Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • It’s still crazy to think this was announced before The Witcher 3 was and it’s still getting delayed.

    I’m almost positive once the game is up n running well with patches and such, people will barely notice much difference between PS4 and PS5 versions.

  • If you want to play Cyberpunk now......there's always Russia
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  • My headcannon to this just reads that they played "Kill Your Babies" with themselves and lost.

  • Despite all the setbacks, I'm still unreasonably hyped for this game.

    Youtube Video

    I'm gonna be feeding this to my PC in 3 weeks (assuming no more delay)

  • I'm still hyped as well. While the recent controversies have made me less hyped about the game in general, it also made me more excited to actually play the game, in a weird way. Like, I'm kinda excited to try to see and critique the game for myself after factoring in all the problematic things that the controversies have brought up. Does that make sense?

    Also, fingers crossed that the game's performance on the PS4 is good enough.

  • Controversies? Like overworked people or something else I missed?

  • Really, really hyped
    Youtube Video

  • @phbz yeah everything in that IGN preview made me think this is what I wanted and hoped for, so glad to see it actually seems to be coming out now.

  • PS4 version has leaked, beware of spoilers

  • My co-worker who is our technical director and a big tech nerd is all about this streaming future. "I don't want or need the box anymore" he says. He was a day 1 adopter of Stadia and even upgraded to 1.5Gbps internet to make the most of it so he's never had any hiccups so far.

    Last month he pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 for Stadia which comes with some sort of custom box and the Stadia controller in the mail. I am just going to get it on Steam or GOG, but I'll keep my ear to the asphalt about his experience with Stadia and report back here. Despite my skepticism about it (and my own experience was extremely poor on 150Mbps when they had the free trial), I know gaming is slowly going in this direction.

  • @dipset It is just another option, but one only available to a small group of people. If you don't have, as Ian would say, bangin' internet, don't bother.