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  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey baby. d(>_・ ) Swimming in these vibes. I love studying everything about the history of Ancient Greece so hard but there are never any good games about the period!! (God of War being one great example obviously, but it's focused on Greek mythology and mostly removes itself from the actual Greek people).

    But this game? Playing as a mercenary who is descended from King Leonidas, and being able to fight in battles alongside Spartan shields? Sign. Me. Up.

  • I thought it was a very solid show, they showed a lot of support for existing games and I felt like every other title had a strong showing.

    I still can't get over the Star Fox / Starlink crossover, I did NOT see that coming, I was freaking out. I don't even like Star Fox but that was such a cool moment!

    Another exciting trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, it looks like such a fascinating world to explore, it's up there with Cyberpunk in my most-anticipated list.

    No Splinter Cell though, I kept hoping until the very end. Very strange that it's the only title from the Walmart leak to have no presence, wonder what happened there.

    Skull & Bones seemed to have sound issues, on our side there was no voiceover during the CG trailer which definitely ruined it, it's much cooler with the narrator :(

    I was certain the Donkey Kong DLC was going to be shadow-dropped so a bit disappointed there, but not long to wait. It seriously looks like a whole new campaign, they went all out on that one.

    If I had PS VR I would be all over Transference!

    I think the conference felt like it lacked a heavy-hitting surprise simply because AC Odyssey was meant to be the main event and got ruined by that leak, it would have been more impactful otherwise.

  • It really irritates me that only now the Allies are back on the Assassin's Creed boat. Huber, Jones, Blood and Kyle on the table, talking about Odyssey, and they're marveling and wondering all the things that were ALREADY in Origins. Huber mentions a few times that this and that are already in Origins, but they pretty much just ignore it. This has so much in common with Origins (and granted, a lot of good new stuff), and it saddens me that none of them seem to be familiar with it, none of them visited Egypt. Except for Huber and Brad, I think.

    I guess I'm just wondering why the gorgeous Egypt didn't do the trick, but now suddenly Greece does for many.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Pretty sure Michael Damiani and Jones played the game as well. Personally, everything about AC Odyssey looks more appealing than Origins did to me.

    It also helps that we learn about Ancient Greece and Rome in our school curriculum growing up here in Canada anyways. There is a lot more to grasp onto with this slice of history. I think people felt the same about Renaissance Italy as well.

  • @sentinel-beach said:

    I guess I'm just wondering why the gorgeous Egypt didn't do the trick, but now suddenly Greece does for many.

    For Kyle specifically, he seemed really into the kick, even said he'd crit path his way down the skill tree to it, so for some little stuff like that is enough to make them interested. Maybe just the spear in general is cool, and they seem to be going heavier on the mythical aspect than Egypt seemed to show in the prerelease stuff for that one. I only remember hearing about the supernatural stuff in that one when they were talking about the DLCs a couple times. Kyle talks about vibes sometimes, and I think the vibes of this game just gelled better for those allies you mentioned. That and they said Odyssey seems to be running way smoother than Origins did when they saw that game before launch.

  • It's a shame if Kyle, for instance, had a wrong picture of Origins, as it's mythical side was very present all the time, whether in people's discussions or in actual journeys into tombs etc. The mentions of gods were all around Egypt and Bayek on his journey.

  • Ilvessuo representing Finland in style. I'm happy that he's become kind of a favourite for the Allies. :)

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  • They mentioned a demo for Beyond Good & Evil 2 during the conference, does anybody know if they got to play it?

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    @sentinel-beach he surely tripped his way into my heart <3