Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • i finished the game last night. I've barely touched the side-gigs. Think I've maybe done like 10 or so. I didn't really understand how to make money so I didn't really buy much. I focused a lot on trying to build up my Crafting so I could craft all my Legendary Iconics. My favourite gun ended up being the one you get from the penthouse at the end of act 1. Having a silencer on it was so nice.

    Honestly, I fell pretty much right where Bens review is. The highs are so very high. There are some incredible set-pieces and the writing team has outdone themselves on creating compelling characters.

    But I also find the combat to be rather dull at times.

    And the bugs are so pervasive it's frustrating. Falling through the world, audio glitching out ruining dramatic highpoints, enemies glitching out and not reacting to you for an entire area.

    I'm probably going to jump back in over the weekend just so I can play through one of the other endings, as the one I got was nice but wasn't particularly satisfying.

    So yeah, I think Bens review is on the money. It's a strong 7, verging on an 8 if they can sort the game out technically.


    I forgot to mention that I think when CDPR say that it's the next generation open world, I sort of believe them. In terms of questing and density and the way the world is built, it's really damn cool. But as time has gone on, I can't help but find the world very flat. Anyone who isn't quest related has almost no dialogue, and when you compare that to something like Skyrim, Skyrim's population feels more real as a result. As Ben said, its comically abrupt.

    It's the world that will have me recommending the game to people in the next few months, once I have word that the bugs have been worked on and fixed a lot.

  • Cyberpunk has another update.

  • Anyone play this lately? I'm tempted to buy again if it's been somewhat improved.

  • @paulmci27 Don't get it yet then. Last months update did very little to change things, basically set the base for future changes and this month's hasn't dropped yet.

  • @paulmci27

    I main'd pistols and stealth. Sometimes my pistols don't shoot, even after updates.

    So I wouldn't recommend it yet and especially if you don't have RTX 20 or 30 series cause the graphics just look PS3-ish, even on High.

  • Thanks for the info I've only got a one x. I'll hold off until I see how this February update goes.

  • This might be a good watch for you guys who have completed the game. I know Noah makes very interesting video essays, but I'm gonna avoid this one for now since I haven't played the game.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541 I'm going to wait until I've finished the game myself. Really looking forward to watching this. Noahs writing is the best in video game criticism by a long distance.

  • Finally decided to start this since it got patched yesterday. I'm playing on a Series S and am 5 hours in. So far it's running well no slowdown bugs or glitches to report. Shame they fucked the launch up, there seems to be a decent game here.