Electronic Arts E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Hello everyone!

    It's that time of year! E3! So I felt it would be a good idea to open up threads about each of the presentations. Now, instead of doing it the day of or the night prior, I thought it would be alright to establish them a week ahead of time so everyone can get in predictions, news, and other topics leading up to the conference and come back here to post their reactions, opinions and analysis once the show is over.

    This is the EA thread, so please try to keep it focused on just their show. Anthem looks to be the big draw this year while Battlefield V will have a prescence. Will we see more Star Wars or will the sports drag on longer than usual? What are your thoughts?

    Happy E3 everybody!

  • KOTOR 1 & 2 remakes and Dead Space 4, all of those kept as pure, fun single-player experiences please!

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  • I also just thought it would be fun to put out my predictions, so I'll do one for each day starting here.

    From least to most likely, I see the following happening at EA:

    5.) Anthem will be the talk of the show, but with a disappointing skew.
    4.) The probable lone highlight of the conference will be the unveiling of the next EA Originals title.
    3.) A lot of talking which will be scripted, stilted, and cringe-worthy and fill more time than on screen gameplay.
    2.) Star Wars will have a diminished presence but....
    1.) Respawn will have a major show with their Star Wars game and the next Titanfall being talked about, but NOT shown.

  • Thinking about EA's conference just sucks the life out of me. I'm hyped for Battlefield V, but that's goes without saying as a big fan of the series. The only possible light in this dark tunnel for me is the EA Originals, maybe another cool game will show up. The Star Wars stuff will probably be disappointing again.

  • My dream would be Simpsons Hit and Run 2 made by Criterion. I am actually hoping for some more remakes from EA, seeing as Burnout Paradise got remade. ME trilogy (although in a couple of years), Skate trilogy (followed by Skate 4), SSX 1-3, -on tour, and -blur.

    Predictions are:

    • we will see at least one new Star Wars game.
    • SPORTS
    • BFV gameplay
    • A good dollop of Anthem.

  • Please, please, please let this year’s Star Wars game be good!

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    EA's press are the one Im the least hyped for (as for the last like 5 years). I do hope though that we get some cool things to expand upon.

    Such as more of Anthem, Respawns Star Wars game (do we finally get to see it?)

    Still think its too early to hear anything about Titanfall 3

  • KOTOR 1 really needs a remake. It's a fantastic story in the Star Wars Universe but the gameplay is really dated.

    I played through the game in January and even though I followed the "Recommended" build when I levelled up I hit a massive difficulty spike in the final mission of the game. I basically had to use a Trainer to finish the game.

  • I wonder what Star Wars game will we see this time. All i remember is that the Respawn game has been canceled and turned into a whole new game, is there anything worthwhile in development now for Star Wars?

  • I'd be OK with one new cool game from EA. Something like Mass Effect 2, but no need to be scifi.

  • Well my most confident pick just took a hit with Vince Zampella's tweet today.......

  • This was bad.

  • Yeah. There was nothing for me, really. Well, I had a good laugh with the Allies, but I'm sorry that it was on the poor C&C's expense. That lady from Sea of Solitude made me smile in a warm way. And my brother'll be happy with Battlefield V, and sure, it does look really good.

  • Sea of Solitude and Unravel Two are great, the rest is meh at best for me.

  • The dislikes and comments, man.
    Youtube Video

  • @sentinel-beach lol it's the infinite warfare reveal all over again

  • boring as expected

  • Seeing C&C like this really pissed me off.