Hitman 2 (PS4/PC/XBO) - Nov 13th

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    More like GOTY 2018 has been announced. no more episodic. a complete sandbox game.

    Going to own every single game this fall.

    Woot Woot Woot!! Cant Wait

  • Thank god it's no longer doing the episodic model; from the consumer side, I see no benefit of it . I'll be keeping my eyes closely on this.

  • Gotta hurry up and play the Hitman reboot. The demo was a tad easy so I laid off until the full version and since its come out, I never ended up playing it. My mind is spinning at the assassination possibilities and how creative these levels may get considering they just showed off an indie car race. I never thought we'd cross that bridge but I can't wait for that level now.

  • Loved Bloody Money, and never really got into the Hitman reboot. With that killer trailer, hopefully this new entry gets me right back in!

  • I'll report back once I finally play the reboot, but Blood Money felt challenging the first time where you had puzzles play out in real time towards how to progress forward in the level and get the job done. The first level of the reboot, I easily found out many many many different ways of completing the assassination and it was a matter of choosing one. I hope Hitman 2 brings the challenge of discovering how to actually do the assassination back.

  • From a week back, the "World of Assassination" reveal. Basically all of the Season 1 content becomes playable in enhanced style in Hitman 2, as IO Interactive wants to put everything "under one roof". If you own S1, you get these for free in Hitman 2. Otherwise they're DLC with a price of x.

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    We've seen Miami's race track level - first of the six new levels - and now there's a teaser of the second location.

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  • I was hoping Hitman 2 would have more levels than 6. With that said - I know they will be HUGE and detailed like this reboot has already established. BUT, I was somewhat hoping they would embrace some smaller levels like the classic "A New Life" from Bloodmoney.

    Youtube Video – [02:33..]

    Regardless, this package is one of the best in gaming. 12 big sandbox levels with almost infinite replay value, and a unique puzzle meets stealth gameplay experience. Hitman is one of a kind. I almost wish there were more clones out there to create competition in this specific style of gaming but IO Interactive isn't sitting back and coasting off the loyalty of the die hard fans; this is really something unique.

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  • It's just occurred to me that this AND Spyro are out on the same day! :( Not enough hours in the day!

  • Colombia Trailer.
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  • I'm so glad that IO Interactive were able to retain the IP, and go independent. Very much looking forward to this!

  • This reminds me a lot of A Vintage Year from Blood Money.

  • @bam541 YES. Blood Money was massively under appreciated.

  • Banned

    @klinjon Really? I'm pretty sure it is largely considered one of, if not the best game in the Hitman franchise.

  • I'd say in the grand scheme of gaming, Bloodmoney is under appreciated. Came out in like 2006 in a slew of "next-gen" games.

  • @el-shmiablo Certainly by a vocal minority, but I always felt like it got overlooked, or the sales were a bit softer... I could be waaaay off here though.

  • @klinjon No, you're on the money with the poor sales. However, I'm pretty sure that had more to do with series fatigue than anything else. But in terms of actual receptions, it's certainly the consensus' most beloved game in the franchise alongside Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

  • @hazz3r Ahh ok interesting. Yeah I absolutely loved Blood Money, and found Absolution's obsession with being an action game very frustrating...

  • Hitman 2 reviews are coming in Strong currently 84 on Open Critic as of Nov 8 (no surprise).

    Kotaku just wrote a pretty detailed positive review: https://kotaku.com/hitman-2-the-kotaku-review-1830317433

    They mildly spoil level concepts which I was avoiding but I'm quite glad I actually found out about it because it makes me want to play this even more.

    Level premise spoiler (very mild):

    There is a large suburban level called "Another Life" which is clearly a nod to the fan favourite (myself included) level "A New Life" from Hitman Bloodmoney , which also took place in the suburbs. I cannot wait to play this level.