Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • Do you know how I prepared Samurai?

  • @themarcv yeah, I feel like everyone missed the Sony who continuously blew our minds years ago. The upcoming next gen cycle's a good time to reset though, so fingers crossed.

  • I just hope this is a focused & varied 30ish hour campaign. I can't face spending 80 hours clearing out enemy camps.

  • @bam541 I really hope so, I hope this year or so break has allowed them to reload the chambers and the PS5 reveal will blow us away.

  • Tbh last trailer was dissapointing for me. Also, game looks worse than before. I don't know, I am hesitating to play it this gen; even on PS4 Pro.

  • Release date got bumped just a bit to July 17.

  • That's awesome. I was supposed to be in Japan then. (obviously not happening this year)

  • @sentinel-beach

    18 minutes is a lot. I was expecting something like E3 presentation.

  • @sentinel-beach I want to see them talking about the combat, it's still a mystery to me how it really works. I got a Batman Arkham kinda vibe when watching the 2018 gameplay.

  • The game seemed to be straight up that Assassin's Creed in ancient Japan many have desired so long. Which I'm way into, love my 3rd person action adventures. The world looks gorgeous, the whole island of Tsushima, and that music! What a way to create atmosphere, beautiful.

  • My Takeaways

    I really liked:

    • The 'wind' mechanic is likely going to keep my head in the game world and hopefully not turn this into a checklist / base clearing sim.

    • Artistic visual design language which piques your curiosity and directs your exploration. Smoke in the distance, animals lead you to new areas of exploring.

    • These top two points might combat my gripes with the open world genre.

    I liked:

    • Minimalist aesthetic. Reminds me of a vibrant Shadow of the Colossus.

    • Stoic and retrained tone.

    • Clear inspiration from Samurai films. Something that can be seen on-screen and separates GoT from other open world games.

    • The combat looks somewhat different from the market. I appreciate the instant kills and the fluidity of the battle when the Mongolians were scared off.

    • Cinematic standoffs.

    • Lots of beautiful character customization options. Photo modes. Extras like the Samurai Film Mode.

    My skepticisms:

    • We essentially saw a clear-the-camp side mission (FarCry, modern Assassin's Creed, MGS V).

    • This has signs of being a tried and true open world game, which I generally get bored of fast.

    • Question marks (?) on map - could this directly contradict what they are going for with the 'wind' mechanic?

    Generally speaking, I am intrigued. I think this game looks really damn cool and way more interesting than any other open world game coming in the near future.

    I just have really had it up to here with these open world games and I hope to goodness that my skepticisms aren't founded because I won't like this game otherwise. I still feel burnt by The Witcher 3 going open world and sort of taking away from the franchise in my opinion. Yet, it's so widely celebrated that everybody is building upon games like The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham City.

    My expectations are in check but I'm teetering on the side of excitement rather than skepticism.

  • Man, this looks pretty close to the kind of Samurai themed game that I always wanted. Just a big focus on exploration, audiovisual beauty/style and being immersed in the beautiful world. Love it! The guiding wind mechanic is so cool. The combat stuff looks good, it definitely has the feel of a typical open world game combat to me. Coming off the inFamous games it's definitely less flashier but that's a good thing for me since it just looks so grounded. Also, the music is fantastic! Especially when they showed off the duel in the Samurai Cinema mode. So excited for this.

    This is probably my favorite shot of the whole trailer. The environment in the background looks so dreamy to me.
    0_1589490340512_Screenshot (311).png

  • I feel like this could have benefit if it wasn't fully fledged open world and more like half-linear game.

    @dipset said in Ghost of Tsushima (PS4):

    My skepticisms:

    We essentially saw a clear-the-camp side mission (FarCry, modern Assassin's Creed, MGS V).

    This has signs of being a tried and true open world game, which I generally get bored of fast.

    Great points. My thoughts also.

  • Yeah, if I had to sum it up in one word, I'd say "safe". It looks like they've gone very much "tried and true" and not taken any risks to push things forward. That doesn't mean I think it'll be bad. I expect it to be a lot of fun but I just don't expect any major surprises in gameplay. I also expect Huber to love it and be the only ally hyped over the trailer.

  • Who remembers this demo from 2007?

    Assassin's Creed: Full Mission - Commented by Jade Raymond
    Youtube Video

    As a 12 year old with lofty ambitions of buying a PS3 in the future, I'd drool watching this gameplay demo over and over and over and over again in rabid anticipation of getting a new PlayStation 3. I'd also rewatch the TGS 2007 LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 demos as well but that's neither here nor there.

    This new 18 minute demo of Ghost of Tsushima shows how far this vision from the original Assassin's Creed in 2007 has come. I feel like the original intention was to make an open world stealth assassination game where you can use the 3D environment however you like. In practice, doing anything stealthy was almost impossible, the controls were floaty, and there were maybe 6-7 major assassinations in the whole game with a bunch of broken fetch quests sprinkled in-between. I almost feel as though this gameplay demo we saw today was the "original vision" of Assassin's Creed in practice.

    So its weird for me to complain that I'm sick of open world games when nowadays they've perfected sooooo much of what Ubisoft set out to do back then. Hell, if Assassin's Creed in 2007 had 50 base clearing missions, I'd be thrilled because I actually enjoyed playing all of those vastly inferior fetch quests they gave us back then. Maybe it was because I was 12 years old playing a next gen game, maybe it was because I was feigning buyer's remorse, but likely, I just wasn't as picky back then.

    For every one of my skepticisms, there is some 12 year old out there who has their jaw on the floor looking at Ghost of Tsushima. I almost feel weird complaining and being skeptical of a game that is so clearly well made and beautiful.

    Hats off to the team at Sucker Punch cause I think this game is going to be a major success. And hats off to Ubisoft because 12 years later - the whole industry is still copying them.

  • This game looks great to me. It's hard to say what I'm more excited about, this or Cyberpunk.

  • I forgot to say this earlier, but the Samurai Cinema mode pretty much guarantees that I'll be doing a second playthrough of this (if the game turns out great, of course). I hope there's a no-HUD mode as well, just to double down on that mode. I'm SO excited for the possibilities of the photo mode as well... my hype just went through the roof right now.

  • @dipset

    I love watching E3 demos. I wonder what Jade is cooking in her Google studio.

  • I't unfortunate they release it after Unreal Engine 5 tech demo was shown. Ghost of Tsushima looks so "old-gen" now that I don't want to play it. Even compared to Assassin's Creed Valhalla (which is cross-gen) it looks outdated.