Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • @bam541 you obviously didn't play drawn to death

  • @paulmci27 That game is slow and very skill dependent. I know very few people play it but it still has a scene, or had until recently. This could be a fast paced casual fun thingy with a good install base.

    Imagine a month after release when most are done with the game but still with it fresh in memory shadow dropping an online mode.

  • @paulmci27 ah yes, David Jaffe's Masterpieceā„¢. How could I ever forget.

  • @phbz Yeah your right I was being a dick because I was shite at it.

  • I'm quite tempted to buy this.

  • @scotty This was surprising, I thought if anything we might get a side story DLC kinda like what they did with Infamous second son or 2. This seems cool tho, 4 player co op would have been interesting enough but I kinda dig its creepy setting. For sure will try this out.

  • So I finally finished the main story. I'm still surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. I have been a fan of Sucker Punch's previous works, but I guess the long wait for this game (and the reviews) kinda tempered my expectations. It's hard to talk about what I liked since there's just so much of it, but I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

    Combat and Stealth

    I want to start with the combat, specifically on Lethal difficulty. It's honestly one of my favorite combat systems in any game in this generation. It's so easy to understand, and it's all about controlling the pace of the encounters to my liking. It's so satisfying when I end encounters in a matter of seconds without no mistakes, and it feels so bad every time I give in to the pressure and get punished for it. It feels great to utilize everything in my arsenal, since each weapon/tool can help me so much when the right time comes. Not to mention, the feedback (the animation and the blood splatters specifically) adds a lot to the impact of each hit/kill.

    I also like that the enemy AI in combat is so aggressive and disrespectful. They always kept me at my toes, even near the end of the game when I got all the tools and skills I could have ever wanted. I do enjoy the combat way more than the stealth, partly due to stealth being a bit too easy because of the very passive AI. The awareness of the enemy AI outside of combat is so freaking low, it's hilarious. Even when I made a ruckus near a group of them, there's a good chance that they'll act like nothing happened and keep staring at some random wall. It's definitely jarring to see how they act outside of combat.

    The charm/armor customizations made a big impact on how I played. I'm very happy with the amount of choices I have, and it's feels great to be allowed to optimally play my own style, while not skimping on the fashion aspect.

    World and Exploration

    Obviously exploring the world itself is a big part of this game, and they nailed it. Tsushima is definitely one of my favorite game open world ever. It's just so beautiful, it's full of eye catching and picturesque natural landscapes. I think it's also well designed: the activities are well placed, and the map never felt too sparse or too condensed. Combined with the excellent presentation aspect of the game: the guiding wind, minimalistic UI, no minimaps, and the presence of elements/objects that guide you (foxes ex.), it makes the exploration feel so immersive and natural. There's some open world jank that hampers this a bit, but it's so easy for me to maintain the suspension of disbelief here. The Golden Forest is probably my favorite area in the whole game, it just makes me feel so fuzzy inside when I explore it, even when enemies are still around.

    Another big part of Tsushima's unique quality for me is the mystical/magical feel that I get from this island. The island felt like a living, breathing thing that is guiding me to my goals and wants me to succeed. The most clear example of this for me is that the foxes guide you to their Inari shrines and look at you lovingly while you pray to it. It's the most spiritual/holistic open world exploration experience I ever had in a game.


    The writing is definitely the best thing about all the quests. A lot of the side quests left me feeling emotional in one way or another, even with the short standalone quests. Most of it felt pretty dark, which makes sense since, you know, the island's in a war and a lot of bad things are happening to the people in the island. The side quests rely more on good writing and emotional moments rather than the variety of the objectives and the structure of the quests themselves. I have no problem with the repetitiveness of it, but more variety is definitely a good thing. It should be a note for the sequel, if there is such a thing.

    Some of the highlights for regular side quests (Tales) for me include "A Healer's Touch", "The Laughing Bandits", and "Hidden in Snow". Shout out also to the tales of Sensei Ishikawa and Lady Masako, going through the whole story of both of these tales is so engaging since both of them are fantastic characters (especially Ishikawa).

    The Mystic Quests are all fantastic. They're so interesting and unique compared to the other quests in terms of objectives and presentation, and the have some of the best rewards in the game. They also have some very memorable moments, like the final duel in the Heavenly Strike side quest, and finding that hidden duel spot with the flowers in Tayadori's quest.

    I won't dwell too much on the main story, but I want to say that I was constantly surprised by how many impactful moments there are throughout the story. It's good enough to make me want to stop exploring and just keep doing the main quests.


    I still need to listen more to the OST to have a clearer opinion on the soundtrack, but my current opinion is that it can get a bit too low key than I would have liked, but also more impactful than I expected. A lot of the music in the quests are pretty low key, but I think they actually work very well since I always feel more emotional all of a sudden when the music starts to become more noticable. The epic and bombastic tracks are great too. I can't get enough of Jin's theme.

    I also want to shout out the short music that plays after you complete a shrine. Remember the "island wants me to succeed" thing that I touched upon earlier? Another aspect that makes me feel this way is this music. It sounds so welcoming, like the shrine is happy that you found it (also, the weather usually clears up after you pray to the shrine, which helps this effect). I also like the music during the haiku sessions, it's very mystical and introspective, I love the usage of the strings in particular.

    I don't really know how to end this, other than I'm very excited about what's next for Sucker Punch. They have certainly come a long way since the Sly days. I'm pretty close to platinuming this game, so I still have a bit more to play here. (9.5/10)

  • Made it to the third area last night.

  • Ghost of Tsushima Legends releases on October 16, including other updates such as New Game +, improved photo mode, and most importantly, playtime on the save file screen! It's time for me to reinstall this game.

  • You can recruit dogs in the NG+... That's one way to make me more hyped for it.

  • The game will support 60FPS and even faster loading times on PS5. Damn it, now my NG+ playthrough will have to wait until I get a PS5.

  • I tried out the Legends mode for a couple hours, and it's pretty good! I think the story missions so far (finished 5 missions) are a bit too easy for my liking, but it's still fun. I do appreciate each mission having a unique gimmick. The missions also exposes some of the weak stealth AI in the game, they should have way more awareness here to make it better (hopefully the harder difficulties have this). The survival mode is way more exciting, it gets chaotic so quickly, and let's just say that my teammates are very lucky to have a Ronin player (me) who can quickly revive them with my resolve ability.

    I have to say that having other players really adds a lot to everything in the game. Coordinating stealth attacks especially feels so good. It seems that the new class system and the changes in the equipment system are tailor made for this, hopefully this gets even better from here.

    Also, having other players add so much jolly vibes. In almost every mission I played so far, me and my teammate would bow to each other at the end. Since I'm a Ronin, I can summon a spirit dog, and you can manually pet them, so sometimes my teammate would come over and pet them as well. It's awesome.

    I'm very excited to play more of this, so far it's quite satisfying despite the easy difficulty that I mentioned.

  • @bam541
    Faster load times, so Jin will just teleport during fast travel?

  • There's some really beautiful concept art for this game.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • I really want to try this raid but I still have PTSD over my Destiny raid attempts with strangers, so I'm kinda scared lol.

  • I got bored and edited a ringtone out of one of the OST tracks (the sound effect after praying to a shrine), in case anybody also wants it