Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • Ugh, shame. I honestly didn't see this coming as they went gold like a few weeks ago which they did address. I mean 21 days isn't that much but I wonder if this is gonna be another 21 days of crunch?

  • @themarcv it will absolutely be more crunch for them. It's pretty depressing tbh.

  • Dammit! This screws up my gaming schedule for the Q4 big time.

  • This actually helps me giving me plenty of time to play Cold Steel 4, but god damn it, it still pisses me off.

    idk what would be to blame, but seriously just say fuck Stadia on release date, the 5 guys waiting on it can wait, and delay the next gen versions or something, their new adopter install bases shouldn't make everybody else wait on something that is ready to go.

  • @bam541 yep this 100% means they need to crunch for additional time, I'd imagine pretty much until Christmas since it isn't like they won't be working on post release patches.

  • Schreier basically said the same thing, I totally forgot about post launch patches. That sucks.

  • @bam541 I do appreciate Schreir reporting but man he sure knows how to come off as an absolute asshole.

  • @bard91 I think he's an excellent reporter that covers important issues, but I agree his social media presence has become both aggressive and defensive lately. That said, he gets an absurd amount of death threats from fanboys, often has his words willfully misconstrued or taken out of context, and is just generally treated like shit by a loud portion of the public, so I kind of get it.

  • @naltmank sure that's certainly not easy, and I definitively appreciate his coverage, but like some guys on a GameInformer podcast mentioned, his attitude is far from constructive and the industry as whole could benefit if he acted in a more supportive to other journalists, cause it certainly aint good to only have him as the source for this type of info.

    With that said I've also spent a while today reading the reddit post of some supposed CDPR devs, and from that take, things certainly seem to be more in line with what Schreir has said, which is obviously not good but oh well what is one more thing to be depressed about in this preapocalyptic dystopia we live in.

  • The main takeaway from this in my opinion is that it's going to be a very bad idea to buy this game at launch.

    Delaying the game yet again, so close to release and after having confirmed it so many times and even going gold means that they must be in deep, deep shit. If it was just minor optimization issues on some platforms, they would bite the bullet and fix them post-launch. So we're either looking at very poor performance/stability on some platforms, and/or myriad of bugs affecting many quests, systems, and so on.

    The game has to be performing very poorly today for them to be pushing it back, and there's little chance that all will be fixed on December 10th. I expect this game to be getting significant weekly patches throughout December and into the new year, easily. So for a hassle-free experience, it's probably wiser to wait a few months before picking it up.

    On the other hand, this is a godsend for Watch Dogs Legion, it's now the only dystopian open-world experience available at launch for next-gen.

  • @axel

    Ah man that’s disappointing. It really says a lot coming from you as well.

    I might just jump on the PS5 train and spend that time with Demon’s Souls but I also have plenty of backlog.

    I never played any CDPR games at launch but didn’t they all launch quite a bit buggy? I just don’t know how severe.

  • @dipset I remember The Witcher 3 was terrible at launch on PS4, if that's any indication haha.

  • @axel
    I thought it was ok, far better then the Xbox version pre One S or One X.

  • @dmcmaster There were no S or X when the game launched. If I remember correctly the Xbox version had better performance and the PS4 version higher resolution. I played it on PC with a garbage GPU (750ti) and it still ran better than any console version at launch. Still plenty of small bugs and glitches.

    Nowadays the One X version looks mighty fine.

  • Don't know how true it is but I saw they were saying the delay was mostly because the game wasn't running well on this gens base consoles. Which sucks to hear since I was planning on playing it on my launch PS4. But yeah, you can already see the headlines, 'After Multiple Delays Cyberpunk 2077 Still Needed More Time in the Oven'. That being said I really hope I'm 100% wrong.

  • @themarcv I would not be confident about playing this on PS4 or Xbone, there's been more than a little talk about those versions not being up to par.

  • @bard91 Yeah, the other option being waiting till I get a next gen console and for me that's not super ideal either. Maybe I should wait till reviews come out and if its borderline unplayable on base PS4 maybe I wait. Knowing me though I'll get it on PS4 and unless its super bad I'll probably be fine with it. Framerate drops and stuff like that don't bug me much.

  • It’s still crazy to think this was announced before The Witcher 3 was and it’s still getting delayed.

    I’m almost positive once the game is up n running well with patches and such, people will barely notice much difference between PS4 and PS5 versions.

  • If you want to play Cyberpunk now......there's always Russia
    Youtube Video

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