Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • Holy shit I forgot this releases next month. Good for Sucker Punch. I look foreword to playing it.

  • While last to videos got my curiosity down, still waiting for the reviews.

  • I'll be waiting for the comparisons with the scene in Witcher 3

  • Glinny's Cauldron fans confirmed working at Sucker Punch.

  • Everything they said in that blog post sounds great to me. "Respect the katana" is a great mantra to live by, lol. The combat description makes me think of intense but methodical combat, something like Samurai Shodown. Hopefully that is the case, I can't wait to get it in my hands and try it out.

  • Those canned death animations are getting more and more obvious. I get they're going for a samurai movie vibe where everyone dies in this dramatic way, but it would be nice to see just a little procedural-ness to the death animations.

  • Review copies are out in the wild already. I can't wait.

  • I wonder if I'm looking into it too much but reviews go up 4 days ahead of release whereas TLOU Pt 2 reviews went up, what, 7 days ahead?

    Less confident perhaps?

  • @dipset As long as it's before release, it means nothing in terms of confidence.

    Embargoes are primarily so that every outlet gets a fair amount of time of play and review the game. So that there's no rush for an outlet to get a review out ASAP so that they get more clicks. Think of it more regarding the amount of time between now and the 14th, rather than between the 14th and release. Consider the fact that Ghosts of Tsushima is quoted as being up to 50 hours long, with lots to see and do. The length of time it would take to see everything according to Sucker Punch is nearly two whole 9-5 work weeks, and that's not even considering the fact that things need to be written, edited, video-edited, etc.

    The Last of Us is also a huge outlier. It was delayed purely for sales concerns. The game went gold a long while before release, so that meant reviews could have it for a long time before release. There's no point sitting on all the free marketing for no reason, so let them release the reviews as early as possible.

  • An inside look to the soundtrack of the game, composed by Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi.

    I dabbled a bit into Shigeru and Ilan's previous works not long after the State of Play presentation, and judging from what I've heard, I'm very confident that this will be a contender for game OST of the year for me personally. I'm guessing that Shigeru will compose the overworld music and similar stuff, while Ilan will compose the story/character moments music.

    Ilan scored this track, which is Jin's theme, and I love it.
    Youtube Video

  • I pre-loaded the game and expected it to be big in size, but the download size is only 34,7 GBs. Maybe there's a big day 1 patch coming up,