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  • Well my most confident pick just took a hit with Vince Zampella's tweet today.......

  • This was bad.

  • Yeah. There was nothing for me, really. Well, I had a good laugh with the Allies, but I'm sorry that it was on the poor C&C's expense. That lady from Sea of Solitude made me smile in a warm way. And my brother'll be happy with Battlefield V, and sure, it does look really good.

  • Sea of Solitude and Unravel Two are great, the rest is meh at best for me.

  • The dislikes and comments, man.
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  • @sentinel-beach lol it's the infinite warfare reveal all over again

  • boring as expected

  • Seeing C&C like this really pissed me off.

  • I wonder how many people recognized the bird in Unravel Two, the Allies certainly didn't. And I can't blame them, seeing where the species lives. A capercaillie!

    alt text

    Super common here in Finland. As well as in Sweden, where Coldwood Interactive is located. Cool choice for an enemy, I don't believe I've ever seen them in a game before.

  • No skate 4 T_T

  • Am I actually in the minority of people who wants Fight Night Campion 2 and Skate 4? Is this not in demand?

  • @dipset
    Skate 4 no
    Fight Night Yes

  • @musou-tensei
    I'm not a C&C fan, but I cant blame the long time fans for being pissed.
    And so far EA has given me the most marks from Bingo, cross off
    C&C Reboot
    Yearly NFL
    Yearly FIFA
    More Sports games
    "We've let you down"
    "We'ev Learned from our mistakes"
    and "EA announces another partnership title" (Sound of Solitude)

  • I feel EA had a better host this year and showed some self-awareness (Battlefront 2 launch failures, referencing the A Way Out creator's memorable presence). They avoided a trainwreck, and made some improvements! Still, not the most exciting press conference, as expected. Baby steps.

    I would have liked to actually know something substantial about the new Star Wars game :/

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    Well, that wasnt a good press. Kinda glad they spread out the sports stuff though rather than having a massive thing in the middle.

    Andrea was a great host

    Best bits were SOS and Unravel 2.

    I wished that we would of seen something of Respawns star wars, but the hype is building!

    Wished They actually would of said "sorry" though, but dont think EA will ever use that word.

    Glad EA is over and now looking forward to the others

  • @lotias
    Almost feels like the worst of the worst is out of the way, hopefully MS, Bethesda, Sony, Ubi, SE, and Nintendo deliver

  • I wasn't expecting much from EA and they still let me down. I was hoping for some Battlefield gameplay, but I guess we'll see that at Microsoft for some reason...

    SOS looks cool though

  • Its kind of sad to see EA annoucing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order the way they did and giving us a release date. Overall the press conference was better than last year but I felt that there was nothing exceptional that stood out and blew me away. Kind a on the fence about Anthem but I like what they are doing and where they are going with the game.

  • If they can't show the new Star Wars game at this moment, how are they supposed to have a fully functioning game in 1 year and 5 months?

  • The thing that bothers me about EA (and other companies like Konami) is that they seem to speak investor-language only, and they don't realize that short-term profit can only get you so far when you have a bad reputation. I understand they are business and their goal is to make money, but I mean, for how long? They have at their disposal a bunch of IPs that, if handled correctly, can make them all the money they want, and then some, for as long as they wanted... But who cares, they have FIFA, right?

    Also, they gotta know they're screwed when the best games they showed were not even their own.