Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • Ghost of Tsushima Legends releases on October 16, including other updates such as New Game +, improved photo mode, and most importantly, playtime on the save file screen! It's time for me to reinstall this game.

  • You can recruit dogs in the NG+... That's one way to make me more hyped for it.

  • The game will support 60FPS and even faster loading times on PS5. Damn it, now my NG+ playthrough will have to wait until I get a PS5.

  • I tried out the Legends mode for a couple hours, and it's pretty good! I think the story missions so far (finished 5 missions) are a bit too easy for my liking, but it's still fun. I do appreciate each mission having a unique gimmick. The missions also exposes some of the weak stealth AI in the game, they should have way more awareness here to make it better (hopefully the harder difficulties have this). The survival mode is way more exciting, it gets chaotic so quickly, and let's just say that my teammates are very lucky to have a Ronin player (me) who can quickly revive them with my resolve ability.

    I have to say that having other players really adds a lot to everything in the game. Coordinating stealth attacks especially feels so good. It seems that the new class system and the changes in the equipment system are tailor made for this, hopefully this gets even better from here.

    Also, having other players add so much jolly vibes. In almost every mission I played so far, me and my teammate would bow to each other at the end. Since I'm a Ronin, I can summon a spirit dog, and you can manually pet them, so sometimes my teammate would come over and pet them as well. It's awesome.

    I'm very excited to play more of this, so far it's quite satisfying despite the easy difficulty that I mentioned.

  • @bam541
    Faster load times, so Jin will just teleport during fast travel?

  • There's some really beautiful concept art for this game.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • I really want to try this raid but I still have PTSD over my Destiny raid attempts with strangers, so I'm kinda scared lol.

  • I got bored and edited a ringtone out of one of the OST tracks (the sound effect after praying to a shrine), in case anybody also wants it