Sony E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

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    @brannox You are getting Ninja Theory and Team Ninja mixed up.

  • @Brannox
    Ninja Theory was purchased by Microsoft. That's the DmC, Hellblade guys. Team Ninja is still part of Koei Tecmo.

  • Nioh 2 was a pleasant surprise for me, even if the Ancient Japanese action game is getting crowded lately. Stack 'em up! :D

    I think chances are though that this one is the least farthest along of the 3 (Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Nioh 2), so maybe there will be plenty of release separation. Only Sekiro has a release date or year at the time of writing I believe, which is "2019".

  • @El-Shmiablo @Sacred-Arfaid Thank you both for the correction! Making the edit. I appreciate it!

  • I think Sony overvalued The Last of Us 2 at E3. I mean, I don't care about the game at all personally, but even if I was a diehard fan of the first and couldn't wait for the new one I still wouldn't have been happy with them taking forever to start the show with some banjo playing only to show one game before having to take a fifteen minute intermission to scuttle everyone into the actual theater and then introing their next game with even more music performances.

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    @hanabi I think it is less Sony overvalueing TLoU and more them trying to do something different. Notice how they almost cut back to the desk during the conference? I think that was originally supposed to be a bigger part of the entire conference, but they could see people clearly didn't care for it and just played all their trailers back to back instead.

    It was most certainly one of the worst formatted conferences in that regard. Thankfully they had the trailers and reveals to make up for it.

  • Shawn Layden was essentially free styling this conference. It felt very weird and the pacing was horrible.

    At least the games speak for themselves. I enjoyed all of the gameplay demos. I’m a bit worried that Ghost will have a simple or generic combat system, but I’ll have to wait and see more.

    The Last of Us Part II was the highlight for me. The can release TLOU with updated AI and I’d be happy but this looks above what I expected.

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    @dipset Yeah I was a bit let down by Ghosts of Tsushima's showing tbh. I expected less slow paced katana combat and more fluid pagoda climbing. Hopefully they show more, but as of right now the trailer slightly lowered my hype levels for the game.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I don’t really even know what I wanted from the game. I like about 90% of what I saw, but I want to be sure this game isn’t all style. I think I’m fine with both fast or slow swordplay - just not simple dumbed down for everybody type bland combat. I always think of Batman or Assassins Creed when I think of exactly what I don’t want.

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    @dipset I honestly wasn't expecting stellar combat from Sucker Punch. What I expect is fluid movement and traversal mechanics, of which we saw only a small glimpse of in the trailer.
    Really hoping to see more on that in the future. Maybe some stealth missions or something where you need to SNEAK DAT SHIT via rooftop.

    Also, did anyone else really just hate the main characters clothing choice?

  • Check out Damiani's reactions to Days Gone demo from Day 2. Hilarious! :D

  • After hearing the Allies Control reaction all i want to do in that game is try to distract the guy watching the fridge.