Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

  • ACG is overall my favourite reviewer, not because I agree with all his verdicts but because the way he analysis games gives me a clear view of the product and space to form an opinion. I feel most reviewers nowadays spend way too much time saying how a game makes them feel and that's something I really don't care to know. Also he spends a good time talking about sound and music, a fundamental aspect of a game that many reviewers spend a sentence with, sometimes not even that.

    Anyways, still in early stages of GoT, it suffers from "clumsy start syndrome" so I won't pass any judgement just yet.

  • Not to derail but I actually prefer when a critic explains how a game makes them feel or presents their own unique take on something. I feel like the best non-fiction writers manager to make their writing feel like a novel, where the personal experiences and their moments are articulated almost poetic or unravel as though you are right there with them. That’s why I love writers like Gay Talese and Hunter S Thompson. I know a video game review is a far cry from non-fiction social criticism, but I do like when a writer takes it upon themselves to really dig into how they personally experience something.

    It’s sort of why I don’t really think Brad from EZA is a great reviewer - he mainly just describes the product and it’s features. Sure, that’s appropriate. If I didn’t know anything about a specific game, I’d like to know it’s traits but a mere description of the setting, story, and gameplay don’t deviate much from a product description on the back of a box. I really like the personal spin on things.

  • Now to add to my list of "why is the PS4 Pro one of my least favourite consoles" on top of the jet engine sound and the unsatisfactory visual and performance upgrade, the controller that came with it and has by far less use than the Switch or Xbox controllers started to produce a pretty extreme jitter. Weird that when trying other games is barely noticeable but in GoT it's really really bad. So right now my experience of this game is trying to control a samurai with seizures. Honestly thinking about just getting rid of the Pro and wait for the PS5. What a piece of garbage! (Ok I'm pissed off right now, need to calm down!)

  • Forgot to share this earlier so it's basically old news, but the devs revealed that they had to artificially prolong the loading screens since it would go so fast that there's not enough time for the tips. The loading times are definitely some of the best I've seen for an open world game, it's almost exactly like the loading times in Naughty Dog games.

    I noticed that the loading screens only show tips when I died way too many times, so I guess that's also intentional.

  • I read about the loading screen thing.

    It kinda throws a whole wrench in the discussion about current PS4 speeds and file size issues when Sucker Punch outright don’t have any doubled or tripled up files on the disk whereas we heard about Spider-Man repeating the same files over and over again to increase the speed at which the game finds the file it’s looking for at the expense of larger game installs.

    It sounds somewhere between circumstance and superior technical prowess with GoT being an open environment making world loading snappier, and cross department communication firing on all cylinders to get the game loading so quickly.

    For me, it’s a revealing thing to read as up to this point, we’ve been led to believe that the HDD is a part of the loading problem and there’s no way around it but now we’re seeing the opposite.

  • It is interesting that as we reach the next generation, developers are just starting to do things with current consoles that I didn't think possible. I think if devs had maybe two more years with the PS4, we'd see some truly drastic leaps with what can be done with the tech.

  • I feel like the PS2 and PS3 swan song's being God of War II and The Last of Us felt a bit different than Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II sending off the PS4. Like, for the PS2 and PS3 it was more like when a veteran player schools a gumshoe rookie and says "still got it..." inside of his head.

    In this case, I feel like these PS4 sendoff games are so on par if not ahead of what we know to be available on PS5. I just feels like less of a last hurrah and more like how Lebron had a second peak in the late 2010s.

  • Finally back to the game with a new controller.

    The good: I really love the combat so far, my only complain is that it lacks a lock system where you could quickly change target.

    The bad: Navigation in the world has been a disappointment. It's cool to have the wind and follow animals but the game doesn't feel designed to favour exploration. Just the same old "?" on a map and ancient open world structure.

    The so so: The art direction is fabulous but nothing holds up to a closer look. Texture work is particularly weak, but then you have a Nintendo style vaseline shine, great textiles and lots of particles as visual make up, that make it look great in movement. HDR really not good, it doesn't help that the game doesn't offer decent calibration tools.

    I feel like I'll enjoy the game more once I get into its grove, but right now it feels like a 7. My greatest expectation for this game was related to exploration and it just doesn't feel as organic as I was hoping (and as it was marketed).

  • Apparently there's a Sly reference to another Sucker Punch franchise.

  • There's an official tourism site dedicated to the Tsushima island that uses Ghost of Tsushima to help its tourism efforts. It talks about how Ghost of Tsushima ties to the real world, and other stuff like that. It's available in English, I'm gonna save this for some reading later.

  • @bam541 That's a very effective site because now I want to go to Tsushima.

  • See the game we almost got (steam punk, open world) before the footage that gets taken down

  • It looks interesting but also not interesting at the exact same time. I wonder why they never ended up making it.

  • @dmcmaster well that was taken down quick it seems

  • @bard91 This one's still up
    Youtube Video

    It's more interesting for me to see the similarites with GoT rather than seeing the game itself, I guess the setting doesn't really interest me.

  • @bam541 yep I'm ok with this not having come out, it has a lot of 360-PS3 syndrome, it just doesn't get me in any way.

  • I like the 2 guys in the beginning who disappear after pulling down the statue.

  • Exploration is getting better. I still think the game doesn't favour exploration through design as I was hoping. Prime example? The foxes are marked in the map with a "?". WTF, how are you setting me lose from traditional open world vices if you're marking emergent navigation elements on the map? Nope, don't do that! But through the hours I've managed to consult less the map and be more free by option not by design. But now it just flows and the world feels real.

    Combat I've switched to hard, the lack of a lock system makes it kinda bad if you want to play the game by just pure sword fight. Turned back to normal, still unsure.

  • @phbz I love that there's no lock on system for the combat, it makes everything way more fast paced and fluid for me. Don't have to waste time switching targets, especially with how many enemies that can be here. I never had problems with the analog tracking either, it's done so well. I wonder how easier it is on Normal.

  • I never use Twitter but a co-worker sent me some GIF's that users are uploading of these awesome kinda slow motion up close and personal Batman style takedowns. I literally cannot justify getting this game right now, but I really want to dive into these little aesthetic details. Like, I can watch a Yakuza 0 Heat Action 4 million times and it wouldn't get old, so I can only imagine how much I'd use these super cool high fidelity takedowns.

    FYI, IDK if these are spoilery. I don't think they are though.