  • England has a huge chance to make it to the finals after Spain got knocked out.

    I want the surprises to continue and Brazil get knocked out today.