Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • @mango I Can't stop thinking about it either. I actually re-downloaded Deus Ex: Makind Divided just to scratch that cyberpunk itch. I would love to see another trailer of the same mission, with different choices.

  • Finally got around to watching this last night, and it's left me with mixed feelings.

    Watching the gameplay, I really think I would have preferred a third-person perspective. What's the point in having "looking cool" an actual game mechanic if you can't appreciate it yourself. I hope there's at least working mirrors so I can at least roleplay checking myself out.

    I was really impressed with that first tangle with the Corpo. Seems like you can do a lot to change how you approach multiple times throughout a quest. It would be cool if some quests were designed with New Game Plus in mind, an option that's practically impossible to do on your first playthrough but would be a reasonable option with a fully powered up character. If that option was just as fulfilling, with context and story that I wouldn't find elsewhere, I'd be incredibly impressed. Sort of similar to the idea of Kingdom Hearts' Proud Mode.

    That driving was rough... Hated the on rails portion, I really hope you really retain control there and just opt in to taking part in the chase. But the driving mechanics in general were just very rough around the edges. I doubt it would happen, but I'd really like a 3rd person view at least for the driving. Cockpit view makes me feel sick in most driving games.

    Wasn't too thrilled on the combat either. The gunplay was pretty average, and the TTK was a bit long for my liking for normal enemies. The thing with RPGs is that in the Witcher and other RPGs which don't have guns, bosses tend to be more traditional, with patterns, things to be aware of, blocking. Even if you only have one type of attack a la Mario or Sonic, the boss fight is interesting because it's varied, because there are change ups. What we saw here was essentially shooting a bit of the guys armour and then shooting the guy. It was dull.

    So, in terms of gameplay, I've probably come away feeling worse about it than I imagined, but that's balanced by being extremely pleased with the feel and the scale of the game-world. I can't wait to just exist in Night City.

  • We do see 3rd person driving, though. Around 31 minutes, for instance. It'll definitely be my choise in the game then.

  • @cptcobblepot I'd love to see an alternate playthrough of the same mission. That would be really interesting to see

  • @sentinel-beach Ah, we do? Fair enough, very glad that's there then :)

  • I just finished watching it and... wow. I'm surprised anyone can walk away from that incredible demo with worries but everyone has their own tastes I suppose. I personally am beyond excited that we're finally going to have a first-person open-world RPG that isn't from Bethesda. No hate towards them, I do enjoy Fallout and Elder Scrolls, but there's just something so much more appealing about this world, especially its density and scope. One thing I absolutely love is how relatively clean the HUD is. Most "future" games try to slam all sorts of UI elements with small text everywhere (the Deus Ex series for example, if my memory serves) but here... nope, you just get a pretty clear view of the world around you.

    I really don't want to have to wait several years for this one, it looks too good.

  • @sabotagethetruth Yes I agree with your post 100%. I can't think of any negative thoughts either. I am pretty biased because of my love for all Cyberpunk era games and movies, but this looked amazing.

    The only thing I can think of negatively is that this isn't the final product and they may change elements. I am hoping they do not make an overcrowded HUD.

  • One thing I appreciated about the demo was that while it was amazing, it didn't look.... perfect. Certainly some of the people on the street looked kinda iffy, and I it made me feel better about this, because it was certainly amazing.
    First person might not be my favourite, but CD Projekt Red has my faith, so I'm sure it's for the best.

    I look forward to making a super cool, intelligent character with no strength whatsoever

  • @inustar That's the best thing about this gameplay demo for me, the fact that it's not perfect. There's numerous sightings of less than stellar animation and other forms of lack of polish in the demo, and that makes the whole thing feels like it's an actual in-progress game that you can play. So excited for this game.

  • I think this game will end up with the No Man's Sky scenario, where people's hopes and wishes create expectations that will never be fulfilled. It's gonna be a polished blend of Deus Ex, Fallout and Blade Runner, not much more.

  • @darthammii I don't think it's fair to compare to No Man's Sky where it wasn't just expectations and hopes, but missing features that had been promised.

    But yes, I do think there will be disappointment from people who expect the world. I on the other hand am expecting a CD Projekt Red game, like the Witcher 3, and no more. So I know I at least will not be disappointed.

    Maybe this will take another couple years and people can let their over expectant hype die down a little.

  • I am expecting a fair adaptation/ recreation of the Night City and the Cyberpunk world I grew up with. So far, so good. I do wish there was a more rigid class system, but I understand that it would have been hard to implement in the way they are framing the game.

  • @DarthAmmii that stings a bit but mostly because what you say rings true for me. I totally bought into the hype of no man's sky and was very disappointed. What bothers me most is that all it really needed for me was a better story... It didn't have to be much but just something other than free exploration... And the truth of that is they didn't even need to hype that... I did that to myself. No one said no man's sky would have a story anymore than it did...

    I think the difference here is what others have said. Im expecting a game on par with the witcher series in that there will be a story and it will be flushed out with Interesting characters. I'm hoping it will be engaging, I'm already excited about the gameplay mechanics and potential for multiple options for playing akin to the original deus ex or even fallout 1&2. But maybe this is all excuses I make to allow myself to get hyped

    At this point I think I get more enjoyment out of anticipating games than playing them... I'm sick you guys/gals... fevered dreams, restless nights, an insatiable itch for teasers...the truth is I've got a disease... And it's the SYNDROME baby! Bring on the hype! This game is gonna be so awesome!!! *HYPE NOISES

  • I think CDPR has more than earned the hype Cyberpunk is getting after TW2, 3 and the DLC for 3. While people did have some impossible expectations of No Man's Sky, they were also right to be angry at the ways Hello Games mislead them. CDPR has worked hard and earned their reputation for producing high quality games by being honest, not taking shortcuts and letting the games speak for themselves

  • @faaip said in Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC):

    I think CDPR has more than earned the hype Cyberpunk is getting after TW2, 3 and the DLC for 3. While people did have some impossible expectations of No Man's Sky, they were also right to be angry at the ways Hello Games mislead them. CDPR has worked hard and earned their reputation for producing high quality games by being honest, not taking shortcuts and letting the games speak for themselves

    CDPR never done first person before nor they done a game with shooting. as i can see shooting mechanics looks very weak with bullet sponges enemies.

  • @b-cell

    When do the enemies take a million bullets?

    If you pay attention you can see,

    • The pistol was killing enemies in roughly 5-6 shots.

    • The shot gun was killing enemies in 1 shot.

    • Smart Gun was killing enemies in roughly 8-10 shots, while not even aiming at all. Fair trade off.

    • Final boss went down in 3 shot gun shots after his shield was taken out.

    This is pretty much on par with most games. Nothing stood out as bullet spongy. If you think the health number indicators signify that they are bullet sponges, it clearly doesn't mean that. This isn't like The Division. I don't know what you're seeing in the gunplay that made you think the enemies were taking tons and tons of hits.

    There was one enemy who seemed to have extra health and took a few pistol shots before being killed with a shot gun. Based on what we've seen in this gameplay demo, the enemies don't look very spongy. Well have to see more to truly know that one way or the other.

  • Have they announced any sort of multiplayer for Cyberpunk? I'm desperate for some kind of co-op mode!

  • @sentinel-beach

    The company revealed its acquisition of additional office space in Warsaw next to its current building, and it plans to hire another 250-300 developers.

    Sooooo... is CD Projekt basically becoming a Capcom-esque company from Europe?

    Let's say they have 600 developers working on games now. That's like how many games going all at one time? That's humongous. They can do Rockstar's new all hands on deck approach, but regardless, this is a major major studio size that also self-publishes and is publicly traded.

  • Last I heard, there were over 900 people at CDPR

    That was early last year tho, might be more or less now. Dunno.