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    5.) Tokyo RPG Factory shows their next game

    Now you're just being mean :(

  • @axel I can understand about the Remake, but how does stating Tokyo RPG factory showing their game being mean? Because it's my least confident of the five? Also, those who know me know VII is my favorite game of all time, so naturally the Remake is my most anticipated thing in all of existence. But let's be real: Nomura is directing Kingdom Hearts III and this year is its time. Once its out (whenever that will be), maybe, MAYBE we'll start to hear a slightly increased trickle of news about it over 2019 and 2020.

  • @brannox Haha nah just kidding, because the Tokyo RPG Factory games haven't exactly been stellar, so I don't really want to see a new one ;)

  • The Avengers game is a must from Square Enix now. MCU's everywhere, cash in already! I'm willing to accept pretty much anything. I'd prefer something like Lego Marvel Super Heroes but with GTA V style execution, but I'm ok with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or even a new Marvel Puzzle Quest or a freaking card game if it's good.

  • @Sentinel-Beach It could legit be the most exciting reveal of the show this year.

  • Well, that was an unnecessary showcase. Why did they had to have their own this year? Barely nothing new. Maybe they think otherwise, then.

    Sony, please. The Avengers could still happen!

  • Nothing interested me that much personally speaking, but I don't think it was that bad. It's real issue was that all the potentially exciting stuff they had was already shown at MS's show yesterday. They had something new for Captain Spirit and Just Cause 4 at least but the KH trailer, their big send-off, was just the same trailer for all intents and purposes. Either they shoulda held back that or shown more new stuff.

  • Succinct with exciting stuff, but not much in quantity. What WAS there was fascinating, but still some notable omissions.

    Having Keith David narrate throughout was a BIG deal for me, as he has an excellent voice and he's a really good actor. Happy to hear his intros before everything discussed.

    I'm happy to see Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay. A bit too little and chopped up for my tastes, but it's more than has been given to date.

    While having an update about Final Fantasy XIV was a little odd, it COMPLETELY turned around for me with the Monster Hunter World crossover. As someone who does not nor want to play either of those games, this announcement is huge.

    The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was more of the same from Xbox. I still like seeing developers thank their fans though.

    I feel Dragon Quest XI showed really well. With that said, it now needs to go dark until it's released. And it's soon! But the Brave Exvius crossover was..... eh.

    Babylon's Fall was very interesting. A trailer with a timeline and being developed by Platinum? This might have been the surprise of the show.

    Nier: Automata was beat for beat from Xbox, so it makes me wonder once again why there are always three or four trailers from across all publishers every year that are shown twice.

    Octopath Traveler is very pretty. It's the only thing I've seen that makes me want a Switch. That trailer didn't need to be there. Unless the intention is to stress it's out in a month. But still....

    Just Cause 4 probably showed the BEST of the entire show. They actually showed the game with an explanation of each mechanic as it was done.

    The Quiet Man.... what? I have no idea what I can say about this.

    Kingdom Hearts III's beginning was worrying, but as a mega-nerd, the new stuff had satisfying reveals. I dug it.

    Overall, Square did a good job of showing of they wanted, but not what they needed. The absence of Avengers is what brings it down a bit, but otherwise: They didn't screw up, they just could've done better. But at least they outclassed EA and Bethesda. 7/10

  • I mean, I liked the weeb stuff they showed, of course very interested in Platinum's newest game, but they could have just tosssed all the stuff to MS, Nintendo and Sony to show at their big conferences, and I still hope to see some FFVIIRe at Sony.

  • Babylon's Fall has my attention fixed. Just wished they could show us more! And what happened to Left Alive? It's supposed to be releasing in 2018!