E3 Forum Betting Special 2018

  • @tragosaurus
    I didn't know of Sea Of Solitude before E3 either, but it was announced in 2015 https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/25/sail-away-sea-of-solitude-looks-fab/

    Session was a kickstarter from 2017

    And again, I'm biased but I would still argue that as a stink bet this pertains to all of E3.
    Also, though obvious, the "Fortnite Pro-Am", "Pickachu and Eevee" and "Racoon City" bets were technically never specifically stated to pertain to E3 as a whole outside of the conferences. But that's a technicality, and obviously I get that It's pretty stupid and it wouldn't change much anyways.

    Regarding the final bet... I think writing whatever we want and not having a Kyle or Huber to tell us to spice it up is an issue.

    I believe TokyoSlim made his final bet after Devolver tweeted a tease, suggesting a Metal Wolf Chaos return was imminent.

    Also, his final bet states only PS4. Kyle and Huber usually push for more consoles and if no others are mentioned take it as meaning Exclusive to those consoles. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is also coming to PC.

  • @germanscientist
    Ok so that knocks the number down to 34. I'm still leaning towards only in conference because of how I interpreted the rules, and because I don't see Kyle and Huber sitting down trying to count every single game that was announced during E3. I think they would leave it just to the conferences, even if it was a stink bomb bet. It is a lot easier for them since they would only need to count to a certain point to determine a winner between 2 opposed to a whole group of people, but I still think its just from conferences.

    Also TokyoSlim most certainly made a weak final bet after the game was teased earlier that day. Yeah its a shame we don't have anyone here policing final bets making sure they are spicy enough so we just have to come to an agreement among ourselves. I would say the final bet should be disqualified. Sorry bro.

    That currently puts us at a 4 way tie, unless someone has a case that would swing the number a bit more?

  • @tragosaurus

    Fair enough.

    I'm sorry TokyoSlim, but I think you needed a little bit more for that final bet. At least you got the game!

    Also, after this E3 I think we're all winners!

  • So the winners are Tragosaurs, @Dario, @Brannox, and @Sentinel-Beach

    SentinelBeach is still the forum betting special champion with 5 total wins. See you all next betting special!

  • @tragosaurus In agreement that TokyoSlim's final bet is the weakest thing I've seen this side of the Mississippi, since I had seen a few articles online guaranteeing the announcement a few days prior to E3. Didn't wanna point it out because I know what happens to snitches, but if it's deciding winners? Then yeah, we gotta call out that soft little muffin boy bet for what it is.

    If we're in a 4 way tie, why not make it more interesting? All four need to write a short poem about what they loved most about E3 and we vote on the winner? Something to that effect instead of a deadlock could be fun.

    Edit: I didn't see that last post before I made my suggestion. Congrats winners!

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    Always bet on NO.

  • @Tragosaurus ...........what? You're telling me being the eternal pessimist I am actually got the MOST?

    @Sentinel-Beach That was my only thinking.

  • For what it's worth, I had no idea that Devolver had tweeted that out. I was spitballing totally based on what I could gather from clues FROM dropped last year. I have also been predicting MWC for years now.

    If it was such a weak bet, someone should have said something. I'd have thought of a better one. :p

    I have no prob with it being DQed tho.

    Here's my receipts from last year's "E3 Dreams" thread.

  • @SabotageTheTruth We can certainly come up with a way to break a tie for future bets. I think some sort of bet we all come up with and agree upon which involves numbers as a tie-breaking-bet would work the best. For now we'll just make it a boring tie.

    @Sentinel-Beach can't be stopped.

    @Brannox usually being a pessimist works out in your favor for betting, as Sentinel Beach would proclaim.

    @TokyoSlim I didn't know yours was a weak bet until afterwards because you could have madlibbed that game title together for all I knew. In the future we all should call each other out for weak bets. My job isn't video games so I can't be Bosman yelling at people to make it spicier, but by our powers combined we might just stand a chance.

    Time for me to go back into hibernation until the next betting special.