Bethesda E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Teaser for Elders Scrolls let's go!!! Have always favored it over Fallout, and cannot wait to experience a current gen version.

  • This was just freaking weird. SO. MUC. AIR. around everything. The world's slowest speakers, and the audience clapped for every sentence literally already middle way through it. Man, this took long. And not so much was really revealed or presented, like 3-4 bigger things. Howard practically moved to the stage, told stories from all over the place. I had good laughs with that Alexa sketch and those Fallout animations, though.

    Rage 2 has potential, Doom: Eternal forces me to finally finish the first one. Fallout 76: always online with other players in there. And for that reason, I'm out.

    Sorry Bethesda, but this didn't work at all. Hopefully next year'll be better.

  • I would have loved it; my tastes align with 90% of Bethesda's games.

    The highlights:
    I really loved what they showed of Rage 2.
    The teases for Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein Youngblood really got me hyped.
    The Prey stuff looks cool, and i may pop the game back in later.
    Fallout 76 blown me away, really looking forward to this new type of Bethesda game.
    That Elder Scrolls mobile game looks sick.

    Starfield and ES VI's logo was shown! And that's it! Don't know how to feel about that.

    Would have been a solid 8/10 for me.. But the lackluster method of presentation, too much "patting yourself in the back" with the applause, and the lack of compactness in it made it drop a lot of points for me. 6/10 now, still leagues ahead of EA IMO.

  • that was a borefest despite some cool stuff they showed it was just very poorly paced, and really not much to look forward to anytime soon.

  • I forgot. Fallout Shelter comes to PS4 (and Switch), this I like. And it's out right away. I'll definitely try it out.

    But first I need some sleep, it's 6.25 AM, I stayed up all night. Same thing tomorrow, for Sony it'll be easy.

  • The first half was a cringefest, I don't understand how all their speakers managed to be so awkward.

    Todd Howard really salvaged this one.

    The only announcement I personally care about is Wolfenstein: Youngblood, it should be awesome. The rest is just not for me.

    The mobile Elder Scrolls game looks very impressive though!

  • This has been like the Jekyll and Hyde year so far. A low, a high, now a low (albeit not QUITE as bad as the first. But it's close).

    I always like the montages showing all the developers and their families. I also am very endeared towards Pete Hines, as I feel he hit with most of his humor attempts (also flashing the Capitals jersey was pretty funny).

    With that said, EVERYTHING around Rage 2 was just so cringy. The Andrew W.K. performance, the LOOOONNNNG pause in talking between the developers, weird editing of the gameplay. It, too me, was a complete misfire.

    And another trailer for Elder Scrolls Legends. And more talking about Elder Scrolls Online. Ugh. At least the director actually announced new content.

    DOOM: Eternal was the first big reveal for me. LOVED the trailer. A little bummed we have to wait to see it at Quake Con in August, but oh well.

    Quake: Champions was there to announce it was free for the week? That's it?

    Shoutout to Prey for dropping a LOT of content: A story mode, New Game +, Survival, the Moon Crasher DLC, all of which are available NOW. With the exception of Moon Crasher, the updates are free, so that was another positive. And on top of all that, Typhon Hunter is on the way. I'm not a multiplayer person, but that sounds like a genius concept for those who are.

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood was the second thing that got me excited. LOVE the story premise.

    Pete Hines giving way to Todd Howard and Howard's subsequent mega-block time was mostly a hit for me in presentation, but with the exception of ONE thing, nothing shown was for me. So bullet point recap:

    • Keegan Michael Key's funny Skyrim/Alexa skit trailer was pretty funny
    • Same Fallout 76 trailer from Microsoft's conference (NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!)
    • 16 times the detail
    • Can see far off weather
    • Entirely online/Every character is another player
    • Can play solo/all progression goes with you
    • Build and move homes ANYWHERE
    • Multiple nuclear sites (This is going to be hell for everyone)
    • The Break it Early Test Application has yet to be announced when it will go into effect
    • Power Armor Edition comes with a Glow in the Dark map, figures, and a power armor helmet with light and voice modulator
    • Game is out November 14
    • Fallout Shelter is out now on PS4 and Switch
    • Elder Scrolls Blades is the next mobile game (1st person, create your character, several modes, town building, trying to come to ALL platforms and will free in the fall

    And finally, the fact we get not only a teaser confirmation of Starfield, but Howard saying it's "next-gen" and will COME OUT BEFORE the Elder Scrolls VI. That seemed like a "Yes. We're doing it. Now please stop badgering us for three or four years."

    Overall, a couple of neat gems with a lot of hit and SEVERELY miss comedy. Bethesda is regressing in E3 presentations, and that depresses me. 6/10

  • Jones rant, yes! And he's totally right, that's precisely what happened. As a show this was bad, really bad.

  • Eh... wasn't really excited for most stuff, because all I care about, Doom 2 and Starfield had no gameplay shown and the announcement of the MP focus of 76 made me very desinterested in it. Oh well, still downloaded Shelter for Switch, lol.

  • @sentinel-beach said in Bethesda E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.:

    Fallout 76: always online with other players in there. And for that reason, I'm out.

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I don't understand what this game is still, and especially what it would be like to play Fallout 76 solo. Wouldn't that just remove all the tension, because you don't have PvPers stealing your stuff and nuking you?

    Also they said it is 4 times larger than Fallout 4, but I think I remember them saying something like there's "6 main areas" that represent the main solo/critical path of the game? Is that correct? It makes me worried the game is too big for its own good, but Bethesda must know what they are doing.