Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • @bam541 I would rather have a slower more impactful combat.

    It is too easy on medium I might bump it up again and try to adapt. But with Sekiro I felt every adversary was an individual that demanded my attention even with multiple attacking, here just feels like a mob.

  • This is probably the funniest clip I've seen of this game. Absolutely wrecked.

    @Phbz fair enough, the combat's definitely a very different thing from what you wanted.

  • @bam541 Marvel combos in 3D

  • I jus finished the first big area with the main plot missions, the southernmost of the three. Now that the second act and its world opened before me there are so many new quests! Like, a lot. Don't even want to spoil the number. This feels crazy but in a good way. As in "challenge accepted", I'm saying together with Jin.

    The distances are now starting to grow so big that I feel I'll finally have to use the quick travel system. But I'll restrict myself using that only on the first area which I've by the way almost cleared already. The north/south distances are otherwise so long if I wanted to return to the south now. In this brand new area I'll of course only use my Nobu to ride across the new terrains and views.

    The plot hit me suprisingly hard at this first culmination point at the end of Act I:

    Ryuzo! Goddammit. I did not see that coming. The man felt like a trusty friend, or a companion at least, but when I thought about all the things and moments together with him and his Straw Hats during those missions this betrayal does make more sense. I think this was well written. I even felt it in my stomach a bit, which tells that it was very effective. Luckily Ryuzo didn't die straight away there, either. Really looking forward to the next encounter.

    The fighting has really grown on me, I honestly feel like I've learned a lot. Jin's become mostly unstoppable, but in a way that still asks for precision and patience. Super cool moves and combat, this game simply wants to look awesome all the time, together with the slow motions and parries and the music, of course. A fantastic package, all that put together. And in those environments! Like a painting, wherever you go. Man, I like this a lot.

  • The game keeps growing on me. Switched back to hard, definitely the best way to play it.

    For a couple of hours turned the Kurosawa mode on and changed audio to Japanese, very different feel and I will keep coming back from time to time.

  • Ghost of Tsushima prequel to Gran Turismo?
    Still cool Easter egg, apparently these are scattered across different tables in the game, but will all be located on a single table after the credits roll

  • Ghost of Tsushima is selling very well in Japan.

  • More good news for Sucker Punch. Well deserved, I'll say.

  • That chart from Twitter shows me that Bloodborne had some serious legs for 2015 when A LOT less people owned PS4’s. It would be financially irresponsible of Sony not to make a sequel at some point.

  • @dipset The metrics are talking, Sony. Get to work.

  • Finished Act II late last night and transitioned into the final third of the game up in the north. That was an excellent second climax for the game! Some mighty dark waters. Made me feel things in a big way, excellent writing.

    Jin and Shimura's relationship basically ending like that hit me hard. I love this whole samurai vs. Ghost debate. Honour vs. efficiency. I get both of those sides, both perspectives. But I do have to say that that whole poisoning of the Mongol camp was some nasty, nasty shit. Rough to watch. And when uncle arrived, man... "I am not your son", the adoption papers went up in flames and so on. Excellent work from the Jin and Shimura actors, by the way!

    And what the hell game! Nobu! My horse! That was an evil twist at this point. Cruel. Never would've expected my companion to die at two thirds into the game. Very well done, Sucker Punch. That made me realize how much I had actually cared for the horse. And taken Nobu for granted, too. What a sad scene. :(

    The north seems really cool. Drastically different than anything the game has offered so far. And I like the fact that the three big areas get a little smaller step by step. Things get tighter before the finale.

    I've cleared everything from the south island and then Toyotama before getting here, so my focus can now be solely here. Okay, there might be a single ? out there somewhere, but honestly I've de-fogged the map completely, I think. No more Mongol territories or any kind of quests, mythical or otherwise.

    I'm really looking forward to finishing both Ishikawa and Masako's long quest lines, by the way! Those have been excellent and developed in a great fashion throughout the journey. Now, only the final conclusions await...

  • I just got to Act 2 a few days ago. I thought seeing Lord Shimura again would feel jolly, but man he's so intimidating. I didn't really stray far from the Samurai Code up until this point, but now I'm actually scared to do so, lol. Also, I'm excited to completely ignore all the main missions again as I scour Toyotama for haikus and foxes.

  • Question are there any sort of big cities in the last area? Because so far in act 2 it feels like the grappling hook is pretty under utilized.

  • New update/patch incoming! I'm excited to try out that new Lethal difficulty mode.

  • Just rolled credits earlier today! I had a really fun time with this game, just such a good vibe and aesthetic the whole way through. I also never really ran into the whole "dumb AI/too easy" thing, I played on Medium and although you definitely get powerful, I thought it was pretty even progression through each area. I mean, I could just be bad, but I like to think that's not the case.

    I can't wait to go back and get the platinum for this one, the side quests had some of my favorite stories. I played with a pretty even split between English and Japanese VO, and I think both have solid performances.

    Now for spoilery stuff:

    In terms of the ending, I thought it was super interesting that they give you a choice in the Shimura fight, it definitely makes you think about Jin's transformation as you decide. I think they could've done more to seed his departure from the samurai/honorable way in Act 1 and 2 cause sometimes it felt like he rolled over to easily for Shimura, but I still think it was generally well executed. I ended up choosing to kill him cause I could still feel that they both cared about each other and didn't think Shimura would want to spend the rest of his life chasing Jin at the behest of the shogun, and Jin would still have enough ties with his family to understand what his uncle wanted. Seems like a lot of people are calling that the "bad ending", but honestly I don't think there is a bad ending. Even if there were, I think Jin having to be chased by his uncle who just sees his son who abandoned him is a little more tragic. According to the Kinda Funny Spoilercast, Nate Fox says he thinks letting him live is 'true' ending , which I can definitely see too. I wish there was a Telltale kind of thing that shows the percentage of what people are choosing.

    Also, I usually like to max out the canon armor in games before I fight the final boss in games, so I would've gone for the Ghost outfit, but as soon as the Sly Cooper cosplay was available, there was no way I could play the rest of the game in anything other than that.

  • Love this game.

    I thought about what Jin would do and and what the outcome would be. I killed the uncle as I thought the uncle as I thought it's what he would want it some weird way. I thought he would kill himself if I chose the other choice.

    I haven't thought GOTY yet but it's up there in contention. Miles Morales might take it though :P

  • I'll try the new difficulty. Right now I'm at a point where I'm bored with the combat. Might be my fault but if I see a group of enemies I have to engage and I might have gone through one hundred fights now (more?) and pretty much every single one if feels the same and lack real challenge. Reminds me a lot of the Witcher 3 where you have some width but no depth combat wise, with difficulty level having little impact also. But at least with the Witcher 3 you had the option to use a lock system.

    Btw, I get a lot of Witcher 3 vibes from the mob fights, to quests and even some elements in art style. It seems to be a big influence on this game.

    So far has been a weird game for me. Some sessions I feel like this is a superb game, others that I'm ready to be done with it. No doubt a lot of heart in it but also a lot of uninspired unnecessary filler.

    Edit: I've been playing in Lethal for an hour or so. Wouldn't call it harder but by increasing the lethality from both your attacks and your opponents, it moves combat away from mindless mass murder. Maybe it will become too much but for now feels more like a change of pace and stakes than difficulty it self.

  • I tried out the Lethal difficulty already, and I enjoy it even more than Hard. It made the combat pace feel way faster since everyone dies so easily (one cut one kill hype!), but also I had to play it way more carefully since my character's such a aggressive glass cannon (basically no armor bonuses but very high sword damage, and I equipped the charm that gives health after a kill). It also makes finding/making openings in the enemy defenses way more important since they can gang me up so fast and put me on my back foot easily. Not to mention managing my Resolves is even more important now, gotta save some for the "resurrection" mechanic since I can miss parries so easily now and get two hit killed. So far, I'm very satisfied with this difficulty, and I hope it keeps this up as it goes.

    Also, I can one kill low-tier enemies now with my sprint strike, and I had a blast with it. Please excuse my evil laughter at the end.

  • @bam541 This makes a huge difference for me, much closer from what I wanted from this game.

    Low hanging fruit but here's one of my first fights while trying Lethal.

  • I've just hit act two. There's a lot I like in this game but also a lot of problems. I'll leave my overall impression for the end but to highlight one major criticism: it's a joke that you can't skip cutscenes.