Sony E3 Discussion. News, Predictions, Reactions, etc.

  • Hello everyone!

    It's that time of year! E3! So I felt it would be a good idea to open up threads about each of the presentations. Now, instead of doing it the day of or the night prior, I thought it would be alright to establish them a week ahead of time so everyone can get in predictions, news, and other topics leading up to the conference and come back here to post their reactions, opinions and analysis once the show is over.

    This is the Sony thread, so please try to keep it focused on just their show. Of the big four first party games, what are you most interested in seeing? Will there be other first party games at the show? Will PSVR get any love? What are your thoughts?

    Happy E3 everybody!

  • Woo Knack III shadow drop babay!

  • I'm REALLY excited for Ghosts of Tsushima in particular, i have been a big fan of Sucker Punch and i can't believe that they're making a game like that. Hoping for a deep dive similiar to Horizon Zero Dawn in past E3s.

    I'm also interested to see how Sony sets up their conference this time. Last year's E3 got some heat because of how it separates the PSVR section from the rest, making it clearly boring for viewers. Maybe this time they mixed it up and show games accordingly to their genre, for example: showing a shooter VR game after the obligatory COD presentation.

    I'm not sure who will get to show From Software's game; Sony or Microsoft? There's also a rumor that Devil May Cry 5 will be shown at Sony's conference, that would be awesome.

  • Seconding the hype for Ghosts of Tsushima. The announcement was eye popping, can't wait to see more. Is the game more stealth focused than action focused I wonder? While I tend to look forward to action games more, Tsushima feels like it will reel me in equally either way.

  • @bam541 DMC5 baby! Ghosts of Tsushima too. Maybe Onimusha,

  • I would guess that Ghosts of Tsushima will be more stealth focused like the Sly games, with the verticality of the Infamous games. Fast paced stealth with challenging combat.

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    I'm hype to see Death Stranding in action. Ghosts of Tsushima should be neat, though to be honest I wish Sucker Punch were working on something a little more... "bombastic".
    Hoping we get some neat surprises. Would love to see something new from Supermassive.

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    More Death Stranding please! As most people Im also hyped on Ghost of Tsushima, just to find out more about what it is and how it plays. I kinda want another Horizon Zero Dawn tease, but I dont want a "dev diary" so if its still too early, just wait. More of the last of us 2!

    I would also love if they would hint out DLC for God of War or maybe a big FPS game like MAG, but with actually good maps and so on :D

  • I can't actually be hyped about Death Stranding until I know what kind of game it actually is and see it in action. I'm hyped about Death Stranding trailers, but not the game itself yet.

    Ghost of Tsushima could turn out to be my most-anticipated Sony exclusive but I also need to see more. The Last of Us 2, I'm not overly enthusiastic since I had problems with the first one.

    The true star of the show will be MediEvil! Pure nostalgia I'll admit, I just loved that game as a kid even though I think it wasn't great even at the time.

    It's also time for a new Ratchet & Clank!

  • @axel I'm all about a new Ratchet & Clank, but realistically, I can't see a new coming for a little bit. Insomniac's full focus should be on Spiderman and then we probably won't hear from them for another year at least.

  • Where are your predictions @Brannox

  • @brannox
    You do know Insomniac has two teams, Team B was working on Sunset Overdrive while Team A was working on the Ratchet & Clank remake. Spiderman is being made by Team B. Meaning Team A has to be working on something

  • @axel Oh yeah Medievil! I dunno whether it's considered big enough to show at E3 but man i would love a sneak peek of that game. Probably going to be at the pre-show.

  • I think this year stands to be one of the best PS4 years for Sony.

    Ghosts of Tsushima - we know little about this game which adds to the mystery and excitement of E3. I think Sucker Punch needs to prove to me that they have more than style. inFamous SS felt like a step back but knowing most of a generation was spent on this game makes me especially excited.

    Death Stranding - A Kojima Productions marketing campaign is sometimes half the fun. I think the marketing around MGS V may have been more memorable than my actual time playing it. I think this is the studios' most mysterious game yet so there is A LOT to be excited about.

    Shadows Die Twice - This is the big one for me. It is allegedly NOT a Sony exclusive but I don't know what platform could be better for it than a Sony E3. If it isn't PS4 exclusive, it is a bit inherently disappointing as I think From Software put out their most polished work when collaborating with Sony Japan Studio but I am excited regardless.

    All in all, I am very excited and I can't wait for the date!!

    EDIT: Since this is EZA, I'd like to throw some DREAMS out here. Sony has only ever really dialed into console exclusive multiplayer games once or twice and that was the SOCOM series and Warhawk. I know both IPs and studios are dead and that times have changed, but I would love for them to make a remaster of SOCOM II on PS4 and hopefully a Warhawk sequel that stays true to the formula of Warhawk and not Starhawk. I know many many people who never got a PS3 or any console last generation because Sony dropped the ball with SOCOM.

    In a world where PUBG is huge and games like R6 Siege can have a nice niche, I don't see why a Third Person Tactical Shooter with a moderate budget cannot return.

  • @iboshow I'm doing one set of predictions per presentation per day. I've already posted EA and Microsoft, about to post Bethesda and will post Sony's on Thursday.

    @DMCMaster I am aware, and it was the opposite: A team is in Burbank, B team is in North Carolina and B team did R&C while A team did Sunset. And it was BECAUSE there are two teams I said one year, as opposed to two. We've gotten to the evolution of game development where it takes, at MINIMUM three years for a team to put out a game, if not longer, and it's been only two since R&C. Plus, they've dealt with side projects with VR as well. Would I be happy to hear more from them? You bet. Do I expect it? Not in the slightest. Not until AFTER Spiderman comes out anyway.

  • Apparently a bunch of announcements this week leading up to E3.

    Wednesday, June 6 at 8am Pacific
    Announce: New PS4 Game With PS VR Support

    Thursday, June 7 at 8am Pacific
    Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title

    Friday, June 8 at 8am Pacific
    Announce: New PS4 Game

    Saturday, June 9 at 8am Pacific
    Announce: New PS VR Game

    Sunday, June 10 at 8am Pacific
    Details: An Eagerly Anticipated Game Comes to PS VR

  • @tokyoslim This kind of thing bothers me IF they don't have an appealing show. And is it just me, or does Dreams fit in both the 7th and 10th slots?

  • I mean, they've already told us what to expect from the show. I would manage your hype for announcements.

    I think the 7th may be Concrete Genie and the 10th may be Dreams. I just think that the Dreams blowout is going to be PGW.

  • If those 4 games don't hype you, I don't know what will