Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

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    The company revealed its acquisition of additional office space in Warsaw next to its current building, and it plans to hire another 250-300 developers.

    Sooooo... is CD Projekt basically becoming a Capcom-esque company from Europe?

    Let's say they have 600 developers working on games now. That's like how many games going all at one time? That's humongous. They can do Rockstar's new all hands on deck approach, but regardless, this is a major major studio size that also self-publishes and is publicly traded.

  • Last I heard, there were over 900 people at CDPR

    That was early last year tho, might be more or less now. Dunno.

  • @tokyoslim So the game is getting a 2019 release date then delayed to 2020.

  • @iboshow Sounds about right

  • Between the FPS lineup and the RPG lineup - now is a perfect time to be a PC gamer. Obviously these games will be on console too but they feel like computer games based on lineage.

    RPG (off the top): Cyberpunk 2077, The Outer Worlds, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, TES VI, Starfield

    FPS (off the top): DOOM Eternal, System Shock 3, System Shock Remake, RAGE 2, Wolfenstein Young Blood, Halo: Master Chief Collection

    I am excited to say the least. I think a huge game like The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk only happen every once in a while, but there are going to be so many high quality RPG games coming up that all I can hope for is space between their release dates.

  • Rumor has it the release date will be October 18th, 2019. Two months until E3, we'll see if that's accurate then.

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    If its true then happy early birthday to me.

  • @sentinel-beach if that's accurate... I'm gonna get some sick Fantasy points off those review scores

  • April 16th, 2020. With Keanu! Now we know. What a time to be alive. :]

    Cyberpunk 2077 Full Presentation with Keanu Reeves | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019
    Youtube Video

  • I'm actually relieved it's not coming out this year because there's already too many games.

    That Keanu reveal was insane!

  • Thank god nobody leaked this. That was an amazing reveal. Also, excited to play this next year. The future's coming, guys.

  • I was really really hoping for a release this year, early part of next year is not looking good for me.

    I also hope we get a similar gameplay demo to the one last year, this was cool but I really wanna see more things in motion.

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    The most excellent one Lord Keanu is in Cyberpunk? EXCELLENT

  • 4:20 release date

  • Relevant

  • The new trailer was amazing plus glimpsy of footage is cool.

    since no Deus Ex game will be back in years. I hope this game will hold the gap in cyberpunk FPS/RPG hybrid genre. it looks like finally the best thing CDPR has ever done.

  • After watching the allies' impressions, I'm even more hyped about this game. It's pretty long, but it's absolutely worth the watch. My favorite thing they talked about is that they hammered the point of this game being a RPG, a real one. Character background lore and stats (and equipment affecting said statts) affecting things you can and can't do, multiple play styles, meaningful decisions. All of that happening inside a very alive and dynamic world. Still cant believe that it's coming this gen, my PS4 will once again suffer.

  • The more I watch and hear the Allies talk about Shenmue III, I think this is going to completely live up to expectations AND some.

    Think of all the games that come back but completely miss the vibe of the original. This has the vibes to a tee AND the gameplay systems are so much deeper. Add on some Yakuza style unnecessary side activities. I couldn’t be happier that I supported this game. I’ll probably buy a physical game in addition to the digital one I get.

  • @dipset ...wrong thread?

  • "Shenmue 3" is merely one of the many options you can choose in Cyberpunk