Square-Enix E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Hello everyone!

    It's that time of year! E3! So I felt it would be a good idea to open up threads about each of the presentations. Now, instead of doing it the day of or the night prior, I thought it would be alright to establish them a week ahead of time so everyone can get in predictions, news, and other topics leading up to the conference and come back here to post their reactions, opinions and analysis once the show is over.

    This is the Square-Enix thread, so please try to keep it focused on just their show. Will it be more Japanese focused or will Western published games dominate? Will Dragon Quest XI make a presence alongside Kingdom Hearts III? Will Final Fantasy VII Remake reveal itself? What are your thoughts?

    Happy E3 everybody!

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  • If they don't show anything about FF VII Remake it'll be slightly worrying.

    I'm not into Kingdom Hearts at all, nothing they show can sway me at this point, and Dragon Quest is already a known quantity so nothing mind-blowing will happen there.

    I'm actually more curious about their Avengers game, it could legit be awesome if done right.

  • FF VII Remake's probably still a ways off unfortunately, it was reported to have development issues recently right? Something along the lines of lacking core human resources in the development team.

    Hoping for Left Alive to finally show, the TGS trailer looks sick!
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  • I just hope the ratio of Made in Japan and Not Made in Japan games they'll show will be around 60+ to 40-, I hope they don't spend too much time on Tomb Raider but also not too much on Kingdom Hearts III and I'm not really interested in either right now (I only ever played KH 1 on PS2).
    Also already sold on Dragon Quest XI so no need for 5+ minutes of gameplay of that either.

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    Show me some FF VII remake. Nier 2?

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    I'm betting there will be a trailer for a new FFXIV expansion.

  • Would be sweet to see something about the Avengers game.

  • @lotias
    Nier 3

  • Bit early imo.

  • With development on Vampyr winding down, I almost guarantee Don't Nod is ramping UP on Life Is Strange 2. I'm sure some people at the studio were working on it already but at least an announcement of "hey this is happening" would be cool for me.

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    @dipset Boy I sure can't wait to play as another angst ridden teen spouting some of the cringiest dialogue known to man.

    (thats not even sarcasm i loved the first game)

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    uggghh, like gosh you so tots don't understand this hella inspiring gwarsh

  • It's inexplicable how I forgive Chloe's dialogue but I absolutely love the first game and really liked the second which has even more angst haha

  • We're still riding the coattails of the Infinity War hype train. There isn't a better time than right now to announce that Avengers Game.

  • Today's predictions from me are for Square-Enix, and from top to bottom, one of my more overall confident batches. Again, listed from LEAST to MOST confident:

    5.) Tokyo RPG Factory shows their next game
    4.) We'll see the next year for FF XV laid out
    3.) We see the Avengers game
    2.) Life is Strange 2 unveiled

  • @brannox said in Square-Enix E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.:

    5.) Tokyo RPG Factory shows their next game

    Now you're just being mean :(

  • @axel I can understand about the Remake, but how does stating Tokyo RPG factory showing their game being mean? Because it's my least confident of the five? Also, those who know me know VII is my favorite game of all time, so naturally the Remake is my most anticipated thing in all of existence. But let's be real: Nomura is directing Kingdom Hearts III and this year is its time. Once its out (whenever that will be), maybe, MAYBE we'll start to hear a slightly increased trickle of news about it over 2019 and 2020.

  • @brannox Haha nah just kidding, because the Tokyo RPG Factory games haven't exactly been stellar, so I don't really want to see a new one ;)

  • The Avengers game is a must from Square Enix now. MCU's everywhere, cash in already! I'm willing to accept pretty much anything. I'd prefer something like Lego Marvel Super Heroes but with GTA V style execution, but I'm ok with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or even a new Marvel Puzzle Quest or a freaking card game if it's good.