EZA Fan Schedule Android app

  • I just published this little Android application I made that will allow you to check the Easy Allies schedule in a native app and homescreen widget on a smartphone or tablet.
    It can also setup notifications for upcoming Twitch streams on the schedule, so that you'll be notified when a stream is about to start, or when it's rescheduled or canceled.

    Link to app in Google Play Store

    I made this a while back before I was aware of the option to import the schedule in Google calendar. That kind of reduced the need for an app like this, but I still found the app to be my preferred way of checking what the allies are up to (especially using the homescreen widget version), so I figured I'd finally go ahead and publish it in case others like it as well.

    Also allow me to briefly plug another free app I made you might like called Crowdfund Tracker Widget. The main function of it is that it's a homescreen widget that can display the current funding status of a Patreon/Kickstarter/IndieGogo, and you can configure custom goals that you will be notified for when reached. You might also notice a few... "special" things when adding the Easy Allies Patreon ;)

  • Great idea, I might have a look at this later

  • This app is awesome. No bloat. Its so nice to slide over to the widget on my homescreen and just have it all there.