Hitman 2 (PS4/PC/XBO) - Nov 13th

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    This game is so insanely good. I cleared the story missions once and have now gone back to try all of the legacy missions. I forgot how good 2016 was. I have played the Prologue and Paris like 100 times each to clear all of the challenges and I am still loving it. If I ever get sick of this game (seems unlikely right now) I think I will try to grab the HD trilogy on PS3. The options these games give you are just too good. I can't wait to get back to Sapienza and the suburban level in Hitman 2!

  • I still have to finish the last level of Hitman 2016, then I'll get Hitman 2 this summer to clear it from my backlog.

    I LOVE the new direction the franchise went and the "Another Life" level is painfully looming over my head, tempting me. My only (and I mean ONLY) complaint about the new franchise direction is that all of the levels are HUGE and somewhat blocky. I would like a few differently shaped levels and some small ones. Everything I've played in Hitman 2016 and from what I've seen in Hitman 2 took the size and scale of "A Murder of Crows" in Bloodmoney and forgot about why we might like the other levels.

    With all that said, @E_Zed_Eh_Intern you've reminded me about how I need to get back into this. Sapienza is one of the most beautiful and fun levels I've ever played in any game in my life. Def grab that HD trilogy is you can. I NEVER get tired of a Bloodmoney level here and there.

  • @dipset Did the previous games have all of the different approaches like these do?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Here is a long and short answer. YES! I actually resented their approach to Hitman 2016 after trying the demo for the first time. Here is why:

    In the tutorial level of Hitman 2016, I realized that the game really spoon fed me all of the solutions to the puzzle - which in the context of Hitman, assassinating a target in secrecy. Never before in Hitman until this point did I ever find a good solution to beating the level on my first try let alone finding, what, 6 different approaches and having to pick which one I like best.

    It all felt too easy and I was really annoyed. I was annoyed because in the past, the solutions to the level were really well hidden and involves sneaking around and really covering a lot of ground and being very observant. It was NEVER spelled out for you. The reward of discovering the solutions in the older games is an incredible feeling up there as one of my favourite formulas in gaming. Going back to the same level knowing the ropes but then discovering another and another and another way of beating these levels still is not matched in Hitman 2016 in my opinion.

    With all that said, its a lot more obtuse and the spoon feeding Hitman 2016 does was absolutely necessary and all modern games should tutorialize and simplify for new fans (i.e. RPG games have waypoint markers now) so I backtrack on my original thoughts about the new direction of the Hitman series. I highly recommend trying Bloodmoney just to get a taste of the debatable series peak. There is a lot to discover in just a few levels: Secrets, different solutions, weird paths, funny assassinations, etc.

  • @dipset Thanks! Somebody has a copy of hd trilogy on craigslist for $30. Might be time to pull the trigger.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I think you can download them on Xbox 360 and Xbox One if you have those and don’t want a physical copy.

  • @dipset
    They are, although I might be wrong I think the HD Trilogy version is X1X enhanced although I might be wrong.

  • @dmcmaster @DIPSET

    Either way, does not apply. XB1 is the only one I don't own :(

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    PS3 then?

  • @dmcmaster Yep. As I say, there's a copy for sale on Craigslist in the Vancouver area. That is likely my guy.

  • $30 seems a bit much, especially since its $10 cheaper thru gamestop. Then again Canada

  • @dmcmaster Yeah $30 Canadian is the best I've seen. Plus no tax. We also pay a lot of that here.

  • I finally finished Hitman (2016) and intend on moving onto Hitman 2 really soon.

    A few thoughts:

    • This is my second favourite Hitman behind Bloodmoney.
    • The world and level design is the best in the franchise.
    • This game doesn't get enough credit.
    • Its not so much a puzzle game anymore.


    I think this might be some of the most perfected gameplay in the entire industry. I've finally finished the main mission but because of the "Level Mastery" system, you have a lot of different ways to go back and enjoy the sandbox. There might only be 6 levels but this is a meaty package. I've finally wrapped up this game and my Steam hours is at 25h for a 6 level game and I've barely scratched the surface of replayability.


    I admire their approach to level design. The combination of thoughtful level scenarios and the aesthetics of the level itself make for an extremely pleasing experience. I love how they now make you blend into the level at the beginning where there aren't any hostile areas and you can explore at your own pace. If you look at Bloodmoney or Hitman's prior, sometimes you were immediately thrown into hostile territory. I think of the Christmas level and you can't even go up the first elevator without a disguise.

    So the level design here nails it. I can walk around the Japan rehab facility in my kimono all day just taking in the sights, sounds, conversations. It's pretty much perfect. BUT - I think IO Interactive might have gotten lost in the sauce making these levels too meaty. These are big and robust levels and I think I'd prefer for one to be smaller. As a player, you feel less able to goof around and do crazy stuff when the level design takes itself so seriously. I think a lot of the goof around factor is lost in this version of Hitman. Where the replays used to happen organically, this version wants you to go through its Mastery system with guidelines and such. I know its all a good thing, but it feels a bit guided.

    REGARDLESS, this is still the best and most admirable level design I've played. The buildings feel like real buildings, the people dress like real people, the flow of the level is realistic, there is a multi-directional volume to everything. Up, down, left, right. These levels are deep, tall, wide, and small, all depending where you are.


    Hitman isn't really much of a puzzle game anymore.

    I'm doubling down on my inital criticism that I brought up a few months ago on this thread. This game spoon feeds you the assassinations too easily. While I appreciate it when I want to play an hour before work and not have to dissect a level and plan a thorough assassination, it still feels jarring for every assassination opportunity to be labelled with so much attention drawn to it.

    Hitman is a sandbox that is part puzzle game, part stealth game, and part action game. If you don't have to think about the puzzle element, then its mostly just following the path from point A to point B rather than discovering the path for yourself. For example, an opportunity comes up and it tells you what disguise to get. Then you get that disguise and then it tells you to meet somebody at a certain spot. Then you follow through with a scripted event now that you're in the right place and you get the kill. It isn't always this straight forward but it feels a bit robotic compared to the older games where you felt like your solution was the most clever. You figured out how to kill the target by observation, not by the game scripting events.

    I'm torn on this one but I think I wish there was more room for discovery in these assassinations. I personally feel like the puzzle element is somewhat muted here.

  • @dipset On Professional, doesn't it hide the opportunities better? Oh but then once you find it, it still tells you what the next step is, doesn't it?

    I appreciate what you're asking for and maybe there should be an additional setting where you can turn that part off . I also wonder how long some of the opportunities would take to discover - especially when some are on a time limit. Your idea of smaller levels could help. Man, I would have to pee constantly if I had to explore every inch of Colorado to find each opportunity. It was stressful enough when I first started and played for a week before noticing you could save/load.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Yea I actually did start the game on Professional mode which I think plays a lot better and deals with some of my concerns.

    I think I’m not explaining myself well enough. I guess I also mean that the assassinations themselves are relatively scripted scenarios. In Bloodmoney I found a lot of my kills were catching the target off guard.

    In 2016, a lot of the kills are more like events. Dress up as a yoga instructor, find the target, do yoga, push off a cliff. I prefer how in Bloodmoney I can just shoot out the glass hot tub and somebody falls to their death. Or how I can rig a barbecue to explode. It doesn’t feel like a big event, ya know?

    All that said, I have yet to play Hitman 2. Things could have scaled up, scaled down, and outright changed.

    And yeah... saves in Hitman was a no go for me back in the day, but I save scum’d the shit outta this one. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, it helped me get through this behemoth levels.