Bethesda E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Hello everyone!

    It's that time of year! E3! So I felt it would be a good idea to open up threads about each of the presentations. Now, instead of doing it the day of or the night prior, I thought it would be alright to establish them a week ahead of time so everyone can get in predictions, news, and other topics leading up to the conference and come back here to post their reactions, opinions and analysis once the show is over.

    This is the Bethesa thread, so please try to keep it focused on just their show. What could they bring beyond Rage 2 and Fallout 76? Will the next mainline Elder Scrolls be shown? Will this be more like last year's all video or 2015's deep dives? What are your thoughts?

    Happy E3 everybody!

  • Man, the surrounding rumors regarding Fallout 76 really makes me excited to see what's actually up with that game. I'm curious how they would pull off a multiplayer Fallout game. Hoping for Todd Howard to show up again and present it to us.

    Also excited for Rage 2! Having finished Mad Max recently made me realize the potential of that game, i'm sure Avalanche has learned a lot from developing Mad Max. I'm hoping the stage presentation is not too wacky though, that announcement trailer is more than enough wacky for me. Just show the gameplay, minimal story for now.

    I also would say that the Prey DLC is showing up for sure. I'm not really sure about Elder Scrolls, maybe Starfield is more likely.

  • Yeah I think it's too soon for Elder Scrolls and Starfield is gonna be the big showing for them this year. Which, if it turns out to be a sci-fi Elder Scrolls, could be extremely exciting.

    Don't care for Fallout, Rage, or Doom.

    Prey, I'm ashamed to say it's fallen deep into my backlog despite being right up my alley, so if a DLC comes out it might push me to get back to it.

  • I know this won't happen, but I'm hoping for a teaser for Evil Within 3. My other predictions are Doom II, Fallout 76 and Rage 2.

  • Please let them Announced DOOM 2. it would be best thing ever.

    Also looking forward to see more of RAGE 2.

  • I'd like a new Hexen game in the style of Doom 2016 but a Doom 2 would be alright too.

  • For Bethesda, it was REALLY hard to think of some predictions, but here goes nothing. Again, from LEAST to MOST confident:

    5.) Arkane's next project teased
    4.) DOOM II teased, but NOT fully shown
    3.) There will be a VR portion to the show
    2.) Elder Scrolls Online and Legends can NOT be in their show for the FOURTH. STRAIGHT. YEAR.
    1.) New IP, though I do NOT know who could be working on what.

  • @brannox Elder Scrolls Online Summerset will be there

  • @iboshow Oh I know. Like I said, "can not," not "will not."

  • Bethesda always bring a good spread of games to E3 this year I’m expecting more Skyrim (because there is always Skyrim), hopefully enjoying whatever Fallout 76 actually is and seeing some new IP from them possibly Starfield.

  • I'm expecting a trailer for Doom 2 and a deep dive into Fallout 76 presented by Todd Howard, just like they did with Fallout 4 in 2015.

  • I feel like I know too much about Bethesda's line-up already advance. Their game and IP roster could be wider, to be honest, as I'm not really interested in many of their FPS games or Evil Within etc. So a totally new IP would be welcome. Or, of course, The Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Well...there was that Pete Hines quote about E3 being "hell on earth"...and E3 is all about dreams, right?

    Then here's my dream: Doom 2 debuts with a Dreams-level upgrade to Snapmap, thus spawning an entire new run of Don's Design Lab and allowing me to pursue a mildly profitable side gig as a professional Doom map maker.

  • Just excited for Elders Scrolls VI. If it gets shown then I will feel satisfied otherwise I'm not much interest in anything else. They have to show something extraordinary to blow me away. Here's hoping we'll see something fresh!

  • Teaser for Elders Scrolls let's go!!! Have always favored it over Fallout, and cannot wait to experience a current gen version.

  • This was just freaking weird. SO. MUC. AIR. around everything. The world's slowest speakers, and the audience clapped for every sentence literally already middle way through it. Man, this took long. And not so much was really revealed or presented, like 3-4 bigger things. Howard practically moved to the stage, told stories from all over the place. I had good laughs with that Alexa sketch and those Fallout animations, though.

    Rage 2 has potential, Doom: Eternal forces me to finally finish the first one. Fallout 76: always online with other players in there. And for that reason, I'm out.

    Sorry Bethesda, but this didn't work at all. Hopefully next year'll be better.

  • I would have loved it; my tastes align with 90% of Bethesda's games.

    The highlights:
    I really loved what they showed of Rage 2.
    The teases for Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein Youngblood really got me hyped.
    The Prey stuff looks cool, and i may pop the game back in later.
    Fallout 76 blown me away, really looking forward to this new type of Bethesda game.
    That Elder Scrolls mobile game looks sick.

    Starfield and ES VI's logo was shown! And that's it! Don't know how to feel about that.

    Would have been a solid 8/10 for me.. But the lackluster method of presentation, too much "patting yourself in the back" with the applause, and the lack of compactness in it made it drop a lot of points for me. 6/10 now, still leagues ahead of EA IMO.

  • that was a borefest despite some cool stuff they showed it was just very poorly paced, and really not much to look forward to anytime soon.

  • I forgot. Fallout Shelter comes to PS4 (and Switch), this I like. And it's out right away. I'll definitely try it out.

    But first I need some sleep, it's 6.25 AM, I stayed up all night. Same thing tomorrow, for Sony it'll be easy.

  • The first half was a cringefest, I don't understand how all their speakers managed to be so awkward.

    Todd Howard really salvaged this one.

    The only announcement I personally care about is Wolfenstein: Youngblood, it should be awesome. The rest is just not for me.

    The mobile Elder Scrolls game looks very impressive though!