Ubisoft E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Hello everyone!

    It's that time of year! E3! So I felt it would be a good idea to open up threads about each of the presentations. Now, instead of doing it the day of or the night prior, I thought it would be alright to establish them a week ahead of time so everyone can get in predictions, news, and other topics leading up to the conference and come back here to post their reactions, opinions and analysis once the show is over.

    This is the Ubisoft thread, so please try to keep it focused on just their show. Will a host make a comeback, or will it be all developers? Can there still be surprise when most of the show has been already confirmed? Can Ubisoft excite with what they have to offer? What are your thoughts?

    Happy E3 everybody!

  • There better be an awesome Splinter Cell game!

    Also super excited about the very likely Mario + Rabbids DLC shadow drop!

    And I'm curious to see how people will welcome Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Skull & Bones, especially the latter which the Allies really aren't hyped for (can't blame them, the game hasn't been shown in all its glory yet)

  • @axel Splinter Cell HYPE! Really hoping for a return to the old, stealth heavy style. Blacklist was really fun, but i miss the groundedness of the old games.

  • Yeah, the original Spinter Cell and Chaos Theory are still my clear favourites of the series. So please, be something like that, new one.

  • Seems I had already commented about Sam Fisher's return. Other than that, AC Odyssey needs to sell itself now to me, as the ancient Greece wasn't really what I was hoping for. Watch Dogs 3 could be cool, too! The second one was solid. But I think from Ubisoft I'm hoping for some really neat surprise more than anything.

  • Just because of the setting I'm slightly interested in seeing Odyssey.

  • @axel
    come on break thoese NDA' s and tell us what's so exciting about Skull & Bones

  • @dmcmaster Pirates!

  • @axel is it rapy, backstabbing, dying of gangrene pirates or swashbuckling and chanting "pirates"?

  • @bard91
    or animatronic pirates that sing songs.

    but seriously the reveal last year went from excited to disappointed the instant they brought up multiplayer. I just want a big single player swashbuckling pirate adventure, not 16v16 combat....in boats.

  • Today's predictions belong to Ubisoft, and much like Bethesda, it was really difficult to think of five, but here goes nothing. LEAST to MOST confident:

    5.) Trials will have the most unique trailer of the conference
    4.) The Division 2 will underwhelm
    3.) The yearly new IP announcement will open the show
    2.) The rumored Splinter Cell will be out this year
    1.) There won't be a host for the second year in a row

  • Banned

    @brannox I'm countering your Division prediction.
    Ubi worked their asses off to fix D1 and I think they have a pretty solid idea of where they want the series to go.

    Some specifically Div2 predictions:
    Survival mode will be fully integrated into the game and expanded upon, capitalizing on the Battle Royale trend.
    Will still be set in New York, but include more burroughs. There will be wooded and suburb areas. Maybe New Jersey as an expansion? I'd go nuts if I could explore a virtual Parsippany.
    TTK (time to kill) will be much quicker than even current Division, but enemy AI will be much better.

  • @el-shmiablo And that's cool! My thought process is what I call the Destiny problem: I have full faith they'll pitch this as new updates and features alongside other appealing aspects, but once people start playing it, it wouldn't shock me to see a lot of, "(Shrug shoulders) Eh. More of the same."

  • Skull and Bones is re-announced in collaboration with Pixar as an unofficial sequel to Ratatouille. Did you think we said "pirate game"? Sorry, its a PIE RATS game... you know, pastries and such.

  • Banned

    @brannox I think Destiny is more a case of planned obsolescence. Destiny 2 is going through EXACTLY the same lifecycle as the first Destiny, with this new Forsaken expansion essentially being D2's version of The Taken King.

  • @el-shmiablo Fair. Either way, we'll see. I still hope for the best.

  • @tokyoslim I... wouldn't mind that!

  • The guy in the pre show is wearing a rick and morty shirt, Rick and Morty game confirmed.


  • Was okay, Odyssey looks neat.