Mario Tennis Aces

  • So the demo for this game goes live in less than 15 minutes and i figured there should be a dedicated thread where we can discuss our first impressions of the game from the demo as well as discuss the final game overall when that release's later this month :)

    Edit: This game is amazing! first Mario Tennis game since the Gamecube that's become a day one buy! i love this Mario Tennis so much!

  • Banned

    @yoshi Thats good. I've been waiting for a good Mario Tennis game, as I have fond memories of the one on N64.

  • the characters all feel really different. so far the only ones i feel i'm doing ok with are Yoshi, Bowser and Waluigi. i just unlocked toad and i've tried him and mario and i suck with them both.

    i've also tried playing it with both the joy cons separated and the Pro Controller and honestly i really hate the pro controller for this game. it's so much easier to handle with the 2 joy separated in each hand. the special zone shots use motion to aim the ball so being able to quickly point my right hand where i need to feels really good. the small buttons on the joy con i also just feel are much more responsive in this game than on the Pro Controller also easier to reach the different buttons is much easier to do on the joy cons as well imo.

    its much more fast paced than other Switch games.

  • I was having fun with it until I kept running into Rosalinas.

  • she isn't just for Waifu bait.

    Rosalina is actually pretty damn good in this game. same goes for Chain Chomp

  • I think it is alright though I'm probably not getting it unless I get a madly dedicated group at work or something like that.