Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PS4/XBO)

  • Finished Gateway to Glimmer just now. With a platinum, of course, because why not. I had fun with this one, it was really obvious how much the series improved in just one year for this sequel. The orb system with all the missions and difficulty ratings, characters with actual personalities and voices in a way more cohesive plot line. The hub worlds felt still great and welcoming, big enough as well. The Ripto fight is way cooler than I remembered. One negative, though, is that Moneybags didn't feel like himself at all anymore. That was a different bear entirely now.

    A great game, this one. Might even be my favourite out of the three, but I'll see about that later with Year of the Dragon.

  • Ahhh damn I thought they sorted the disc vs download crap. Too bad.

    Also... Spyro isn't clunky. It never was. I played Spyro 2 again like 3 years ago and it plays fine today. This remake didn't even need to happen it holds up so well.

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    But 4srs this shit is smooth as butter. Much better remake than Crash IMO.
    Hope we get a Spyro 4 reboot after this. Same with Crash.

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    Im really enjoying this remaster! even though so far Ive only touched first and third game. Alo Spyro skateboarding is awesome.

  • I believe I am near the end game of Spyro the Dragon. The game has been quite awesome so far. I've never actually played Spyro the Dragon I don't believe because few of these levels seem familiar. I'm mainly in it for Spyro 2 and Spyro 3, but going through this game throughout the weekend hasn't felt like a chore and sometimes games feel like a chore to me these days.

    I definitely believe that Spyro 1 is the "weak" link in the series. Gems are meaningless, rescuing dragons rarely requires an action/reaction skill set, but rather, it requires the ability to scope out the one hidden section per level, and the uniformity between the hub worlds and the portal worlds makes things feel a bit samey. I'm not trying to be harsh because I like it, but clearly 2 and 3 are the better games. I can't wait to hear the dynamic music in Spyro 2.

    With that said, I really like the addition of dynamic music. Every game has it nowadays, but it makes the songs feel less repetitive than before. The cartoon style they went for was a bold but good choice. Some of the dragons you rescue ooze personality even if they only say a few words. I think Spyro is a lot better for going the toon route than the hybrid between fantasy and realism that those PS3/X360 era Spyro games chose.

    Only complains would be the frame rate dips that come at any god given moment. Is it a lack of technical experience at Toys for Bob possibly? The game isn't doing anything particularly taxing then... BAM! Frame rate dips to 10fps for a hot second. I think it can be patched.

    $50 CAD and it's worth it for Spyro the Dragon alone. 3D platformers are a genre that I really miss but few games have those big budgets to make a great one. The top tier from this gen are: Mario Odyssey, Ratchet & Clank, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Sly Cooper 4, and... what else? There are some mid-tier 3D platformers like A Hat in Time or Yooka Laylee, but these games are few and far between the Metroidvania's, 2D platformers, and other old school throw backs. What I'm getting at is that it feels good to know this game exists because so few of these games do exist anymore.

  • I wanted to wait and finish all three before posting, but I have to say I absolutely loved these remasters. Everything was where it should have been and I really liked how everything looked better. I have some minor quips (Harder to control while charging and the lack of the ability to remap controls), but they're still solid games, even if they are really short and fairly easy.

  • Finished Year of the Dragon. This time I did what I couldn't as a kid 18 years ago: I managed to beat that stupid skate/sledge challenge in the bonus world and actually saw the "last page of the story" finally, with 150 eggs and all. Peace of mind, mmm.

    A really enjoyable collection, playing Spyro felt as good as back then. I love the way he moves, how you control him. And the structure of pretty much all the worlds and levels is just solid, as time hasn't really done damage anywhere. Some fine platforming and collect-a-thons.

  • @sentinel-beach

    I had that same experience a few years ago. It felt goooooood to be that much better than you were as a shitty kid, aha.

  • Small nitpick - Remastered Electrolls in Hurricos sound off. In the original, their voices were straight up Spongebob calm voice. Absolutely loving playing through these again though! It's one of those instances where the world's are exactly as my 10 year old mind imagined

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    Maybe Tom Kenny (the voice of Spyro, the trolls, and Spongebob) felt like doing something different this time.

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    I have that same nitpick but it pertains to most of the voices in Spyro 2. Its ingrained in my mind so changing the audio just feels off to me. I'll never forgive them not having the monk people yelling WHY AY AY AY WHY AY AY AY. Drops .5 points lol

  • Easy Allies Review by Michael Damiani
    (I think this might be his first time playing Spyro if I remember correctly. About to watch.)

    Youtube Video

    EDIT: Some pretty blasphemous statements in this review. I can't get on board with the criticism of the music. Spyro 2 and 3 have some of the best music in any game of that era in my opinion. I will agree that the "humourous" cutscenes do not translate well in this remaster. They feel more charming in the older games. Also think the formula of Spyro works better than other platformers of the time. Still a great score.

  • @dipset The problem is not with the music itself (which is phenomenal), it's how it was changed in the remaster/remake. The remastered versions of the songs are much more subdued and lack the oomph of the original. The mastering on these tracks is just... odd.

  • @capnbobamous Yeah I did notice I was struggling to hear the music over the rest of the game at points.

  • Hmmm I liked the music so far. I thought it was less aggressive than a track just playing over the level. Damiani wrote “[...] with no standout tracks”. He damn near hurt my feelings there.

  • I love the short videos for every world as you enter or leave in the second game.