Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

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  • The new trailer was amazing plus glimpsy of footage is cool.

    since no Deus Ex game will be back in years. I hope this game will hold the gap in cyberpunk FPS/RPG hybrid genre. it looks like finally the best thing CDPR has ever done.

  • After watching the allies' impressions, I'm even more hyped about this game. It's pretty long, but it's absolutely worth the watch. My favorite thing they talked about is that they hammered the point of this game being a RPG, a real one. Character background lore and stats (and equipment affecting said statts) affecting things you can and can't do, multiple play styles, meaningful decisions. All of that happening inside a very alive and dynamic world. Still cant believe that it's coming this gen, my PS4 will once again suffer.

  • The more I watch and hear the Allies talk about Shenmue III, I think this is going to completely live up to expectations AND some.

    Think of all the games that come back but completely miss the vibe of the original. This has the vibes to a tee AND the gameplay systems are so much deeper. Add on some Yakuza style unnecessary side activities. I couldn’t be happier that I supported this game. I’ll probably buy a physical game in addition to the digital one I get.

  • @dipset ...wrong thread?

  • "Shenmue 3" is merely one of the many options you can choose in Cyberpunk

  • Wrong thread but there might be a Shenmue III class for all we know.

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    some new screens from demo.

  • @dipset
    Would that be the hardest class?

  • @dmcmaster To start in Shenmue 3 mode, you have to have an account linked that shows you've completed all achievements in all 3 games. Even then, your only equipment is a leather jacket and form of transport a fork lift.

  • I haven't watched it yet (and I might not because I'm already sold with the game) but YongYea asked his viewers to submit questions for CDPR, and here's his Q&A with the dev video.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541 yeah with the allies impressions and knowing there's a gameplay demo in August I honestly don't feel I need to know much more, I just wanna see the game in action, all of the details are unnecessary at this point.

  • New interview with Mike Pondsmith at E3

    Youtube Video

    So cool to see the creator of the series so involved with the project.