Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • @paulmci27 It's a great game, never understood why all the hate. Gamers be gamers I guess.

  • It was my GOTY the year it came out. The level design and side-quests were unmatched.

  • @paulmci27 I got halfway through that game on my friend's PC and my save data got fucked, and I never played it since. The level design in that game is pretty insane. I feel like I should play it again (got the PS4 version from PS Plus a while back). Maybe after I'm done replaying Watch Dogs 2.

  • @paulmci27

    I am considering giving Mankind Divided a go on PS5. I bought it at launch and really enjoyed the world and freedom, mainly sneaking into people's homes through vents, but the loading on PS4 ruined the experience for me. An RPG game where you have to check the map and the quest log as much as you do, shouldn't have that much loading involved. It just irked me so badly that I stopped. I expect that's a non-issue on PS5.

  • @dipset Yeah that Dev team in General always seems to have problems with their load times. Be interesting to see the improvements. I played on base ps4 I'm now gonna try it on the one x see what that's like.

  • @paulmci27

    Yeah please report back because I played on PS4 Pro (I think...) and I still wasn't impressed with the loading time. Trying to place it in the timeline and my mind and it could've been base PS4, but either way, if it runs nicely on XBO-X, then I assume it'll be good on PS5.

  • @dipset Played a couple of hours I think the load times are better. 1 minute as opposed to 2 or 3. What I can confidently confirm is that it looks significantly better.

  • I have refunded my Stadia copy of Cyberpunk. It just wasn't working well. The resolution was poor most of the time, and I can't fathom why because my internet's solid and I have ethernet. The game will be running at like 480p, but I run a speed test and everything's up to par, so idk.

    I will say though that I got a solid hour where it looked great, like really great. If it had stayed like that the whole time, I think Stadia could be the best way to play it aside from a really high end PC.

  • Glad this game failed.

    The way they purposefully didn't reviewers use in game footage in their reviews was so scummy. They knew damn well how much of a broken mess their game was before they put it out.
    They just used reviewers as a marketing tool for themselves. They actively tried to hide how terrible the PS4 and Xbone versions were. And released it on current and last gen consoles so they could sell the game to as much of the playstation and xbox fanbase as they could before anyone could find out how broken their game was. They wanted Maximum profit.

    CD Project Red were clearly just trying to make a quick buck and never cared about actually making a quality game and pleasing their customers.
    This just puts them on the same level, and makes them as bad as other companies like EA

  • @yoshi I disagree with the last statement, but otherwise I can agree with the take, and the reason I can't agree with the last one is that there's obviously a great game in there, which many and me and others are loving despite the flaws, and it could hardly be a seen as a quick buck when it is something that had been in the works for years (despite needing more development time).

  • @yoshi

    CDPR definitely didn't use reviewers as a megaphone like publishers / media outlet relationships can sometimes be.

    Before launch day, I watched a 2 hour livestream where GiantBomb was railing on Cyberpunk 2077 for non-bug related issues. PC version, console version, it doesn't matter, LOTS of critics harped on the game for dated mechanics and lacking in areas compared to other similar games. What you don't find in a low-90s, high-80s metascore are the countless publications who don't issue scores and were very obviously critical of the game. Even the least challenging of critics didn't celebrate the game in the type of way critics celebrated Animal Crossing or The Last of Us in early 2020.

  • @dipset said in Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC):

    CDPR definitely didn't use reviewers as a megaphone like publishers / media outlet relationships can sometimes be.

    yeah that's TOTALLY why they refused to let reviewers use in game footage of their playthrough.

  • @yoshi

    Those points aren't mutually exclusive.

    The usual publisher to media megaphone relationship is normally seen when a review, preview, or feature just regurgitates the drip feed of information the publisher gives you. The Cyberpunk reviews might've used provided marketing footage, but the content of the reviews weren't just echoing the game marketing. And keep in mind that the vast majority of reviews aren't even video.

    I'm not defending this shit. It's super shady and I think CDPR directly interfered with a consumers right to an informed purchasing decision by withholding console footage, but I disagree with the statement "They just used reviewers as a marketing tool themselves," because if that was their intention, they sure as shit failed. The metascore is dropping by the day and the unscored reviews are mostly middle of the road and critical.

  • New update now up. Tomorrow I'll start again and see how it goes.

  • @phbz
    Just PC, Console or both?

    Apparently 1.05 is on Playstation now.

    Spent about an hour and overall feels smoother, and maybe it's my imagination but the visuals got a small boost, idk just seems cleaner.

  • Kyle Bosman Destroys Cyberpunk
    Youtube Video

  • @adammokhtar93 This was going to always be a non Bosman game.

  • @adammokhtar93 Too much Dong for Bosman.

  • Nothing we don’t already know, but the story made the NY Times:


    (Which won’t copy n paste for some reason)

  • @dipset
    Think NTY has something that prevents linking.