Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PS4/XBO)

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    I'm leaning towards getting all 3 games on the master, or adding something into the final product that was planned as DLC , like playing as Crash in the Spyro games, or some extra level.

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    Because it's been done to save money, not because of any technical limitations.

    When it comes to distribution of this magnitude, saving pennies on one unit can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Well they aren't getting my money. I'm not going to be screwed over, not when I've been used to a better standard all my life.

  • @el-shmiablo maybe I don't know the specific cases but with my PS4 physical games I'm able to play all of the content in them without ever needing to connect.

    This not only is setting up a precedent for taking away more ownership of games from the consumers, but it is also another step against video game preservation which has taken a good number of hits already, at least to my mind there's nothing good about it.

    It was already near impossible for me to end up getting this game since I wouldn't give money to Activision, but if anyone has interest in this particular aspects I would say there's more than enough reason to protest and not support the game.

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    @el-shmiablo maybe I don't know the specific cases but with my PS4 physical games I'm able to play all of the content in them without ever needing to connect.

    There's very few examples on consoles as patches don't count. Call of Duty WWII is one game that I recently came across sadly, though it did say on the box (extremely small, as if to hide it though I might add, which just makes it even worse.) I'm not sure on it, but Tony Hawks 5 might be one more.

  • So yeah it's delayed to get all 3 games on the disc... allegedly
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Thank you. And thank you developers and Toys For Bob. I'll redo my pre-order later in October. Activision, still go fuck yourselves.

  • This is really promising news and hopefully goes to show the importance to staying vocal, instead of just shrugging things off like some people.

  • I don't buy it yet til we get an official response. I can't help but feel that if it were true, it would have been on the original press release, that would have been easy positive PR.

    Further, the site has changed to reflect the new release date but still has the "Game 2 and 3 require internet download" asterisk.

  • Already a launch trailer.

    Youtube Video

  • It feels so good to control Spyro again! Just the right touch here. Weight and speed. I love the colours of this game, and specially at this time here in the grey north they are sorely needed. I never truly played this first one of the trio, so this is fun in that regard as well. Really, really easy, though, but hey, we all need games like these every now and then. Relaxing platforming and collect-a-thons. Feels so right.

  • Was talking about this last night at local game shop, but anyone else feel like there will be a new Crash next year, then Spyro the next?

    Anyway planning on getting this when I get paid Friday

  • I'm sorry, but with the way Activision has been acting lately, and not just with Spyro, I refuse to buy ant of their games on principle alone. Plus, the game needs 35GB to install. Fuck that noise. It's like that case with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5.

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    Huber is that you?

  • @sentinel-beach Fun fact, the source code for Spyro has long since been lost, alongside most of the assets, so they used a tool they made called Spyro Scope to map out the original spyro as they played the game in an emulator. Spyro jumps exactly as high, glides exactly as far and runs exactly as fast as he did in the original games.

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    That's pretty damn impressive

  • Didn't quite have the willpower to complete the first game in a day, made it to Gnasty's hub world and decided to continue tomorrow. Really enjoyable, although I do see how this is the first one in the series. My dear #2 and #3 are way better, and soon I'll get to see them again. :)

    So far I've needed some help with Tree Tops and Haunted Towers, and both times it was about that supercharge run and how to do something really tricky with it that I wouldn't ever have dreamed about. On the other hand I felt proud when I found the hidden area in Metalhead level all by myself. :) 100 % everything so far, which is honestly pretty easy in this one.

  • @sentinel-beach Figuring out how to do Tree tops as a kid was easily one of my biggest achievements growing up. I felt so clever. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

    It’s a shame because I think that those kind of secrets kind of go away in #2 and #3, apart from some secret areas in the Sheila levels.

  • Got the platinum for Spyro 1, the game is as fun as i remember but way too easy.

  • Same thing here, seemed to have taken 7 hrs for me to platinum the first Spyro. Had never played this one before, so it was an OK opening act for the trilogy, but yeah, really easy and the levels were quite often short and simple. I remember more complex, imaginative and somehow personal things in the future parts (of the past).

  • So, are they shafting people still with the physical release or not?