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    It was alright, the few games that interested me are all coming to PS4 too though.
    The DMC 5 reveal was bad though, not saying the game will be bad but the trailer imo sucked.
    Also no REmake 2 trailer yet.

    That's pretty much my take away. Nice showing but all it really did was make me more interested in the PS4.
    I didn't hate the DMC 5 trailer, but Nero was insufferable.

  • Good showing with a good mix of games, main take away is still 0 reasons to care about xbox.

    Also I'm not thrilled about seeing Ninja Theory under MS, like sure they say they are interested in revamping their first party line up and that's all well and good, but I can't forget how many studios they've closed before so I'm hoping they won't find a similar fate.

  • Huge conference, really packed! Obviously a lot of these games are also on PS4, but in terms of sheer quantity this has got to be one of the biggest E3 conferences ever.

    Excellent pacing too, barely had time to process all those reveals, and the talking sections never dragged on for to long or felt pointless. I'd argue it'll be hard for Sony's conference to top that, even though their exclusives will hopefully kick ass.

  • Before getting into it: This was Microsoft's BEST conference of all time, and potentially top three overall. My reasons:

    Halo Infinite, while a nice announcement, lacked gameplay. But stoked for reveal.

    I was hesitant about the 50 games promise, but sure enough, they hit 51.

    I love Ori, so the Will of the Wisps trailer was going to be a guarantee for me. However, what stands out is it showed significant gameplay. Still have to wait but WOW.

    Ah yes. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It was here that I started to recognize Xbox was going pedal to the metal for an hour and half. The first of many announcements that isn't for me, I REALLY appreciate they showed gameplay, and a fair bit of it. SOLID showing.

    Todd Howard coming onstage to announce Fallout 4 coming to GamePass was clearly a setup to 76, but the trailer and the info drop was jawdropping. FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF 4!? I'm a little confused why the didn't hold for their own show later tonight but Xbox benefited BIG time for having it.

    The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was one of the very few that I didn't care for, but because this is the Life is Strange team, this is a big announcement. Also the fact it'll be free also is a big point.

    Crackdown 3's trailer was nothing but gameplay and entertaining narration from Terry Crews. And that's great and all, but honestly, this game should go dark until the end of the year to start the marketing for release. It's been too long.

    Nier: Automata coming to Xbox, while spoiled earlier, is an interesting get. I'm curious just how much a splash it'll make after already having a year plus on the PS4.

    I COMPLETELY vibed with Metro: Exodus and I'm happy we got to see environments and weapon customization. This is a recent franchise "discovery" for me, so I'm excited to get it. But it now is the THIRD GAME to announce a Feb 22 release alongside Anthem and Days Gone. My bank account hurts.

    Kingdom Hearts III. On the Xbox stage. While the Frozen bit wasn't for me, that trailer was amazing. STILL don't believe the release date.

    Sea of Thieves did a good job hyping up coming content and both coming this year.

    Battlefield V continues to undershow. I'm fascinated as to why, but I guess we'll never know.

    Forza Horizon 4 demoed spectacularly. I'm not into racing games, but that was the best racing game demo I've seen. IF the world wasn't completely populated by others, today's demo sold itself HARD for me.

    Phil Spencer announcing FIVE new 1st party studios was an absolutely necessary and awesome segment. In the moment, the BOMB of announcing Ninja Theory was, to that point, THE shock of the show.... Well, until later. But I'll get there. Anyway, that, and the segue into the We Happy Few trailer recaptured my interest into the game. I can't glow enough about this portion.

    Probably the second "low point" (the first being Battlefield), a new PUBG map and mode makes sense being the most recent hotness. But still for those who care, this is a big deal.

    Tales of Vesperia was WAY out of left field. Was NOT expecting this, or anything like it, at ALL. An announcement that only has jolly vibes from what I can see.

    Love the Division 2's premise and the gameplay demo was wonderful to watch, but I played the beta of the first and was underwhelmed. If I have several very specific questions answered, this MIGHT get on my radar. Regardless, this showed well.

    The most obvious low spot, and I'll posit the lowest, was the GamePass focused portion. I understand the necessity of highlighting the service, but it just fell flat in relation to the rest of the show.

    And there's the montage trailer of 22 games to hit that 50 quota. The montage was expected, but there were a lot of interesting stuff I wish I could learn about as opposed seeing five seconds of it. Still, there's a lot of good looking games in there.

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider's in game trailer was necessary, as the CG we've gotten so far, but at least we saw gameplay. Still don't like the "Become the Tomb Raider" tag.

    I love how Session was immediately SKATE 4 being screamed until the title reveal. This announcement did nothing for me, but I hope it could do a lot of good in a dead franchise.

    The Black Desert Online trailer was perhaps the most perplexing for me because I thought the game was out already. But nay, there will be a beta in the Fall. Still, it looks like another fantasy MMO and I'm sure it'll be a fine game.

    Devil May Cry 5 is a massive announcement and Xbox continued to build off the momentum of having all kinds of top tier third party announcements. I also really loved the director coming onstage to share in his joy.

    I don't think anyone predicted Cuphead DLC, but that trailer was another wonderful surprise. A little quick, but at this point, understandable, because this show was PACKED. And there was STILL more to come.

    Tunic looks adorable, but the gameplay style isn't for me. I hope it does really well when it comes out.

    I LOVE how Phil Spencer came out at this point to say hey, everything left, no one has ever seen (sans a steam ad....). And what better way to kick it off in what was the loudest pop of the conference: Jump Force. I mean a cross between One Piece, DragonBall, Naruto, AND Death Note. That game is going to do HUGE when it comes out.

    Really loved the Dying Light 2 portion. Especially the insistence on how choices matter. This could be a sleeper GOTY contender. Not winner, but I see making a lot of positive impressions.

    Battletoads. What? And I say that with a chuckle and a smile. I mean, more power to ya, but bringing it back is.... weird.

    Just Cause 4 looks like more Just Cause, but I appreciate that it doesn't try to be anything that it's not. Good on ya Just Cause.

    Now to the Gears portion. Seeing the Gears Pop announcement was a "NO!!!" moment for me, but in retrospect, a smart structure to make it the first of three. Gears Tactics being on PC is a little irksome, as an XCOM style game has only ever appealed to me if they had that style in the Gears universe. Bring it to Xbox, and I'll consider it. But of course they saved the best Gears for last and Gears 5 looks PHENOMENAL. I LOVE the story premise they teased and some gameplay additions look intriguing. Gimmie.

    And of course, I absolutely ADORED Cyberpunk's fake out glitching. With the hidden teases of Witcher III codes and other secrets. That trailer coming AFTER Spencer publicly acknowledging the next Xbox is in development?

    While it may read more negative than it is, please make no mistake. Microsoft came out swinging and connected in a LOT of areas. Despite several games not appealing to me, they matter to others and there was a LOT of massive names on stage, both anticipated and out of nowhere. Kudos to Microsoft. They crushed it, and I can't believe it. 9.5/10

  • Thank you Microsoft for having such an enjoyable press conference! Many times i screamed out of joy, and thus i have potentially disturbed my neighbors, but i don't care about that. Such a tight show, low on fillers and high on surprises. 9/10 for sure!

    Who said E3 starts yesterday? E3 starts, RIGHT NOW! HYPE!

  • I keep singing "West Virginia" to myself here. In the middle of the Nordic nightless night, 2 AM.

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    I want to make a wild guess that Microsoft will have a surprise first party game announcement. It's not expected of them, but they do have many dormant IPs they could revive.

    Battletoads baby!

  • @sentinel-beach I've never been in and have zero interest of ever going to West Virginia, but I can easily see myself singing that song with heartfelt emotion right now.

  • @MiserablePerson you got your wish, new Battletoads!

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    Microsoft had the best conference for Playstation they've ever had.

  • I think this MS show is one of the best E3 shows I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, the exclusives weren’t out of control, but it was packed with games and more games.

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    @dipset It was definitely an amazing conference, but it still doesn't give people who don't like Halo, Gears, or Forza a reason to buy an Xbox. It was almost entirely games I'll be playing on my PS4 and PC.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Well, yeah... I don't think MS will ever convince me to buy one of their systems because all they seem to have is Gears, Halo, and Forza but knowing if I ever did want to play one of those games on my PC is pretty sweet. I just loved the back to back to back game trailers.

    But yeah... its all gonna be played on my PS4. They basically helped sell PS4 copies.

  • Uuh, I'm loving Kyle's 7.5 reasoning and debate with the others. "What do you get to play this year? You're happy you saw a bunch of trailers there first?"

  • @sentinel-beach I would much rather go quickly between exciting announcements than struggle through pointless talking. I HARD disagree with Mr. Bosman.

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  • The Ninja Theory pick up is huge. Some insider tips, Microsoft's Fiscal Year starts in June, so there very well could be some big acquisitions that they held back for the next fiscal year.

    Microsoft is the best press conference so far, I did not enjoy Sony's conference very much.

  • Very satisfying conference and glad they hit upon a lot of my expectations.

    I figured they would touch on expanding their first-party studios, and among the acquisitions: Undead Labs and Playground Games felt like natural fits. Ninja Theory and Compulsion Games were a little more unexpected but I think both have a promising future with Microsoft fully supporting them. Lastly, when it was announced Darrell Gallagher was joining in April – it seemed pretty clear a new large-scale studio was being built. I have no idea what exactly they’ll be working on but I’m inclined to believe it will be a new IP rather than a property Microsoft already owns. It will be a little while until we see new projects from these teams, but I expect Ninja Theory will be the first one to reveal what they’re working on – maybe at E3 2019.

    Battletoads – There’s been a lot of activity surrounding them the past few years. Whether Phil has teased them on his shirts and twitter avatar or their appearances in Shovel Knight and Killer Instinct – it felt like it was about time for a revival. It’s being made by a relatively unproven team (Dlala Studios) which leaves a little room for concern, but I trust there’s a reason they were handed the IP. I really just wanted to see an image – one screenshot so we could get a full grasp of the art style. The short section of the motorbike hitting the wall looked promising, but just wasn’t enough to really go on. The Hand-drawn 2.5d graphics clearly won’t resemble Ori or Tropical Freeze – but an almost comic-book style for a beat ‘em up could be perfect. One last thing, weeks ago David Wise’s website had a Battletoads project listed among his current projects, so it seems he’ll be doing the soundtrack.
    alt text

    Crackdown 3 – Looks fun and if it wasn’t ready to release by the end of August, it was better off shifting to spring. Its kind of baffling to me that people think the cloud-powered destruction should be in single-player when it would destroy any ability to have a campaign; it is designed for multiplayer sandbox fun. A shame this has taken so long, but I’m excited to see the final product.

    Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (THE DLC, get it?) – I actually finally finished Cuphead a couple of weeks ago, and I want some more. Ms. Chalice’s double-jump ability, and another whole Isle filled with what I assume will be food related bosses sounds like a nice dessert before Studio MDHR cooks up their next big meal.

    Cyberpunk 2077 – Atmosphere was even better than expected, though I was surprised their big first trailer took place in so much daylight – especially in a place called Night City. When Phil mentioned he met with developers in Poland, it felt like this was a lock to make it in, and its reveal via hacking was perfection.

    Fallout 76 – I loved 3, and 4 was what finally made me jump into the new generation. West Virginia is a great setting, and the online mechanics seem pretty fun. Most of the enjoyment I get out of Fallout is through exploring, and it seems were going to have a lot of room to do just that.

    Forza Horizon 4 – I tend to avoid racing titles, but this looks too good to miss out on. The UK is an awesome setting, and is much more enticing than Japan. The 72 player count for the online mode is a nice feature, though I imagine I’ll play most of it in single-player. Also, they’re letting us have houses. Can’t wait to peel out of my driveway in a Land Rover Defender and hit the highlands.

    GearsGears is far and away my favorite pillar of Microsoft’s active IP stable. The fake out with Funko Marcus chainsawing through the wall was a fantastic troll. I have no idea what Gears POP! is going to be, but there is a way they could get me to play it. My dream is it plays like a 3v3 variant of Worms, which is essentially a game about cover, shooting, and tactics – unfortunately it’ll probably be something different. Gears Tactics on the other hand is pretty much the perfect Gears spin-off. The pre-alpha footage, setting, and gameplay all look pretty promising. I wish they were able to get Firaxis to make it, but it’ll be interesting to see just how good of an XCOM game Splash Damage can make. My only issue is my only PC is a laptop, so hopefully they announce it will come to Xbox as well in the future. Lastly, Gears 5 put on an impressive debut, and showed a promising direction for the campaign. The gameplay section of the trailer features a bevy of new environments, enemies, weapons, and gameplay additions – it’s also gorgeous. I really enjoyed, and still actively play Gears of War 4 – and 5 looks like it will be even better.

    Halo Infinite – I’m not the biggest Halo fan, but I’m curious to see where they go with this. The engine looks promising, and the trailer evoked the feelings of classic Halo. Since a date was not revealed, I’m inclined to think it might end up as the premier launch title of the Nextbox in 2020.

    Ori and The Will Of The Wisps – The original came with my Xbox One and I’ve still yet to fully commit to it. That’s going to change soon, as the follow-up looks to be something special. That trailer just strikes so many chords, and features just an exceptional looking environment that is begging to be explored.

    Tunic – A nice Zelda-inspired game starring a cute fox. This was shown last year at the PC Gaming Show, so I’m curious if it was always planned to come to console or if Microsoft recently chipped in some additional funding. The fox is adorable, the frogs with cloaks and twin daggers were charming, just really nice visuals. It’s really impressive coming from just a single developer.

    We Happy Few – I’m pretty much in the same boat as Ian when it came to this. The initial trailers had me hyped, but the mixed reviews on the gameplay from its time in Game Preview almost dropped it completely off my radar. So its nice to see they went back to the drawing board and reworked it. Microsoft acquired them for what Phil described as their "intense and disruptive creative eye" and I think that's a good description of what We Happy Few appears to be. Hopefully it pans out as it would be a shame for a game with such an intriguing setting to fall on its face.

    Final Thoughts: I’m not sure how you could walk away from this with concerns regarding Xbox’s commitment to the video game industry. It was evident this fall was going to be pretty sparse, not that it really matters so much with the amount of third party heavy hitters coming. In a space where it’s first-party titles have been pretty bleak in comparison to the competition, they showed a massive investment to counteract that; a new large-scale studio and four acquisitions where I’d wager at least two of them will be working on new IP’s. The console-less future that people are so afraid of was once again nullified by announcing the work on their next console. They aren’t going anywhere, they aren’t forcing you to stream everything; what they are about is accessibility and providing you with the ability to play how you want. Had they maybe teased one large-scale unexpected first-party title it would have been a perfect showing.


  • I'm glad they didn't buy a studio I care about, when he started talking about this my only hope was "Please not Platinum, please not Platinum", as he earlier mentioned that they want to have more japanese games on XB1.

  • @musou-tensei

    Nah. Platinum seems stable enough in their work to stay independent. They maxed out a medium sized budget with Nier Automata. I bet they can pitch games on the cheap and stay in business for a very long time.

    If they did get purchased, I bet it would be a contract - possibly a generation long. I wouldn't hate that. It mean guaranteed Platinum games for 6-10 years kinda thing. I think they'd be a good fit for Sony or Nintendo but Sony has straight up closed their studios before which is scary.